Vincent Price

The NightmareVincent Price, Star of over 100 films, was one of Alice's Hollywood idols. He appears on the 'Welcome To My Nightmare' album, 'The Nightmare' TV special and did special voice overs for the 'Madhouse Rock' tour. He was at one of the Las Vegas 'Welcome To My Nightmare' shows and actually did his part from 'Devil's Food' live on stage. A version of Price singing 'Black Widow' from 'The Nightmare' rehearsals exists but is unlikely to ever be released due to problems with the Price estate. Alice lost touch with him over the years and did not attend Price's funeral but did send a message.



"About 10 years later, Michael Jackson had the bright idea to use Price in one of his videos. How original.

I don't think Alice and Price ever became friends per se but had a mutual respect thing going. They flew Price to Lake Tahoe when they did the 'Welcome To My Nightmare' show there and he did the 'Black Widow' thing live. Then of course he recorded some more stuff for the 'Madhouse Rock' tour. "
(Renfield, July 1995)