Prakash John

Prakash John played bass with Alice between 'Welcome To My Nightmare' and 'From The Inside' and on 'Dada'. He is also the guy you always hear when they play that long intro to "Sweet Jane" on the Lou Reed 'Rock And Roll Animal' album. He had previously performed with Bush (`70`s version), Mandela and in Lou Reeds band during the 'Berlin' period ('Berlin', Rock and Roll Animal' and 'Live') and done session work for Nimbus 9 productions. He also worked on George Clinton`s 'America Eats Its Young'.

Prakash can also be seen in the movie 'Blues Brothers 2000' during the revival band scene.

He is currently in Canada as the leader of the Lincolns, Canada's best R&B band - they played at Wayne Gretzky's wedding. They only have one album out, long out of print. It's all covers of R&B standards redone by top-notch musicians. They supposedly recorded enough material recently to release a double CD, but it has disappeared - perhaps it's still in the works, perhaps its abandoned.
I've seen his band live a couple of times - he's no longer playing a Rick, by the way. I forget what it was, but it was more Fender-shaped a few years ago - might have been a Warwick?
(Bass player's mailing list, 1997)

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