Vinnie Moore

Vinnie is listed as one of the guest guitarist on "Hey Stoopid". He played on "Hurricane Years" and "Dirty Dreams". He has also released a number of acclaimed solo albums.

He also played on the 'Operation Rock'n'Roll' dates(all?) in the US.

Check out the ABC "In Concert" with Alice and Judas Priest (4 songs of each) for a look of Vinnie in action with Alice. Can't remember the venue where that show filmed right now but I can check it out If you wanna know. The AC songs showed was 'Go To Hell', 'Hey Stoopid', 'School's Out' and 'Elected'.
(Renfield, August 1995)

Around 2005 Vinnie joined UK rock band U.F.O. with whom he continues to tour and record.

Check out his Official Site or Wikipedia.