Alice Cooper Tablature: Every Woman Has A Name

Every Woman Has A Name

Words and music by
From the album Dragontown (2001)
Transcribed by ???

Don't forget to tune your guitar before you start playing, CGCFAD.


d |---------------0---------------------0--------------------2p0-----------------------------------------------|
a |-------------3--3-----------------3---3---------------3-------3-------------------3-------------2-3---------|
f |-----------2------2-------------2-------2-----------0-----------0---------------0---------------------------|
c |--------0-----------0---------0-----------0-------0---------------------------0---------------2-------------|
g |----------------------------4-------------------2-------------------------------------------0---------------|
c |----0---------------------------------------------------------------------4/5-------------------------------|

play 6 times then 5 times after the first chorus

Pre-Chorus (The strumming patterns are fairly easy so just listen and you'll pick it up)

d |----2---------------0----|                 d |----2----------0---------3----|
a |----3---------------3----|                 a |----3----------2---------3----|
f |----4---------------0----|   2x then       f |----4----------2---------0----|
c |----4---------------0----|                 c |----4----------2---------0----|
g |----2---------------x----|                 g |----2----------0---------x----|
c |----x---------------5----|                 c |----x----------x---------5----|
on these chords you can substitute the muted 5th string with the 5th fret.

d |----2------0------2-----3-----0-----|             d |-----2-----0-----2-----3---|             \/
a |----3------3------3-----3-----2-----|	     a |-----3-----3-----3-----3---|
f |----2------0------4-----0-----2-----|   2x then   f |-----2-----0-----4-----0---| then play the first part 1x
c |----0------0------4-----0-----2-----|             c |-----0-----0-----4-----0---|
g |----0------x------2-----x-----0-----|             g |-----0-----x-----2-----x---|
c |----x------5------x-----5-----x-----|             c |-----x-----5-----x-----5---|

In the second chorus you play the second part /\ twice instead of just once and the outro is the  same as 
the intro but you end it by slowly strumming this chord:
d |----2----|
a |----3----|
f |----2----|
c |----0----|
g |----0----|
c |----0----|

there are a few lead fills in there but they aren't very hard so if you want to figure them out go 
ahead, but i think that this is pretty close. enjoy :)