Ryan Roxie

Ryan Roxie first joined Alice on the Summer '96 tour, '97 tours and some early dates on the 1998 US tour (California shows). He also played on the 1999 tour and is featured on the `Brutal Planet', the first `Dragontown` tour/album, the 'Bare Bones' tour, 'Eyes of Alice Cooper' album/tour and the 'Dirty Diamonds' album/tour.

March 21st 2006 saw the following announcement from Roxie:

"After much thought and deliberation, guitarist Ryan Roxie has decided to forgo his six-string gunslinger duties for Alice Cooper to concentrate on becoming a Shoe Cobbler.....namely, Swedish Clogs. Although Mr. Roxie has no interest in shoes, his fasination with wood is unparalled...... But seriously, Roxie is taking time to be with his family and would really like to be able to play for the Godfather of Shock Rock again in the future. The Alice Cooper Rock Show will remain to be one of the most fun and entertaining shows out there mainly for one reason: ALICE COOPER! Roxie is just happy that he's had the opportunity to play for the Man in Black (black eye make-up that is) on and off for the past 10 years. He'd also like to wish Alice, the Band, and the die-hard fans good golf, great poker, and the best rock n roll tour imaginable in 2006......."

He had previously played in Gilby Clarke's (ex-Guns 'n Roses) band, Slash's Snakepit, and had his own groups, one called 'Don't Touch Grandpa' and another called 'Dad's Porno Mag' (excellent and highly recommended) who released a self titled CD in September '97. He also work withTal Bachman (who convienently didn`t credit him with guitars on his album).

While in the band Roxie became Alice's right hand man and made himself an essential part of the Alice show, becoming a huge favourite with the fans, many of whom hoped for years that he would return.

In early 2012 it was announced that Roxie would finally be returning to the Alice Cooper band after an absence of 6 years.

While with Alice, Roxie released the first Roxie 77 album 'Peace, Love and Armageddon', an absolute cast iron classic melodic rock album. A second Roxie 77 album was released in 2010 called 'Two sides To Every Story' which continued the quality of the debut and included a second disc of acoustic versions of all the new songs. 2014 saw the release of the 'Ameriswede EP', six new songs with two different mixes of each. Ryan is also a member of Swedish band 'Casablanca' who have released two album, 'Apocolyptic Youth' (2011) and 'Riding a Back Swan' (2013) although he can only occasionaly perform live with them due to Alice commitments.

Ryan has his own websites where you can buy the Roxie albums at and, and also check out his Wikipedia page. He also has an occasional radio show on Sweden's and played with bands including the excellent 'happypill' [now Roxie 77] who released new material in 2009. Along side that Ryan works with Gibson guitars in Sweden doing guitar workshops around the country and abroad.

In 2018 Ryan released his first album under his own name (as opposed to previous recordings under the Roxie 77 band name) called 'Imagine Your Reality' which featured Robin Zander of Cheap Trick on a cover of 'California Man', as well as Glen Sobel and Tommy Henricksen.

Roxie 77 and Dad's Porno Mag albums are available digitally now at where Ryan often makes songs available free of charge.

in 2011 Roxie co-formed a new band in Sweden called Casablanca and their debut album 'Apocayptic Youth' came out in March 2012 with second album 'Ride A Black Swan' following in 2013.

SickthingsUK makes no secret of the fact we are HUGE Roxie fans and highly recommend all the above albums to all Coop fans.