Gentlemen After Dark

In the early 80's, a band called Gentlemen After Dark from Phoenix, released a 4-song [self-titled] EP that was produced by Alice and Dick Wagner. They were kind of a Psychedelic Furs sounding band. The singer went on to write 'Sideshow' on 'The Last Temptation'.
(Renfield, June 1995)

Little known fact. I managed them at the time.
(Renfield, October 1995)

What style of music did the band play? Kinda of Psychedelic Furs/U2 (it was the early 80s) but with more of a rock edge.

Were there any other albums? No

Was Alice involved in any way after the EP? No

When did they break up? No easy answer to that.

What are the members doing now? The lead singer, Brian Smith, wrote "Sideshow" and is a band called 'The Beat Angels'. The drummer is in Bob Dylan's band.

How did you, Alice and Dick get involved with GAD? We liked them.
(Renfield, October 1995)

Winston Watson was was the drummer for Gentlemen After Dark and had also sat in a some Alice rehearsals. [He later played with Stevie Salas's Colorcode..]
(Renfield, October 1995)