Joe Gannon

Joe really is a legend and after Shep, is probably about the most integral name there was behind the scenes in the Alice Cooper world. If you looked even closer, you would see his name in LOTS of credits going back to 'Billion Dollar Babies' all the way to the last tour. Without doing a big history, Joe was the stage/set designer for pretty much every Alice Cooper show since the 'School's Out' show at the Hollywood Bowl. And he was a hell of an alcoholic advisor to boot. For you real triva psychos out there, he also directed and shot the 'Good To See You..' film.
(Renfield, June 1995)

Joe also did TV specials or Stage productions for many many people over the years including Bill Cosby, Neil Diamond, Barry Manilow, Pink Floyd, Kansas, Blondie, MTV, Frank Zappa, and Diana Ross.

Nowadays Gannon also spends his time in Hawaii where he appears to have a restaurant (Joe`s Bar and Grill) and some connection to Hali'i Maile General Store on Maui, Hawaii.

Joe Gannon and Alice Cooper backstage in 1986
(courtesy of Mike Drew)