Midnight Special

Alice was on Midnight Special twice - first time was around '74 and he did an amazing interview sitting on the stage just talking to the audience - it was a "The Midnight Special Salute to Alice Cooper." They showed a bunch of videos also - the whole thing was about 10 minutes. 2nd time was in '79 (10th November(?)) and Alice hosted the show and did a bunch of songs off of 'From The Inside' and greatest hits. Really good.
(Renfield, June 1995)

'Billion Dollar Babies' from the '79 appearance is available on DVD on a compilation DVD called 'Misnight Special, Live On Stage In 1979'. Unfortunatly this is a limited release as part of a club where you had to buy a whole series of DVD's from the show just to get the one song you wanted. Luckily copies do turn up elsewhere from time to time.