Iggy Pop

Alice has often commented on his friendship to Iggy and his like of the Stooges albums. Both bands came out of Detroit around the same time and often played on the same bill together. Alice has described the Stooges as the only band he`d ever not wanted to go on after, due to the way Iggy 'drained' or wore out an audience.

IGGY POP (About Alice) (taken from "Ruta 66" magazine, Nov. 1995):

I love the music and the things he does on stage. We're very good friends since a long time ago. We used to share the same stage at the same nights (and the same bad experiences, too!). Alice and his boys were support to us [The Stooges] many times. The first time I saw them playing, I said to myself "Hell! They're making more noise than we are!".
After the gigs, we went to the parties which filled the Detroit's nights. There were always a couple of parties to go every night at Detroit. Do you know Alice is big fan of The Stooges? I remember Alice had few albums and, one time, I went to visit him in New York and I found he had fifteen copies of "Funhouse"! Then he told me this album was one of his favourites albums, and that he played it all the time, finally scratching it. For this reason, he bought several copies of the same LP. A short time ago, I gave a new copy of "Funhouse" to Alice, but now it's a CD! In that way he'll never scratch it again!"