The Tubes

Bill Spooner, former guitar player of The Tubes used to go to the same school as Vince/Alice. Spooner's child used to be in the same class as Alice's daughter.
(According to Bill Spooner circa 1995)


Alice knows a couple of the Tubes from high school in Phoenix. which for those who don't know was where the founding members of the Tubes were from (the were called the XL's back then). Prarie Prince did the artwork on the 'Billion Dollar Babies' tour poster. AC has never said that much about the Tubes. I know that he thinks they have some good songs. I think he is indifferent about Fee. They just did the one show at Anaheim Stadium together.
(Renfield, December 1996)

John Speer managed the Red White & Blues band that later became the Tubes. This was only for the early part of their career before they signed with A&M.
(Mick Mashbir, August 1998)

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