A Fistful Of Alice

Alice has appeared on hundreds (thousands?) of TV shows over the last 40+ years. He belongs to both the SAG and AFTRA actors associations. A full list of every TV appearance is next to impossible (a reasonable list of 1970s appearances can be seen here) as he's made so many but some important/interesting appearances do have their own pages (above) and below are some general comments on a few other TV shows and related stuff:

A (only vaguely) related question. Do artists get paid for interviews or does it depend on the circumstances?

Generally speaking, no. Although, there are occasionally exceptions. If you want to use Alice as the example, he got paid what is called "union scale" for something like the Tonight Show as he is a member of AFTRA (TV and radio union). It's something like between 5 and 6 hundred dollars, I think. The Tonight Show is an entertainment, performance show so you get paid.
There have been a few talk shows in Europe that have paid Alice a considerably large amount to be a guest on their show.
Appearances on a show like Something Wilder can vary. Sometimes they offer something like double the union scale or sometimes a very large amount.
Something like Entertainment Tonight, there is no payment as it is considered a "news" program.
Newspaper and magazine interviews you never get paid for (although, something like the article Alice wrote about Spinal Tap, he did get paid for).
(Renfield June 1998)

Yes, Alice did appear on 'Hollywood Squares. More than once in 1974. Here`s a piece from the sleeve notes to the elusive 'Box Set':

(copyright 1998 - Warner Bros. Records. Courtesy of Renfield, February 1997)

This was the setup for the King Of Shock Rock's sickest, most horrifying role. It wasn't played out before tens of thousands in a sports arena, however. Rather, it was enacted before a television audience of millions when Alice Cooper showed up on a couple of episodes of the Hollywood Squares game show.

Ironically, this was Alice at his most subversive. Most fans, however, didn't get the joke, and some "rock historians" still regard this as a low point in Alice's career.

The punch line to these appearances, of course, was that by now there was truly no escaping Alice. No matter where you went, there he was. Parent who screamed at kids to turn down their Alice Cooper albums now themselves couldn't avoid the rock star--not even in the sanctuary of their favorite TV show. After all, what could be ironic than some prim housewife with a hate-on for the long-haired freak now finding herself in his debt for enabling her, through the right answer, to win the show's grand prize?

by Jeffrey Morgan

Alice appears briefly in one episode of the cartoon series 'Space Ghost' called 'The Girlie Show'.

Alice appear on an episode of "The Soupy Sales Show" in 1978 in a sketch about a singing, piano playing ant. He agrees to take the ant out on tour with him only for it to get squshed just before the contract is signed. He then gets a pie in the face!!.

He had cameo on the Feb 12 1997 episode of "Pearl" (CBS) as a guardian angel.

'Something Wilder' was a sitcom staring Gene Wilder. Alice appeared on the show on the episode aired on NBC, 14th March 1995. Alice plays a rock star who moves next door to the Bergmans and films a music video, threatening the homespun image Gene (Gene Wilder) had hoped to adopt in a new tourist campaign for his town. Alice performs a short piece called 'It's Stockbridge'. The words go something like:

I`ve been to sweden and I`ve been to Rome
I rubbed some noses in the arctic zone
But the coolest place that I`ve ever found
Has got to be Norman Rockwell`s town

It`s Stockbridge, it`s such a friendly place
It`s Stockbridge
[girl] You don`t need any mace
It`s Stockbridge
[Gene]There`s plenty of parking space
I gotta get back to that place
It`s Stockbridge, and I like it, I like it, I like it..

Posted August 1994:

MTV's "The State" (weird sketch comedy show) had a sketch called "The Writer". This writer at a newspaper is having trouble capturing his thoughts on a big story. A coworker suggests that he use conjunctions. The first guy has never heard of them and asks for an example. The second guy says "well... and is a conjunction. Like coffee and doughnuts". Well the writer is so happy he just runs around using and as much as possible. He is walking down the street saying "and" about everything. It goes a little something like this: "A car and a lamp post and a building and a trash can and Alice Cooper and..."As he says "Alice Cooper" who should walk by but the man himself! He gives the fellow a strange look and keeps on going.

It was rumoured during the '70s that Alice would be appearing in the US sitcom 'All In The Family'. This never eventually happened.

The Toronto Star did a feature article on the "Leave it to Beaver" television show. At the end, they included a section of "Beaver Trivia".Included was the following item:

"More hot early-70s gossip: Ken Osmond, who played Eddie Haskell, Wally's wise-guy friend, was rumored to have relaunched his career as blood-spattered shock rocker Alice Cooper. Ultimate irony: Ken Osmond actually became a California cop who narrowly escaped death in the line of duty."
(Susie, July 1996)

Alice appears on Episode 315 "Radio Daze" of the show "That 70`s Show" first transmitted Feb 7th 2001. There is also a show soundtrack album featuring "Under My Wheels"(album version)

He now has this huge projection screen TV that is so big it was actually used as a video monitor for a show production that was touring theatres. You press a button and the screen comes down from the ceiling. Very Bond. He's very big on all the new Star Trek crap. Also, Larry Sanders. But he goes out to the movies A LOT.
(Renfield, July 1995)

Alice travels with a portable TV with a built in VCR and a suitcase full of prerecorded videos.
(Renfield, May 1996)

From 'The Book Of Rock Lists', published originally in '82 by Dave Marsh.

Alice Cooper's favorite TV shows:

  1. Monty Python's Flying Circus
  2. Fawlty Towers
  3. SC-TV
  4. The Untouchables
  5. The Twilight Zone
  6. The Prisoner
  7. I Spy
  8. The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
  9. Taxi
  10. The Many Lives Of Dobie Gillis

Alice LOVES all the new Star Trek crap (I like the original-never watch the new crap.) He isn't in any Star Trek movie but he has let it be known that he would love to be a Klingon in one of them.
(Renfield, October 1995)

Alice is a HUGE fan of "The Prisoner." I don't think the balloon thing came from the program but it's a good question.
(Renfield, December 1995)