Rick Derringer

Derringer was a guitarist brought in my Bob Ezrin to help out on 'Killer'. Ezrin mentions him playing on 'Under My Wheels' and 'Yeah, Yeah, Yeah'. His previous bands were the McCoys and Edgar Winter.

Derringer's 'If I Weren't So Romantic, I'd Shoot You' was co-written with Alice and Bernie Taupin. It was released on the album of the same name in 1978.

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Music by Rick Derringer
Lyrics by Alice Cooper & Bernie Taupin

You can make a rainbow turn gray
and darken everyday
You can be an angel or a saint
You can make my life so sweet
Lay my troubles at my feet
It depends on if your able of raising cain
If I weren't so romantic, I'd shoot you
I'd boot you and then I'll kick you away,right away
Cause your so damn hard
But I'm so soft hearted
I want you, I need you to stay
To look at your face is a mystery
Cause your lips smile and frown,babe it's true
I'll either marry you or I'll bury you
Only time will tell me what to do
You could melt me with passionate whispers
and rage me and burn me inside
I love you, I hate you, It scares me
Am I talkin' to Jekyl or Hyde
Wake up this mornin' and wonder
Too worried to wait and to see
Cause I know who I am every minute
Never knowing who the hell you will be
If I weren't so romantic, I'd shoot you
I'd boot you and then I'll kick you away,right away
Cause your so damn hard
But I'm so soft hearted
I want you I need you
I want you I need you
I need you to stay

Rick Derringer - vocals guitar
Kenny Aaronson - bass and vocals
Myron Grombacher - vocals and drums(guest artist)
Dan Hartman - piano and organ


Rick Derringer first gained popularity with his band, The McCoys and their chart topping hit record, "HANG ON SLOOPY" at 16 years of age in the summer of 1965. Immediately following the demise of The McCoys in 1969, Rick merged his talents with albino blues rocker, Johnny Winter forming "JOHNNY WINTER AND" (the "AND" referring to THE McCoys). It was the beginning of a long association with both Winter brothers, Johnny and Edgar, as singer, player, songwriter, and producer (he's produced every Gold or Platinum recording that they've made). In 1971 Rick was featured on 3 of the brothers' records including "JOHNNY WINTER AND - LIVE" and "EDGAR WINTER'S WHITE TRASH"..."AND - LIVE" included the second recording of Derringer's song "ROCK AND ROLL HOOCHIE KOO" which was first released as a single from "JOHNNY WINTER AND." The following year, the busy Derringer joined "Edgar Winter's White Trash" full-time and also produced their Gold LP, "Roadwork."

Derringer's first solo album, "ALL AMERICAN BOY" was released in 1973 and included his rendition of the already famous "ROCK AND ROLL HOOCHIE KOO." In the same year, Rick was again included as guitarist/writer and producer of Johnny Winter's "STILL ALIVE AND WELL," and as player/producer of Edgar's biggest hit album, "THEY ONLY COME OUT AT NIGHT," the latter featuring the number one, Grammy nominated monster hit "FRANKENSTEIN." Several more albums resulted in the 70's until, in 1976, Derringer decided to go solo with the "DERRINGER BAND", which included throughout several incarnations, then unknown musicians Neil Geraldo and Myron Grumbacher, who went ahead to become famous with Pat Benatar. Rick released four albums before disbanding in 1983, the year he made his last solo LP of that era, "GOOD DIRTY FUN."

During the 70's Derringer could also be found guesting on various albums with the likes of Alice Cooper, Richie Havens, Todd Rundgren, and Steely Dan among others. With the end of his solo project, he threw himself into working on a variety of recording sessions as guitarist/producer and songwriter. He worked with artists such as Cyndi Lauper, Barbara Streisand, Mason Ruffner, Kiss, and Madam X - just to name a few! It was in this period that he discovered the talent and produced the first five albums for funnyman, Wierd Al Yankovic. It was from these albums that Rick was to win his first Grammy for "THE BEST COMEDY ALBUM", Wierd Al's "IN 3-D" which included the Michael Jackson parody, "EAT IT." Wierd Al and Rick went on to win their second Grammy for "THE BEST VIDEO" with Al's second Jackson parody "WHO's FAT." It was through his work with Cyndi Lauper and Wierd Al Yankovic that Rick was selected as producer and songwriter ("I AM A REAL AMERICAN") for the WWF (World Wrestling Federation). He also designed a guitar for BC RICH handmade guitars called the STEALTH, and later returned to work with his old friend Edgar Winter in 1990 for the LP, "EDGAR WINTER AND RICK DERRINGER LIVE IN JAPAN."

"BACK TO THE BLUES", a solo album recorded for the Shrapnel, BLUES BUREAU INTERNATIONAL label in 1993, marks Derringer's triumphant return to what he does best, hard edged blues. His newest release, "ELECTRA BLUES" stays true to the blues tradition and runs the gamut from grinding slow blues to steaming shuffles with an intensity and prowess that reveals his roots and shows how far he's come throughout the years.

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