Constrictor Timeline

TIMELINE 17 Constrictor-The Nightmare Returns


Jan/Feb `86 Recording for Constrictor in NY

(Hit Parader interview mentions he also has a home in Chicago - he was there for part of `85 and apparently left when he discovered how cold Chicago winters were. He called their apartment `The Room`)

Summer `86 Final recordings for Constrictor in LA

July `86 He`s Back video filmed on the set of Friday the 13th and Alice did press Interviews during the shoot..

July 28th `86 He`s Back single released

Sept 22nd `86 Constrictor released

20th - 26th Sept `86 Alice visits UK for promo stuff

Just before the tour, Alice paid a flying visit to the UK for a few promo duties and also put in an appearance backstage at Motorhead`s Hammersmith Odeon, London show on 22nd Sept which resulted in Lemmy giving him an on-stage name check (which in turn resulted in me hanging out at the backstage door for hours only for Lemmy to inform me that Alice left 'hours ago!!'). Apart from saying 'Hi' to Lemmy, Alice was also there to check out and meet support band Zodiac Mindwarp who were scheduled to support on the forthcoming UK dates. In the end, Zodiac was ill and didn`t do the tour (Dr. and the Medics did London and Alien Sex Fiend did the rest of the tour).

Alice also appeared on BBC breakfast TV for a live interview(22nd?) and 'Rock Around The Clock'(on the 20th).

26th Sept `86 Howard Stern interview aired

20th Oct `86 Santa Barbara, CA Arlington Theater (first show since 1982) (w/ Guns n' Roses according to Renfield and backed out by a 2017 GnR book)

For real trivia psychos; there were a few warm-up shows in both Southern CA and in MI. San Bernadino, Michigan: Lansing, Kalamazoo.
(Renfield, October 1995)

Randy Piper (ex-Wasp) was hired for the Nightmare Returns tour. He was fired for not being able to play his instrument during the first rehearsals.
(Renfield, August 1996)

A well known magician named Franz Harary did some of the Special Effects stuff between `86 and `91, most notably the Teenage Frankenstein routine

In a pre-tour interview Alice mentions that Donnie Kisselbach(Turtles/Rick Derranger)was meant to play the tour but he was actually replaced by Kip Winger.

Oct 24th `86 San Bernadino, CA National Orange Showgrounds (w/ Guns`n`Roses?) [Ticket]

Oct 28th `86 Lansing, MI Civic Center [Ticket]

Oct 29th `86 Saginaw, MI Wendler Arena (w/ Vinnie Vincent's Invasion)

Oct 30th `86 Detroit, MI Joe Louis Arena (w/ Vinnie Vincent Invasion) [Ticket]

Oct 31st `86 Detroit, MI Joe Louis Arena (w/ Vinnie Vincent Invasion) [Ticket]

Scheduled to be the first official Night of the tour. Reputably sold out in three hours and another show on the previous night had to be added.
Filmed for `The Nightmare Returns` video and transmitted on MTV. Missing from the video release are a final cameo section at the end of the TV broadcast of a cleaner looking through a garbage can to advertise 'Constrictor'.

Nov 1st `86 Toledo, OH Sports Arena [Ticket]

Nov 2nd `86 Kalamazoo, MI Wings Stadium

Nov 3th `86 Dayton, OH Hara Arena - according to schedule but tickets say 7th

Nov 4th `86 Fort Wayne, IN Coliseum

Nov 6th `86 Columbus, OH ? Veterans' Memorial Coliseum [Ticket]

Nov 7th `86 Dayton, OH HAra Arena [Ticket][Ticket] OR Erie, PA Civic Center according to schedule.

Nov 8th `86 Cleveland, OH Cleveland Music Hall (w/ Vinnie Vincent Invasion)

Nov 11th `86 Pittsburgh, PA Syria Mosque [Ticket]

Nov 12th `86 Wilkes Barre, PA Kingston Armoury?

Nov 13th `86 Fairfax, VA George Washington Univ. Patriot Center [Ticket]

Nov 14th `86 Philadelphia, PA Tower Theatre

Nov 15th `86 Albany, NY Palace Theatre

Nov 16th `86 Rochester, NY ?

Nov 19th `86 Worcester, MA Centrum [Ticket]

Nov 20th `86 Alice flies to the UK

Nov 21st `86 Alice is in Newcastle to appear on `The Tube` and meets up with Iggy Pop

Nov 22nd `86 Interview on BBC Radio 1 with Andy Kershaw

Nov 23rd `86 London, England Wembley Arena (w/ Dr And The Medics) [Ticket]

Aftershow party held in a Chelsea nightclub - actor John Hurt, Shiobhan Fahey then of Bananarama, Pete Wylie, Steve Nieve (of The Attractions) and (possibly) Zodiac Mindwarp attend

Nov 24th `86 Signing session at Virgin Megastore in London

Nov 25th `86 Edinburgh, Scotland Edinburgh Playhouse (w/ Alien Sex Fiend) Also Entertainment USA interview taped

Nov 26th `86 Edinburgh, Scotland Edinburgh Playhouse (w/ Alien Sex Fiend)

Nov 28th `86 Manchester, England Apollo Theater(w/ Alien Sex Fiend) [Ticket]

Nov 29th `86 Manchester, England Apollo Theater (w/ Alien Sex Fiend) [Ticket]

Nov 30th `86 Manchester, England Apollo Theater (w/ Alien Sex Fiend)

Dec 1st `86 Newcastle, England City Hall (w/ Alien Sex Fiend) [Ticket]

Dec 3rd `86 Birmingham, England Odeon (w/ Alien Sex Fiend) [Ticket]

Dec 4th `86 Birmingham, England Odeon (w/ Alien Sex Fiend) [Ticket]

Dec 5th `86 Birmingham, England Odeon (w/ Alien Sex Fiend) [Ticket]

Andy Michael gets to throw out a balloon at the end of the show.

Dec 12th `86 Philadelphia, PA Tower Theater [Ticket]

Dec 13th `86 Cleveland, OH Public Hall (w/ Vinnie Vincent Invasion)

Dec 14th `86 Utica, NY Auditorium

Dec 15th `86 Syracuse, NY Landmark Theater (w/ Vinnie Vincent Invasion)

Dec 18th `86 Baltimore, MD Baltimore Arena (Ticket)

Dec 19th `86 Hampton, VA Coliseum (tape listing) - TV Ad exists.

Dec 20th `86 Fayatteville, NC Cumberland Civic Center

Dec 21st `86 Charlotte, NC Coliseum [Ticket]

Dec 22nd `86 Charleston, SC Galliard Auditorium [Ticket]

Dec 23rd '86 Asheville,NC

Dec 26th `86 Atlanta, GA Civic Centre (w/ Vinnie Vincent Invasion) [Ticket]

Dec 27th `86 Tampa, FL Sun Dome [Ticket]

Dec 28th `86 West Palm Beach, FL Auditorium [Ticket]

Dec 29th `86 Daytona, FL Ocean Center [Ticket]

Dec 31st `86 Miami, FL James L. Knight Center [Ticket]


Jan 2nd `87 Nashville, TN Municipal Auditorium (w/ Vinnie Vincent Invasion)

Jan 3rd `87 Memphis, TN Convention Center, Auditorium North Hall [Ticket]

Jan 4th `87 Louisville, KY Gardens

Jan 6th `87 Charleston, WV ?

Jan 8th '87 St.Luis,MO, Kiel Auditorium (?? or Feb 8th)

Jan 9th `87 New Orleans, LA Dome (w/ Vinnie Vincent Invasion) [Ticket]

Jan 10th `87 Mobile, AL Municipal Auditorium

Jan 11th `87 New Orleans, LA, UNO Lakefront Arena

Jan 14th `87 San Antonio, TX Majestic Performing Arts Center

Jan 16th `87 Houston, TX Music Hall [Ticket]

Oakland PosterJan 17th `87 Dallas, TX State Fair Coliseum [Ticket]

Jan 18th `87 Corpus Christi, TX Memorial Coliseum

Jan 22nd `87 Spokane, WA Opera House

Jan 23rd `87 Portland, OR Civic Auditorium

Jan 24th `87 Seattle, WA Arena [Ticket]

Jan 27th `87 Oakland, CA Kaiser Convention Center (w/ Megadeth)[Ticket]

Jan 28th `87 Bakersfield, CA Civic Auditorium [Ticket]

Jan 29th `87 Las Vegas, NV Thomas And Mack Center (Tickets exists for both 30th AND 29th)

Jan 30th `87 Las Vegas, NV Thomas And Mack Center (Tickets exists for both 30th AND 29th) [Ticket] [Ticket]

Jan 31st `87 Phoenix, AZ Veterans Memorial Coliseum [Ticket]

Feb 1st `87 San Diego Sports Arena (w/ Megadeth) [Ticket]

Feb 4th `87 Tulsa, OK, Brady Theater [Ticket]

Feb 5th '87 Norman,OK, Lloyd Noble Arena

Feb 6th `87 Des Moines, IA Veteran's Coliseum [Ticket]

Feb 7th `87 St. Paul. MN Roy Wilkins Auditorium [Ticket]

Feb 8th '87 St Louis, MO Kiel Auditorium (ticket) (?? or Jan 8th)

EighteenFeb 10th `87 Milwaukee, WI Mecca Auditorium (w/ Megadeth) [Ticket]

Feb 11th '87 Carbondale, IL, SIU Arena (eye witness) [Ticket]

Feb 12th `87 Chicago, IL UIC Pavilion (w/ Megadeth) [Ticket]

Feb 13th `87 Detroit, MI Joe Louis Arena [Ticket]

Feb 14th `87 Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Five Seasons Center [Ticket]

Feb 16th `87 Pittsburgh, PA Syria Mosque (w/ Megadeth)

Feb 17th '87 Hershey, PA, Hersheypark [Ticket]

(Feb 18th `87 Chicago, IL, UIC Pavilion (w/ Guns`n`Roses at the state fair or at State Fair Coliseum at Fair Park))

Feb 19th '87 Providence, RI, Providence Civic Center [Ticket]

Feb 20th `87 Poughkeepsie, NY Mid-Hudson Civic Center [Ticket]

Feb 21st `87 Frederickton, Canada Aitken Centre

Feb 23rd `87 Halifax, Canada. Metro Center [Ticket] - Unruly crowd and arrests .

Feb 25th 1987 Signing session at A & A in Toronto

Feb 26th `87 Toronto, Ontario Maple Leaf Gardens [Ticket][Ticket]

Feb 27th '87 Sudbury,ONT (mentioned in interview as being between Toronto and Montreal)

Feb 28th `87 Montreal, Quebec Verdun Auditorium (w/ Sword) [Ticket]

Mar 2nd '87 Ottawa, Canada, Civic Center Arena (w/ Sword) (Itinerary) [Ticket]

Mar 4th `87 Hamilton, Ontario Victor J Copps Coliseum (Itinerary) [Ticket]

Mar 5th `87 La Porte, IN Civic Auditorium (w/ Tesla) (Itinery has this cross off so maybe canceled, but an advert exists)


Mar 6th `87 Cincinnati, OH Cincinnati Gardens [Ticket] (Itinerary) (w/ Tesla)

Mar 7th '87 Peoria, IL Civic Centre Theatre (Itinerary) (w/ Tesla)

Mar 9th '87 Green Bay, WI Brown County Arena (Itinerary) (w/ Tesla)

Mar 11th `87 Sioux City, IA Sioux City Municipal Auditorium (w/ Tesla)

Mar 12th '87 Witchita, KS Kansas Colliseum (w/ Tesla) [Ticket]

Mar 13th '87 Omaha, NE Civic Auditorium (Itinerary) (w/ Tesla) [Ticket]

Mar 14th `87 La Crosse, WI La Crosse Centre (Itinerary) (w/ Tesla) [Ticket]

Mar 15th '87 Bismarck, ND Civic Centre (Itinerary) (w/ Tesla)

Mar 17th '87 Denver, CO McNichols Arena (Itinerary) (w/ Tesla)[Ticket]

Mar 19th '87 Salt Lake City, UT Salt Palace (Itinerary) (more info courtesy of Hunter Goatley)

Mar 21st `87 Long Beach, CA Long Beach Arena/Convention Center (Itinerary) (w/ Tesla)[Ticket]

Mar 22nd '87 Tuscon, AZ, Tuscon Cumunity Centre Exhibit Hall (w/ Tesla) [Ticket]

Mar 24nd '87 El Paso, NM, Civic Centre South Hall (w/ Tesla) [Ticket]

Mar 25th '87 Albuquerque, NM, State Fairgrounds, Manuel Lujan Complex (w/ Tesla)

Mar 28th `87 Winnepeg Canada, Winnepeg Arena (Sword)

Mar 29th `87 Alice appears at Westlemania III at the Pontiac Superdome in Michigan and appears in the ring partnering Jake The Snake Roberts.

Mar 30th '87 Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, Regina Agridome (w/ Sword)

Mar 31st `87 Calgary, Alberta Olympic Saddledome (w/ Sword) [Ticket]

April 1st '87 Edmonton Alberta, Northlands Coliseum [Ticket]

April 6th '87 Alice takes a day trip to Sweden where he did a press conference in full stage gear at at the 'Daily News' Cafe before heading to The Netherlands

April 20th '87 Alice arrives In Italy

June `87 recordings for Raise Your Fist and Yell are completed (Kerrang and Metal Hammer reports).

June 23rd `87 Alice interviewed on 'The Tube' and talks about Reading Festival

Summer `87 Prince Of Darkness filmed.

Aug 22nd '87 Alice arrives in London on route to Sweden

Aug 23rd '87(apprx) Alice is in Sweden on promo trip

Aug 26th `87 - Alice attends a party at the Limelight in London. Also there, two of the girls from Bananarama, Lizzie Borden (?) and one of Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Alice is also rumoured to be making an appearance at the Lizzy Borden show at the Marquee on Aug 28th but it doesn`t happen.

Aug 27th `87 Alice tapes his appearance on Night Network which is transmitted the following night.

Aug 30th `87 Reading, England Reading Festival [Ticket]

The last 'Nightmare Returns' show was the 25th Anniversary of the Reading Festival and on a radio documentary at the time, the organisers said that they'd really wanted someone really special to close that years show.
Alice appears in the press tent and hands out promo tapes of the new 'Raise Your Fist' Album

Rehearsals for the show were held in Borehamwood.

Alice also appears on Night Network

August 31st '87 Alice leaves London

Sept 9th `87 Milan Italy Palatrussardi (canceled) (poster exists)
Sept 21st `87 Grugahalle, Essen (canceled)(Poster Exists) [Ticket]
Sept 23rd `87 Osnabruck, West Germany, Stadhalle (canceled)[Ticket]
Sept 29th `87 Stadionsporthalle, Hannover, Germany (Canceled)(Tickets were actually sold for this show)

Part of a scheduled European tour for Raise Your Fist but was canceled and rearranged for the following year.

Sept 21st `87 Kane Roberts first solo album released featuring the Alice co-written 'Full Pull'