Keith Moon

Legendary drummer for The Who. Alice and Keith were good friends and spent a quite a lot of time together at one point in the late 70s around the time of the Hollywood Vampires.

In Toronto, March 1997, Alice mentioned that Keith had a 1929 limo (he believed it was grey in colour) and it was huge. Keith had the inside seats and interior removed so that he could put a "gold throne" in the back. Alice then tells the audience that Keith would sit on his gold throne, holding a gold goblet in his hand and would, from time to time, stand up (the car had a sun roof) and wave to crowds as he passed them by in his car. Alice also explains that Keith would come over to his house unannounced and stay for days on end. In fact, Alice would tell Keith that he and Sheryl needed to leave for a tour (or whatever) and Keith would just say: "Great, I'll see you guys when you get back!"