Rob Zombie/White Zombie

Alice and Rob have been a mutual appriciation society for some years which initially resulted in the track "Hands Of Death" that is featured on "X-Files:Songs In The Key Of X" and in remixed form on the "Life And Crimes Of Alice Cooper" box set.

Alice performed 'School's Out' with White Zombie at the Irvine Meadows Ampitheatre on Halloween October 28th, 1996.

As the years have gone by Rob and Alice have appeared many times together, mainly at awards shows (including the rock and roll hall of fame in 2011) where Rob presents Alice with some award or other. In 2009 the pair finally toured together under the 'Gruesome Twosome' banner. Both bands had equal stage time with Zombie always closing the show, being that he was probably the biggest of the two artists at that point.

In 2011 Rob appeared on the 'Welcome 2 My Nightmare' album playing 'The guide' on 'The Congregation'.

In an interview after the White Zombie Halloween show, here's what Rob Zombie (frontman for the band) and John Tempesta (drummer) had to say in the latest Metal Edge (March 96)

Metal Edge: I know you're a big Alice Cooper fan, Rob. What was it like having him on stage with you?

RZ: It was awesome, it was this dream come true thing, but it flew by and now I'm searching my memory 'cause it's like a blur. Somebody filmed it and I was watching the film and seeing all the things that people tell me happened. I talked to him on the phone last night. He's the coolest guy.

JT: That was amazing. We soundchecked that day with him, but that night he came out in full costume and it was "Wow!," cane and everything. The crowd was going crazy yelling "Alice! Alice!" I wish he could do it with us every night. The crowd definitely dug it."

Later on in the interview, Rob was talking about writing for some soundtracks and said the following:

We have all of January off, so we'll probably do it then. I was talking to Alice on the phone and he wants me to write, he was asking me if I had any ideas. I would like to do that.

And lastly:

"It was amazing," he reminisces, noting that he got to keep Alice's walking cane. Lately, he's been "busting out all my old Alice Cooper records. I never listen to anything new. I'm trapped in time," he says.

If you blink, you'll miss it but there is a quick shot of Alice on-stage with White Zombie in their latest video which I believe is called "Super Chargers Heaven".
(Renfield, March 1996)

White Zombie are back from Brazil, after playing the Hollywood Rocks concert with Smashing Pumpkins and Supergrass. Rob, a well-known workaholic, is not indulging in the pleasures of central Florida, like the rest of the band, before they begin the next leg of their American tour in Lakeland, Florida on February 1. Instead he checked into a Winterpark, Florida studio with Alice ("Eighteen," "School's Out") Cooper to record the vocal tracks for the song the two of them are contributing to the X-Files soundtrack. Rob wrote the tune, and Charlie Clauser from Nine Inch Nails did the samples, the sequencing, percussion, and synths. The plan was for Alice and Rob to cut vocal tracks before and after the Superbowl--first session was to take place yesterday between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM, with round two picking up at 10:00 PM. They are due to mix today. Running the boards is Terry Date, the producer of White Zombie's Astrocreep: 2000, et al. We couldn't get the name of the song out of Zombie manager Andy Gould, who told us: "Last time I gave out the name of an unconfirmed title, Rob put my balls in a blender. Do you think I'd give it to you after that?" But another source told us the song is called "Whore Of Fire." So there!
(Addicted To Noise, January 1996)

Alice wrote some sleeve notes for the new Rob Zombie compilation album that was release in September 2003.

" Watching a Zombie concert is like seeing every drop of ink coming to life in a tattoo parlor.... Frank Zappa once told me, "It's simply this........ Either you get it or you don't" Rob gets it.
To be able to balance lyrics,songs,visuals,humor, horror and make it work? Few can do that. He has the uncanny ability to write musically clever hooks like "Living Dead Girl" and "Never Gonna Stop" with a heavy handed industrial bottom which few others can match. Anyone that would even think about writing a song about Herman Munsters racing car "Dragula" is allright in my book. Rob is a true rock monster. There aren't many of us left. So shut off the lights, light a candle, turn up the volume, and be prepared to travel into the nightmare that is Rob Zombie"