Raise Your Fist And Yell Timeline

TIMELINE 18 Raise Your Fist And Yell


Sept 28th `87 Raise Your Fist And Yell released

(Tour set to be 93 shows in North America according to Hammer interview)

Oct 15th `87 Ventura California, Ventura Theatre (Warm up show)

Oct 22nd `87 Fresno, CA Wilson Theater

Oct 23rd `87 Oxnard, CA Civic Auditorium (w/ Faster Pussycat)(Poster exists) [Ticket]

Oct 23rd `87 Prince Of Darkness Premiers.

Oct 24th `87 San Bernadino, CA Orange Pavilion (w/ Faster Pussycat) [Ticket]

Oct 26th `87 Freedom Single released

Oct 28th `87 Saginaw, MI Wendler Arena (w/ Faster Pussycat, Frehleys Comet(1st FC show on tour))

Oct 29th `87 Kalamazoo, MI Wings Stadium (w/ Faster Pussycat, Frehleys Comet)

Oct 30th `87 Toledo, OH Toledo Arena (w/ Faster Pussycat, Frehleys Comet) [Ticket]

Oct 31st `87 Detroit, MI Joe Louis Arena (w/ Faster Pussycat, Frehleys Comet)

Nov 3rd `87 Dayton, OH Hara Arena (w/ Faster Pussycat, Frehleys Comet) [Ticket]

Nov 4th `87 Columbus, OH Veterans' Memorial Coliseum (w/ Faster Pussycat, Frehleys Comet) [Ticket]

Nov 5th `87 Fort Wayne, IN Memorial Coliseum (w/ Faster Pussycat, Frehleys Comet)

Nov 6th `87 Indianapolis Market Square Arena (w/ Faster Pussycat, Frehleys Comet) [Ticket]

Nov 7th `87 Erie, PA Civic Center (w/ Faster Pussycat, Frehleys Comet)

Nov 8th `87 Binghamton Broome County Arena (w/ Faster Pussycat, Frehleys Comet)

Nov 10th `87 Poughkeepse, NY Mid Hudson Arena (w/ Faster Pussycat, Frehleys Comet) [Ticket]

Nov 12th `87 Buffalo, NY Memorial Auditorium (w/ Faster Pussycat, Frehleys Comet) [Ticket]

Nov 13th `87 Albany (Troy), NY Rennsalear Polytecnic Instituterpi Field House

Nov 14th `87 Cleveland, OH Public Hall (w/ Faster Pussycat, Frehleys Comet) [Ticket]

Nov 17th `87 Boston, MA Garden (w/ Faster Pussycat)

Nov 18th `87 New Haven, CT Coliseum

Nov 19th `87 Portland, ME Cumberland Civic Center

Nov 20th `87 Philadelphia, PA Tower Theatre [Ticket]

Nov 21st `87 Philadelphia, PA Tower Theatre [Ticket]

Nov 22nd `87 Philadelphia, PA Tower Theatre

Nov 25th `87 Nashville, TN Municipal Auditorium (w/ Faster Pussycat, Frehleys Comet)

Nov 27th `87 New Orleans. LA UNO Lakefront

Nov 28th `87 Shreveport, AL Hirsch Memorial Auditorium [Ticket]

Nov 29th `87 Biloxi, MS Mississippi Coliseum

Early Dec `87 Musegon, MI (Postponed)

Dec 3rd `87 Oklahona City, OK or McAllen, TX, Villa Real Convention Center [Ticket]

Dec 4th `87 Dallas, TX, State Fair Colisium (w/ Guns`n`Roses)

Dec 5th `87 Houston, Texas, Sam Houston Coliseum (w/ Guns`n`Roses- said to be first GNR support show on this tour) [Ticket]

Dec 7th `87 San Antonio, TX (w/ Guns`n`Roses)

Dec 8th`87 Midland, TX (w/ Guns`n`Roses)

Dec `87 McAllen, TX (w/ Guns`n`Roses)

Dec 11th '87 Cape Girardeau, MO, Show Me Center [Ticket]

Dec 12th `87 Louisville, KY, Louisville Gardens (w/ Guns`n`Roses, Faster Pussycat) [Ticket]

Dec 13th '87 Alice's father, Ether Furnier, passes away in Phoenix, AZ..

Dec 17th `87 St. Paul, MN Roy Wilkins Auditorium (w/ Guns`n`Roses) [Ticket]

Dec 18th `87 Chicago, IL University of Illinois Pavilion (w/ Guns`n`Roses)[Ticket]

Dec 19th `87 Madison WI Dane County Coliseum (w/ Guns`n`Roses (last on the G`n`R tour)) [Ticket]

Dec 24th `87 Atlanta, GA ?

Dec 27th `87 Victoria, British Columbia

Dec 28th `87 Vancouver, BC, Pacific Coliseum (w/ Faster Pussycat (?)) [Ticket]

Dec 30th `87 Portland, OR Civic Auditorium [Ticket]

Dec 31st `87 Seattle, WA Center Coliseum (w/ Faster Pussycat)


Jan 1st '88 Anchorage, Alaska, Sullivan Arena (w/ Faster Pussycat) - Eye Witnesses

Jan 3rd `88 Missoula, MT Iniversity of Montana, Adams Field House

Jan 5th `88 Salt Lake City, UT Salt Palace Center (newspaper article)

Jan 8th `88 Kansas City, KS, Memorial Auditorium (w/ Armoured Saint) [Ticket]

Jan 9th '88 Lincoln, Nebraska, Pershing Municipal Auditorium (w/ Armoured Saint after Motorhead cancel) [Ticket]

Jan 11th `88 Merrillville, IN Holiday Star Theatre (w/ Armoured Saint after Motorhead cancel)

Jan 12th `88 Evansville, IN Roberts Stadium (w/ Armoured Saint after Motorhead cancel)

Jan 13th `88 Cincinnati, OH Gardens [Ticket]

Jan 15th `88 Milwaukee,WI, Riverside Theater (w/ Steve Grim Band after Motorhead cancelled) moved from Mecca Auditorium [Ticket]

Jan 16th `88 Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis (w/ Boyfriend after Motorhead cancel) There were even letters published in local papers pleading with people not to go to the show. [Ticket]

Jan 17th '88 Auditorium North Hall in Memphis Tennessee (eye witness - week before Martin Luther King day) [Ticket]

Jan 22nd `88 Florida, Sunrise OR Vets Memorial Auditorium, Provedence, RI (radio advert)(w/ Motorhead)

Jan 23rd `88 Lakeland (w/ Motorhead)

Jan 24th `88 Rochester, NY, Rochester Auditorium Theatre (w/ Motorhead) [Ticket]

Jan 26th `88 Musegon. MI, L.C. Walker Arena (Rescheduled show due to the cancellation of an early December show due to the Death of Alice`s father)

Jan 27th `88 Pittsburgh, Syria Mosque (w/ Motorhead) [Ticket]

Jan 29th `88 Greensboro (w/ Motorhead)

Jan 30th `88 Charlotte, NC Coliseum (w/ Motorhead)

Feb 3rd `88 St. Johns, Canada, Memorial Stadium (w/ Motorhead) (poster)

Feb 6th `88 Halifax, NS Canada Metro Centre (w/ Motorhead) (poster) [Ticket]

Feb 8th `88 Moncton, Canada, Coliseum (w/ Motorhead) (poster)

Feb 9th `88 Quebec City, Canada Colisee de Quebec (w/ Motorhead)

Feb 10th `88 Montreal, Quebec Forum (w/ Motorhead and Faster Pussycat) [Ticket]

Feb 12th `88 Toronto, Ontario Maple Leaf Gardens (w/ Motorhead)

Feb 13th `88 London, Ontario London Gardens (w/ Motorhead) (poster) [Ticket]

Feb 14th `88 Ottawa, Canada, Civic Center (w/ Motorhead)

Feb 16th `88 Thunder Bay, Canada (w/ Motorhead)

Feb 17th `88 Winnipeg, Canada, Arena(w/ Motorhead) (poster)

Feb 18th `88 Regina, Canada, Agridome (w/ Motorhead) (poster)

Feb 20th `88 Edmonton Canada, Northlands Coliseum (w/ Motorhead) (poster)

Feb 21st `88 Oakland, CA (w/ Motorhead)

Feb 24th `88 San Diego Sports Arena (w/ Motorhead) [Ticket]

Feb 25th `88 Las Vegas, NV Thomas and Mack Center (w/ Motorhead) [Ticket]

Feb 26th `88 Long Beach, CA Long Beach Arena (w/ Motorhead, Faster Pussycat)(with GNR guesting for UMW) [Ticket]Long Beach Arena Poster

Axl Rose, Slash and Izzy Stradlin joined Alice for 'Under My Wheels' on the '88 tour at Long Beach, CA Arena. They also recorded it for the soundtrack to 'The Decline Of Western Civilization' soundtrack.

Feb 27th `88 Phoenix, AZ, Compton Terrace (w/ Motorhead) [Ticket] - Alice, jokingly, suggests in an interview that he would be willing to run for Arizona Governorship:

"Rock Singer Alice Cooper returned to his home town for a weekend concert and mentioned that he also will be running for Governor - On the Wild Party ticket.
More than 80 people already have entered the special May 17 election promped by the recall petition campaign against impeached Gov. Evan Mecham. Cooper, who says he bought his first automobile from Mecham's Pontiac dealership in nearby Glendale, said he will join the throng seeking to unseat the conservative Republican.
"I'm definitely a write-in candidate," Cooper said Wednesday. "Hey, I'm a native, I'm a registered voter. I represent the Wild Party and I even have a campaign slogan: "Alice Cooper - A troubled man for a troubled time."

Feb 29th `88 Denver, CO (w/ Motorhead)

(February Los Angeles, CA Forum - no mention on Motorhead lists)

Feb `88 Alice leaves MCA records

Feb/March `88 Reports (false) circulating that Alice is running for Governor of Arizona. 'A Troubled Man For A Troubled Time'

Last week of March '88 Alice is in the Netherlands on a promo trip.

April 1st `88 Edinburgh, Scotland Edinburgh Playhouse (w/ Chrome Molly) [Ticket]

April 2nd `88 Edinburgh, Scotland Edinburgh Playhouse (w/ Chrome Molly)

April 4th `88 Sheffield, England City Hall (w/ Chrome Molly) [Ticket]

April 5th `88 Birmingham, England National Exhibition Center (N.E.C.) (w/ Chrome Molly) [Ticket]

April 6th `88 The Daily Mirror reports attempts to Ban Alice from the UK

An outraged MP last night called for the a ban on shock rock star Alice Cooper after his first British gig at which young fans fainted, threw up and were splattered with buckets of blood.
Outspoken Sheffield politician David Blunkett stormed: "I'm horrified by his behavior - it goes beyond the bounds of entertainment".
He added: "Its an indication of the sick society we're moving into and something drastic should be done to protect young people from paying for this sort of obscenity".
During the show there is a hanging sequence, a baby is torn apart, a mother sliced down the middle, and a beautiful girl has her throat cut.
At the climax of the one-and-a-half hour performance young fans in the front rows are soaked by gallons of theatrical blood.
But 40 year old Alice is unrepentant "Its nightmare In Elm Street put to music!" he said "Its a rollercoaster ride - a fast cheap thrill".
White Hot Club photographer Joe Bangay, who saw the opening night says: "I saw kids faint. Alice has gone too far".

While all this is going on, Alice and Sheryl go to the theatre to see 'Phantom Of The Opera'

April 7th `88 London, England Wembley Arena (w/ Chrome Molly) [Ticket]

Kerrang: Alice Cooper had a bad experience on the last night of his Wembley dates when the safety device failed on the gallows which Alice uses to perform on stage. A shaken and shocked Alice had to be cut free from the noose which had tightened around his neck and he suffered severe bruising on his neck as a result of the accident. Needless to say the man is such a professional that he continued with the full show despite his injury.

April 8th `88 Newcastle, England City Hall (w/ Chrome Molly)

During the first night at Newcastle City Hall 8th April, 1988, Alice accidentally threw one of the dancers whips [during Go To Hell] up into the balcony and was caught, much to the delight of a female member of the audience.
(Steve Olley, January 2009)

April 9th `88 Newcastle, England City Hall (w/ Chrome Molly)

April 10th `88 Manchester, England Apollo Theater (w/ Chrome Molly) [Ticket]

April 11th `88 Manchester, England Apollo Theater (w/ Chrome Molly) After this show someone stole Alice`s Leather stage vest. He wore the Nightmare Returns vest for the rest of the tour. [Ticket]

April 12th `88 Manchester, England Apollo Theater (w/ Chrome Molly)

April 15th `88 Copenhagen, Denmark K. B. Halle (w/ Chrome Molly)

April 16th `88 Johanneshovs Isstadion Stockholm, Sweden [Ticket]

April 18th `88 Osnabruck, Germany Stadthalle (Show Censored) (w/ Chrome Molly)

The German-Bavarian government did manage to have one of Alice's shows modified in 1988 due to reports from the UK of extreme violence.

Kerrang: Alice Cooper's recent tour of Germany was hit by censorship and protest about the content of his stage show. Following reports in the English tabloid press about girls fainting in horror at Alice's antics, he was forced to drop sections of the show that involved spearing baby dolls on his sword, axing a female mannequin, disemboweling a pregnant woman and splattering fake blood.
Alice commented: "The most important thing was to play a show, even a censored one, for fans who've waited so long for me to return to Germany. I'm sorry that they didn't get to see the entire show, but they seemed to enjoy each night just as much as if we hadn't changed a thing."
Elsewhere in Europe, the full show was performed without incident, and the irony seems to be that the storm created in England that led to the ban was begun by a blind member of parliament!
Safely outside Germany, Cooper's parting shot was: "It's hard for an American to imagine anything as too violent for Germany".

April 20th `88 Boblingen, West Germany Sporthalle (Show Censored) (w/ Chrome Molly)

April 21st `88 Furth, West Germany Stadthalle (Show Censored) (w/ Chrome Molly)

April 22nd `88 Essen, Germany Grugahalle (Full Uncensored show) (w/ Chrome Molly)

April 23rd `88 Paris, France Le Zenith (w/ Chrome Molly)

April 24th `88 Ludwigshafen, West Germany Eberthalle (Show Censored) (w/ Chrome Molly)

April 25th `88 Munich, Germany Rudi Sedlmeyer Halle (w/ Chrome Molly) (Show Censored and no 18`s allowed resulting in kids being turned away at the door)

April 26th `88 Offenbach, Germany Stadhalle (w/ Chrome Molly) (Show Censored - the city council threatened to cutoff the power supply to the Stadthalle if Alice tried to perform the full show.)

April 27th `88 Winterthur, Switzerland Eullachalle (w/ Chrome Molly)

April 28th `88 Vienna, Austria Kurhalle Oberlaa (no support)

April 30th `88 Rome, Italy Teatro Tenda Strisce (w/ Chrome Molly)

May 2nd `88 Florence, Italy Pallazo Della Sport (Canceled despite attempts to change the venue to Discotheque Tenax)

May 3rd `88 Milan, Italy Palatrussardi (w/ Chrome Molly)

May 5th `88 Arnhem, The Netherlands Rijnhal (w/ Chrome Molly) [Ticket]

May 6th `88 Brussels, Belgium Forest National (w/ Chrome Molly) [Ticket]

July `88 Decline Of Western Civilization Part II released

August `88 Kane Roberts announces he`s leaving Alice to concentrate on his solo career.

Nov `88 Iron Eagle II released featuring 'I Got A Line On You',

Dec `88 Alice is in Woodstock, New York with Desmond Child writing new material