Richie Scarlet
Neal, Richie and Dennis

Richie is often mentioned in Alice circles and has various connections to the original band as well as releasing excellent albums under his own name, playing with Mountain, Ace Frehley and Sebastian Bach. Any of Richies albums are recommended and his 'Insanity Of Life' album features Neal Smith and Dennis Dunaway on one track.

Richie is a huge Alice Cooper fan and has been involved in various ways with the original band members (Thanks Jeff for timeline) including:

1995-1996: Richie, Ace Frehley (and Peter Chris?) are joined by Michael Bruce at a show in North Carolina.


March:  Richie and Michael Bruce record for a week at Red House in NY. Richie on lead guitar, kb and producer.

May: Richie stays in Houston for a month.  Records with Michael Bruce in a studio in Dickenson, TX.
Appears on KLOL w/ Michael Bruce.
Guests on School's Out with Michael Bruce and Scott Rowe's Cooper tribute band
Plays with Michael Bruce at Area 51.
Jams with Michael Bruce and Members of King's X at Cardi's. 

October:  Comes to Houston for 10 days (3-13)
October 3: Arrives in Houston w/Neal Smith.  Picks up Glen Buxton at airport.
October 5: Appears on KLOL w/Michael Bruce.  Neal Smith calls in.
October 6: Attends record convention with Micheal Bruce, Glen Buxton, and Neal Smith.
October 7-13 Rehearses at Bundrick Studios (Richie on bass)
October 10: "Rock Legends" plays to 400,000 early morning listeners
on KLOL simulcast from Billy Blues club.  Richie solo's w/"Morning
Dew" on lead guitar/vocals.
October 11:  Attends Aeromsmith show with Michael Bruce, Neal Smith and Glen Buxton. 
October 12:  "Rock Legends" performs their only full show at Area 51 with Michael Bruce (guitar), Glen Buxton (guitar), Richie Scarlet (bass) and Neal Smith (drums) along w/ John Glen on keyboards.
October 13:  Files back to CT with Neal Smith.  Buxton flies to Iowa.
October 19:  Glen Buxton dies.


March 23-28:  Comes to Houston for debut appearance of "The Michael Bruce Group" with Michael, Laz, Vito, Troy and John Glen.  Plays during encore "Left for Dead Meat" and "School's Out".

October 27-30:  Attends Chiller in New Jersey with Michael, Neal Smith and Dennis Dunaway.  Plays with Michael and Neal. 

November 13-15:  Attends Chiller in Alexandria Virginia with Michael Bruce.  Plays solo set w/ Neal Smith and MBG bass Wil Hudgens.


April:  Attends KI$$ Expo in Hackensack w/Michael Bruce and Neal Smith.  Plays "I'm Eighteen" and "School's Out" w/Ad hoc Michael Bruce group.

May:  Richie records for Neal's "Platinum God" CD

June 12:  Michael Bruce plays CBGB's.  Richie opens with solo set w/ Richie, John Valenti and Michael Ford.

July:  Michael Bruce joins Richie and Sebastian Bach (and Larry "The Indian" Fisher) in Nashville and contributes to Sebastian Bach`s "Bring 'Em Bach Alive".

August 21:  Michael Bruce plays CBGB's.  Richie opens with solo set.

December 31:  Plays solo show Millennium NYE concert in Wilmington Delaware opens for Michael Bruce Group.

2001:  Records "The Ghost of Brian Jones" w/ Neal Smith and Dennis Dunaway for new solo CD.

2010 5th Avenue Vampires, featuring Dennis Dunaway and Richie Scarlet, released the 'Drawing Blood' album.