Hey Stoopid Timeline

TIMELINE 20 Hey Stoopid


Jan-Feb `91 Hey Stoopid recorded in New York and Los Angeles

June `91 Hey Stoopid single released

July 2nd `91 Hey Stoopid album released

July 5th `91 Toronto, Ontario HMV rooftop show/Signing session

1991 - Operation Rock And Roll

July 9th `91 Salt Lake City, UT Salt Palace - Start of US Operation Rock And Roll' tour (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead) [Ticket] Generation Landslide played at this show only after being rehearsed in LA 26th June `91. It was dropped after this show

The US 'Hey Stoopid' tour was called 'Operation Rock'n'Roll' and was a co-headline tour with Judas Priest. Also meant to be on the bill were Motorhead, Metal Church and Dangerous Toys. The Tour had severe financial problems and some dates were canceled.

Brian Nelson (Oct `95): Some total moron at the stinkin' record company [thought of the idea] . All the acts were on Sony/Epic. My mind still boggles from the utter retardedness of it all. I told everyone from day one that it would bomb. Nobody ever listens to me.

One idea talked about for the tour theatrics was having Alice dropped into a pit of Rattlesnakes.

July 12th `91 Irvine, CA Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead) [Ticket]

This show was recorded and partly later used in the ABC In Concert series.

(July 13th `91 Motorhead itinerary lists this date at Concord Pavilion, Concord, CA)

July 13th `91 Sacramento, CA Cal Expo

July 14th `91 Mountain View, CA (San Jose/SF) Shoreline Amphitheatre (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead)Alice and Joe Satriani July 13th 1991

Joe Satriani Guests on Hey Stoopid

July 16th `91 Denver, CO Red Rocks (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead, Dangerous Toys, Metal Church)(poster)

July 18th `91 Cedar Rapids, IA Five Seasons Arena (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead)

July 19th `91 Minneapolis, MN Target Center (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead)

July 20th `91 Tinley Park/Chicago, IL World Music Theater (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead)[Ticket]

July 21st `91 Nashville, TN Starwood Amphitheatre (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead) (more info courtesy of Hunter Goatley)

July 23rd `91 Lakeland, FL Civic Centre (Motorhead/Priest Itinerary list this as Tampe The Sundown) (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead) [Ticket]

July 24th `91 Orlando, FL The Arena (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead)

July 25th `91 Atlanta, GA Lakewood Amphitheatre (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead)

July 27th `91 Houston, TX The Summit (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead)

July 28th `91 Dallas, TX Starplex Amphitheatre (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead, Dangerous Toys, Metal Church)

July 30th `91 Charlotte, NC Carrowinds (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead) - CANCELED - Replaced by a show in New Orleans?

July 31st `91 Raleigh NC, Hardee Pavilion, Walnut Creek Amphitheatre CANCELED. Motorhead play club show instead

Aug 2nd `91 Pittsburgh, PA Starlake Amphitheatre (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead)

Aug 3rd `91 Clarkston, MI Pine Knob (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead, Motorhead, Dangerous Toys, Metal Church)

Aug 4th `91 Merriville, IN Holiday Star Inn (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead) - OR Mears, MI  Val Du Lakes according to an itinerary

Aug 6th `91 Indianapolis, IN Deer Creek Ampitheatre (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead, Dangerous Toys)

Aug 7th `91 Cleveland, OH Richfield Coliseum (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead)

Aug 8th `91 Weedsport, Nr Syracuse, NY Cayuga County Fairground (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead)

Aug 9th `91 East Rutherford, NJ, Meadowlands Arena (w/ Judas Priest) (recording and ticket) [Ticket]

Aug 10th `91 Philadelphia, PA Spectrum (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead)

Aug 11th `91 Bristol, CT Lake Compounce (canceled) (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead)

Aug 13th `91 Portland, ME Sea Pac (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead)

Aug 14th `91 Mansfield (Boston), MA Great Woods (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead)

Aug 15th `91 Largo, MD Capitol Center (w/ Judas Priest)

Aug 16th `91 Middletown, NY Raceway (w/ Judas Priest)

Aug 17th `91 Montreal, Canada The Forum (w/ Judas Priest)

Aug 19th `91 Toronto, Ontario CNE Grandstand (w/ Judas Priest) [Ticket]

Aug 27th `91 Los Angeles, CA Mark & Brian Show (UMW, 18, Hey Stoopid and SO performed live in the parking lot outside KLOS-FM studios) -During the day Alice was inducted into the 'Rock Walk Of Fame'

Sept 2nd `91 Miami Beach, FL WSHE Labor Day Concert

Nightmare On Your Street tour

Pete Freezin` replaces Vinnie Moore on guitar

Sept 3rd `91 St. Louis, MO Sound Warehouse rooftop

Sept 5th `91 Chicago, IL Ed Deberics parking lot

Sept 6th `91 Sterling Heights, MI (Detroit) Sound Warehouse parking lot

Sept 10th `91 Towson, MD County Courts Building steps

Sept 11th `91 Philadelphia, PA. Judge Lewis Quadrangle, Independence Mall

Sept 12th `91 Boston, MA WBCN rooftop

Sept 13th `91 New York, NY Times Square (Interview aired on Howard Stern Show)

Sept 13th `91 New York, NY Electric Lady Studios (performance broadcast 10/31/91)

September '91 A planned appearance at Buffalo Bills, Rich Stadium tailgate party is cancelled

(Sept 20th '91 - Sept 21st '91 - Alice possibly in Sweden)

Sept 23rd `91 Love`s A Loaded Gun single released

Sept 27th `91 Alice appears on BBC Radio London with Krusher

European 'Hey Stoopid' Tour

Sept 28th `91 Dublin, Ireland Point Theatre (Start of European 'Hey Stoopid' tour) [Ticket]

Sept 30th `91 London, England Wembley Arena (Dirty Dream played) (w/ Almighty) [Ticket]

Oct 1st `91 London, England Wembley Arena (w/ Almighty) [Ticket]

Oct 3rd `91 St. Austell, Cornwall, England Coliseum (w/ Wolfsbane)

Oct 4th `91 Bournemouth, England Bournemouth Centre (w/ Wolfsbane)

Oct 5th `91 Sheffield, England Sheffield International Arena (w/ Wolfsbane) [Ticket]

Oct 7th `91 Whitley Bay, England Whitley Bay Ice Rink (w/ Almighty)

Oct 8th `91 Edinburgh, Scotland Playhouse (w/ Almighty)[Ticket]

Oct 9th `91 Birmingham, England National Exhibition Centre (N.E.C.) (w/ Almighty)

Oct 10th `91 Birmingham, England National Exhibition Centre (N.E.C.) (w/ Almighty) [Ticket]

Oct 12th `91 Gent, Belgium SportPaleis, Belguim (w/ Savatage, Almighty) [Ticket1][Ticket2]

Oct 13th `91 Rotterdam Holland, Ahoy Sportpaleis (w/ Almighty)

Oct 15th `91 Zurich, Switzerland Hallenstadion

Oct 16th `91 Nuremberg, Germany Frankenhalle

Oct 17th `91 Stuttgart, Germany Schleyer Hall

Oct 18th `91 Frieberg, Germany Stadthalle

Oct 20th `91 Berlin, Germany Deutschlandhalle

Oct 21st `91 Hamburg, Germany Sporthalle

Oct 22nd `91 Essen, Germany Gruga Halle [Ticket]

Oct 23rd `91 Paris, France Le Zenith

Oct 24th `91 Frankfurt, Germany Fest Halle

Oct 26th `91 Kassell, Germany Eissport Halle

Oct 27th `91 Cologne, Germany Sport Halle

Oct 28th `91 Bremen, Germany Stadthalle

Oct 29th `91 Kiel, Germany Osteehalle (w/ Almighty)

Nov 1st `91 Oslo, Norway Spectrum

Nov 2nd `91 Copenhagen, Denmark K. B. Halle [Ticket]

Nov 3rd `91 Lund, Sweden Olympen (Venue too small for the `magic screen` so' Go To Hell' was dropped and 'He`s Back' was played in it`s place (instead of in the encore)

Nov 5th `91 Helsinki, Finland Jäähalli - A clip from Helsinki gig was shown on TV show Rockstop.

Nov 6th `91 Turku, Finland Typhoon

Nov 8th `91 Stockhom, Sweden Globen

Nov 9th `91 Gothenburg, Sweden Scandinavium

Nov 10th `91 Paris, France Olympia (from French mag; unsure of date, probably canceled)

Nov 11th `91? Lyon, France ? (canceled)

Nov 12th `91? Louvain, France ? (canceled)

Feb `92 Feed My Frankenstein single released