Slash/Guns N'Roses

Slash is a big Alice fan. He has appeared on stage with Alice several times over the years, normally playing 'Only Women Bleed', 'Lost In America' or 'Cold Ethyl' (his favourite song) and appears in the 'Prime Cuts' video. He also guested on 'A Fistful Of Alice' playing on 'Lost In America', 'Only Women Bleed' and 'Elected'
in 2008 Slash added additional guitar to 'Vengeance Is Mine' on 'Along Came A Spider' and appeared in the mini-movie for the album.

G'n'R worked the Introduction to "Only Women Bleed" into their set during their 'Use Your Illusion' tour. It is featured in the Promo clip for 'Knockin' On Heaven's Door'.

Axl and Alice did a live duet of "Under My Wheels" at Long Beach Arena in 1987 and also recorded it together in the studio for the soundtrack of 'The Decline of Western Civilization Part II-The Metal Years. There is a soundtrack album of this film which features the track.

Alice makes a guest appearance on "The Garden" from 'Use Your Illusion I'. There is also a video for this track and while only Alice's voice is featured, it does say 'Special thanks to...' at the end of the footage.

Slash plays the guitar solo for "Hey Stoopid". There is footage of Slash recording this solo on 'Prime Cuts'.

In 2002 Alice even repaid tribute to Guns'n'Roses when he played their song "Welcome To The Jungle" as part of the encore during the first three shows of the tour!

Come 2010 Slash releases his first true solo album. A special edition of the album is released by Classic Rock Magazine in the UK featuring a the CD, a magazine, poster and other stuff. This version exculsively (as of writing) features a bonus song wriiten by Slash and Alice, and sung by Alice and Nicole Scherzinger (of pop girl group Pussycat Dolls) called "Baby Can't Drive".

Alice and Slash continue to guest at each others shows on oaccasion normally to perform 'School's Out.

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