Alice has appeared in various commercials (adverts) around the world over the years. Here`s some info on some of them:


The band were to to be Excedrin Headache #48 in a commercial but the aspirin people freaked and backed out. This was around 70-71.
(Renfield, June 1995)

The ACG were to portray the stomach before the pills were taken.

Sam Goody

Around July 1995, Alice appeared in a commercial driving a bus. It was a cameo appearance in a commercial for Sam Goody Records which was done a couple of months earlier. It was only scheduled to appear in a limited area.

Calloway Golf

Alice teamed up with straight-arrow Johnny Miller to plug $125 Tuttle putters by Callaway Golf (Alice has done a few adds for Calloway. This has Alice sinking a putt using his snake to guide the ball into the hole. Prior to the putt, Johnny is calling Alice "Al" and Alice keeps correcting him. After he sinks the putt, Johnny says "Nice shot (or putt), Alice."

Another Calloway add for golf equipment featured Alice and Kenny Gee(?). To sum up the commercial (for those that haven't seen it) Alice is shown on a split screen with somebody else and they go back and forth comparing things that they like. It goes back and forth like... novels - comic books, jazz - hard rock, etc., then they both say at the same time "Big Bertha drivers." They look at each other funny then start all over again. Birdies - Eagles.

Another commercial has Alice at a microphone with a grey backdrop. He says "Hi. I'm Alice C. and I have a problem" It's supposed to be like a self help program (like AA but for golf addicts.)
Yet another commercial features Alice and Sheryl Cooper sitting on a couch talking.


Alice appeared in a short 'Rennie' advert in Australia. It's very reminiscent of his scene in Wayne's World (and includes yours truly as one of the extras)
(Renfield, September 1996)

Anti Drugs

Alice did a anti-drugs advert.

It was a radio ad. Basically: "This is Alice Cooper and if I hear about any of you doing drugs, I`ll come over and slit your puppy dog`s throat". It didn`t get played too much. It`s on a promo album compilation of a bunch of anti-drugs radio spots called 'Sound Off'.
(Renfield, December 1997)

Miller Beer

Alice appeared in an advert for Millar beer. It was first shown on UK TV in November 1995.The Sun newspaper said that Alice enjoyed making it immensely. In fact so much that he didn't want to leave? It was 3 minutes long and includes AC singing a song about a coat hanger which he wrote and is meant to be funny.

And before everyone starts wondering what Alice is doing on a beer commercial of all things, here's the deal. It's a beer commercial within a commercial. It begins with a mock talk show (ala Johnny Carson) and Alice is one of the celebrity guests. At one point, the host breaks for a commercial within the commercial. That's where the beer part comes in. So, at no point is Alice doing anything like "Miller is my favorite beer and it tastes great."
(Renfield, November 1995)


In 2003 Alice appeared in a commercial for the UK Sky channel advertising their new SkyPlus service. The advert featured Alice (in full costume and make-up) and legendary comedian Ronnie Corbett eating gammon and eggs while talking about the service and how cool it was.


In 2004 Alice appeared in a US advert for Staples, the stationary chain.The commercial depicts Alice in the role of a father shopping for back-to-school supplies with his distressed daughter (NOT Alice's real daughter but in fact a young actress called Madeleine Martine), who obviously is unhappy about the prospect of returning to school. She declares "I thought you said School's Out Forever?" to which Alice replies "No no, no, the song goes 'School's Out For Summer'. Nice try though". The irony is that the lyrics of course do feature the line 'School's Out forever!!'



Alice recorded the TV-Shop commercial for a rock compilation CD in Sweden, early in 1996.

Alice appeared in a Fisher infomercial (for a diskchanger?) with his real Mother.

In 1997, a Molson Canadian Beer Commercial featured 'No More Mr Nice guy' with a new vocal recording of Alice.

There was a Porche Commercial which used 'School's Out'.

Alice has recorded adverts for Marriott Hotels and CompUSA in the last couple of years

On February 4th 2005 Alice filmed a road safety advert in Phoenix. .

2008 saw Alice featured in the superbowl halftime advert for Firestone Tyres as well as advertising HDTV's for Samsung.