Michael Bruce

photo courtesy of Jeff Jatras and Michael Bruce

Michael was born on March 16th, 1948 and was the chief songwriter and guitarist/keyboardist for the Original Alice Cooper band co-writing most of the hit songs released by the band.

I believe Michael Bruce and Bill Spooner(The Tubes) were also in a band called "Our Gang". John Tatum apparently joined them after he left the Spiders.
(Andy Michael, November 1998)

Solo Discography

The Wildflowers - 1965

1965 Wildflowers (feat. Michael Bruce) - 4 studio songs - "On A Day Like Today", "A Man Like Myself", "More Than Me", and "It Was Only Yesterday". "A Man Like Myself "and "On a Day Like Today" which also feature Mick Mashbir, later to join the Alice Cooper band on the 'Billion Dollar Babies Tour'.

These are the four songs from the two Wildflowers singles. Drums was Mike Miller, Bass was Gary Dockery, KB was Gary Gilbert who later died of cancer, I played guitar and sang, and Mick played on the two songs he referred to, including that nice solo on "A Man Like Myself".
(Michael Bruce, September 1998)

In My Own Way - 1975

The first Michael Bruce solo album, "In My Own Way", which Alice singing on 'Rock Rolls On'. The album was re-released on CD in 1997 with extra tracks (see below).

Michael says:
"The track ('Morning Song') was never really finished because we weren't going to use the song on the album, and so we never really finished it. It wasn't on the original which is why it's listed as a "bonus track" on the IMOW CD. Vocals are done by Russell Morris from Austrailia, who was working with me on lyrics. One Way asked me if we had any more tracks from those sessions and I tossed that in for good measure."

When and where was the album originally recorded?

"73-74 at the Record Plant in LA The main players were : Michael Bruce guitar&vocals, Bob Dolin keyboards&vocals Mick Mashbir guitar. The project was started in Conn. after the MOL tour. We moved to Lake Tahoe and then recorded the album. It was produced by Dino Danelli and Gene Cornish of the Young Rascals"
(Mick Mashbir, June 1999)

Rock Rolls On - 1978

1978 - Michael Bruce - Rock Rolls On

1. Rock Rolls On
2. Gina
3. Too Young
4. Friday On My Mind
5. Lucky Break
6. In My Own Way
7. Do You Wanna Know

Billion Dollar Babies - Battle Axe - 1977

Billion Dollar Babies - Battle Axe also features Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith. Later re-issue features 3 CD set with the original album, Out takes and Live material.

Disc: 1
1. Too Young
2. Shine Your Love
3. I Miss You
4. Wasn't I the One
5. Love Is Rather Blind
6. Rock 'n' Roll Radio
7. Dance With Me
8. Rock Me Slowly
9. Ego Mania
10. Battle Axe
11. (Sudden Death)
12. Winner

Disc: 2 Bonus Original Demos:
1. Shine Your Love
2. Miss You
3. Wasn't I the One
4. Dance With Me
5. Won't Go Home
6. Love Is Rather Blind
7. Rock Me Slowly
8. Battle Axe/Sudden Death/Winner
9. Rock N Roll Prison
10. Runaway Inst.
11. Wallow Through This Madhouse
12. [Untitled Hidden Track] -

Disc: 3 First Ever Live Show:
1. I Miss You
2. Rock N Roll Radio
3. Love Is Rather Blind
4. Rock Me Slowly
5. Alice Cooper Medley: No More Mr. Nice Guy/Neal Smith Solo/Elected/Eighteen
6. Battle Axe Suite: Ego Mania
7. Battle Axe
8. Nights in Cracked Leather/Sudden Death/Winner
9. Too Young
10. Billion Dollar Babies

Other Appearances

1997 Antbee - Lunar Musik (feat. Dennis Dunaway, Glen Buxton, Michael Bruce, Neal Smith) (Buy)

1999 Bruce Cameron - Midnight Daydream (Also featuring Neal Smith) (Buy)

1999 Sebastian Bach - Bring `Em Bach Alive (Buy)

In My Own Way Re-release

In March 2002 a new version of `In My Own Way` with a second disc of Bonus Demo material.

A 2-CD set featuring the complete 'In My Own Way' sessions.
Michael Bruce was the original member and songwriting force behind the Alice Cooper Group. This album is Michael's first solo venture recorded shortly after the split with Alice Cooper.
Disc One features the original extremely hard-to-find 1975 album plus 4 bonus tracks. These bonus tracks are Michael's first ever demos produced by Jack Douglas.
Features Alice Cooper on backing vocals, plus Keith Moon.
Disc Two features no less than 19 unreleased bonus tracks that make up the Lake Tahoo Sunburst Sessions.
There is an interview with Michael Bruce in the sleeve notes and the booklet contains many unpublished photographs including some by the famed Francisco Scavullo.

Halo Of Ice 2002

New Live album of Cooper Classics recorded in Iceland backed by members of Icelandic band DIMMA.

This CD was recorded live in Iceland (hence the title "Halo Of Ice") in May 2001 right after MB´s UK tour. It was co-produced, recorded and mixed by Ingo Geirdal with his brother Silli Geirdal from the original 16-track ADAT tapes and the track list is:

1. Hello Hooray (Intro)
2. Under My Wheels
3. Is It My Body?
4. Second Coming
5. Desperado
6. Hard Hearted Alice
7. Be My Lover
8. No More Mr Nice Guy
9. Halo Of Flies(With MB´s ORIGINAL lyrics)
10. Caught In A Dream
11. Muscle Of Love
12. I´m Eighteen
13. Billion Dollar Babies

Michael Bruce - Lead Vocals & Guitar
Ingo Geirdal - Guitar & Vocals
Silli Geirdal - Bass & Vocals
Egill "E" Rafnsson - Drums

The Second Coming Of Michael Bruce - Alive and Re-Cooperated - 2005

Friday September 16th 2005 saw the release of a new Michael Bruce album authorized for release in Iceland in a limited edition of 200 copies in De-luxe Digipak.
"The Second Coming Of Michael Bruce - Alive & Re-Cooperated" is Michael Bruce´s first official release in years (although exclusive only to Iceland at this time) and features 17 songs recorded in Iceland 2002 -2003.
The 74 min long CD includes new studio recordings as well as previously unheard live recordings of Michael Bruce & his Icelandic band performing songs from throughout his career from Alice Cooper to Battle Axe to his solo years. All the recordings were recorded professionally on 24-track and mixed by Ingo & Silli Geirdal. The De-luxe digipak includes artwork of Michael Bruce by Ingo, band photos and exclusive liner notes by Dennis Dunaway.

Track list:
Live In Iceland 2002:
(Recordings from MB´s shows at "Sjallinn" Akureyri 25/10/02 & "Gaukurinn" Reykjavik 31/10/02)
Under My Wheels / No More Mr Nice Guy / Is It My Body? / Left For Dead Meat / Second Coming / Desperado / Hard Hearted Alice / Rock Rolls On / Halo Of Flies / I Miss You / I'm Eighteen / My Stars / Billion Dollar Babies / Schools's Out
Bonus Studio Tracks 2003
Muscle Of Love / Forever Eighteen / Rhapsody For G.B.(a studio recording of Ingo´s guitar solo which he
performed at the GBMW lll)

Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Ingo & Silli Geirdal
Liner Notes by Dennis Dunaway

Tribute Bands

Christmas Eve 1994, Mason Jar Lounge, Phoenix, Arizona. Michael Bruce appeared in 'A Tribute To Alice Cooper'. The set list was 'Under My Wheels', 'Be My Lover', 'I'm Eighteen', 'Billion Dollar Babies', 'Is It My Body', 'No More Mr. Nice Guy', 'Muscle Of Love' and 'School's Out'. He mentioned that he was going on tour with a couple of guys in March/April to promote a 4-CD boxed set. When asked if A.C. was going, he replied, "Alice is selling Laserdisc Players".
(Sickthings, circa 1996)

Michael and Alice

Mike has submitted some stuff over the years and none of it was anything that anyone thought would work. If Mike has a song that works, Alice would be happy to work on a song.
(Brian Nelson, July 1996)

Do you desire to work again with Alice?

Michael: Absofuckinlutely.

Is there anything in your book which you feel has been taken out of context, you've changed your mind on, or simply came out all wrong?

Michael: Boy, there's a leading question. Uhhmmm, uuhhhh, uhhhh, I gotta reread the book. I don't remember what's all in there. I tried to do my best to keep it factual and to the best of my memory, but nobodies perfect, are they?

From what I understand when the band parted everybody had a project they were going to do and everybody was ok with that and nobody felt that they were being dumped, was this your perspective at the time?

Michael: Yes.

Do you have anything but the kindest regard for the Alice camp?

Michael: Do I have anything but the kindest regard for the Alice camp? What's the Alice Camp and where do I sign up?
(Posted to Sickthings, October 1997)

Alice attended a fund raising dinner last night. An Alice tribute band was performing. I wasn't there but, long story short, Michael Bruce was there to do a couple of songs with the band. He and Alice spoke. Reportedly, apologies were made, reminiscing occurred, jokes were made, Glen was discussed. A nice time was had by all. Everything was cool. Dontcha love happy endings?!
(Brian Nelson, 3rd May 1998)

No More Mr Nice Guy

'No More Mr Nice Guy : Inside Story of the "Alice Cooper" Group' By: Michael Bruce was released on October 1st 1996 (and updated and re-released in 2000). It's a relatively short book with some rare pictures and some rather common place ones. It was published by a small company in the UK. For the most part, it is rehash of the Alice Cooper history with some interesting anecdotes. It has quite a few inaccuracies.

Alice Cooper had a few choice words to say recently about the book "No More Mr. Nice Guy", penned by Michael Bruce, the original guitar player for Cooper. "I think it's a wonderful piece of fiction," Cooper tells allstar correspondent Murray Engleheart. "Some of the memories about who wrote what songs are a little out of whack -- like 90%. I had a friend of mine read me excerpts from the book and he'd got through about half of it and I'd go, `What? Are you out of your mind?' I just laughed about it."
(Allstar Online, September 1997)

The book had a second printing with a new blue cover photo...a new chapter was added...other photos as well.

Buy the book NOW on Amazon

Torn Ticket Productions 1997

The Nineties and on..
(A brief history of Michael return to the public eye)

MB played his first acoustic set opening for Al Stewart at Rockefellers in Houston on August 28, 1997. After that, he played various songs weekly at Cardi's. Most of these acoustic sets had John Glenn playing a cocktail kit drum set, many times two sets a night. Sometimes he played alone.

Around March 1997, Michael signed new contracts with new management (Jeff Jatras, Torn Ticket Productions) and relocated to Texas. He was in Axis records studio from Mar. 9th - Mar. 13th recording with Richie Scarlet (who played for 8 years with Ace Frehley of KISS).
(Michael Ford, Axis records, March 1997)

In September 1997, Michael began playing both acoustic and electric shows in the US. His acoustic shows included "That's What Can Happen When You Eat Sleep Drink The Blues", "Rock My World", "I'm Eighteen", "Caught In A Dream", "I Believe In Love", "Second Coming", "Desperado", "Be My Lover", "No More Mister Nice Guy", "Hard Hearted Alice" and "Halo Of Flies".

"Mike plays as a duo (and sometimes solo) because I want him to be able to rely on nothing and nobody (even me) and still be able to perform. I believed, and I think it is accurate, that by creating the acoustic arrangements of songs he has created, both within and out of ACG, then he can perform his material to the delight of audiences that come to see him. I want Michael to be self-sufficient, bottom line."
"I knew John Glenn, the drummer, from high school. The last time I saw John before 1997 was in 1975. As I was leaving his house (his "room" I mean, he was 16) in 1975, he was playing 'Halo of Flies'. So, when I decided to dig up a drummer who would be interested in complementing Mike's solo set, I thought of John, and it clicked like I thought it would. Now, Mike and John are good friends here, both professionally and personally."
(Jeff Jatras, September 1997)

On the 10th October 1997, Michael Bruce, Neal Smith and Glen Buxton came together to perform for the first time in around twenty years. Together with ex-Ace Frehley sideman Richie Scarlet (on Bass) and John Glenn, they performed a set of AC songs at the Area 51 club in Houston, Texas.

Since then, Michael has been doing solo gigs in the USA, has toured the UK twice (backed by Sadness Kills The Superman) including an appearance at Sickcon1 in November 2002. He has left Torn Ticket Productions.

There are two CD's that he came out with ( in 2000 ) and was selling on his then current website: 1. I'll Never Forget Old What's His Name. (Outtakes from 'In My Own Way' - Now available on the album reissue)
2. Billion Dollar Babies - Early Studio Tracks. (Outtakes from 'Battle Axe' - Now available on the album reissue)
He did a gig for Ann Rice in 1999. He's proud of that. Pictures can be found on the official website.

Oct 3rd `99 Atlantic City, NJ Trump Marina. Michael Bruce joined Alice on-stage for 'Under My Wheels'. The first time a member of the original band had appeared on stage with Alice at a full scale show since 1974.

March 25th 2001: Michael appears at a Kiss Expo

May 2001 Michael performed a short UK tour to coincide with Alice`s dates. He was backed by UK musicians Sadness Kills The Superman (although they didn`t have a name at the time). These were his first dates here in 27 years!

At the first night in Edinburgh he was also joined by Ryan Roxie (No More Mr Nice Guy-see pic), Eric Dover and Greg Smith(18) with Calico Cooper in the audience. After each show Michael stayed around chatting and signing anything that he was offered. Michael was meant to join Alice onstage at the Edinburgh Playhouse the same night but while he was backstage at the show crossed wires meant he never actually made it to the stage.


May 21 Edinburgh (about midnight... after he attended Alice's show)
May 25 Camden Underworld
May 26 Newcastle
May 28 Crewe Limelight (Sickcon1)

Generally the setlist evolved around these songs (this is from the Newcastle Trillians show)

1. Hello Hooray
2. Under My Wheels
3. Is It My Body
4. Second Coming
5. Ballad of Dwight Fry
6. Desperado
7. Hard Hearted Alice
8. Billion Dollar Babies
9. Be My Lover
10. As Rock Rolls On
11. My Stars
12. Left For Dead Meat
13. No More Mr Nice Guy
14. Muscle Of Love
15. I`m Eighteen
16. School`s Out
17. Halo of Flies
18. Caught In A Dream

August 2001: Michael appears at the third GB Memorial Weekend.

November 2002: Michael was back in the UK, again backed with UK band Sadness Kills The Superman, for more shows (Crewe, London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Preston and Newcastle) as well as taking a short trip back to Iceland for a couple of show there including Gaukurinn in Reykjavik where the show was recorded.
He appeared on stage with Alice at Wembley Arena on Nov 16th and hung out with Alice and fans after the show. Work also continud on an album of new material, tentatively titled 'Dark Side Of Love'.

As of April 2003, Michael was still working on material for 'The Dark Side Of Love' which includes two reworked classics, 'Muscle of Love' and 'Forever Eighteen'. Unfortuntaly it has yet to surface.

May 1st 2004 sees Michael debut a new Michael Bruce Group in Tucson, AZ. The line up was Bob Russell on guitar, Jeff Harris on sax, piano & vocals, Thomas Dominick on organ & keys, Mondo Thomas on bass, Robin Horn on Drums, and of course MB on guitars, keys, & vocals.

In more recent years public appearances have been rare. Michael is said to have basically "retired" from music but still surfaces ocasionally for the odd guest appearance and play with his 'Michael Bruce Group' in Arizona. There was controversy in 2014 when the Alice Cooper documentary 'Super Duper Alice Cooper' didn't mention Michael by name even once when retelling the story of Alice Cooper, a silly omission. In interviews the producers claimed that 'they couldn`t find Michael' which just added to the controversy as Michael is on facebook and numerous people, including Dennis Dunaway at least, can reach Michael with a simple phone call. In the end the decision to exclude Michael was called a 'production decision' to concentrate on the central relationship between Alice and Dennis, but to not mention his name once is still unfathonable.

In 2017 Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith and Michael Bruce performed on Alice's 'Parnormal' album and played short "mini-sets" during the 2017 'Paranormal' Alice Cooper tour of the UK. The band original band, along with Ryan Roxie standing in for Glen Buxton, played 'I'm Eighteen', 'Billion Dollar Babies', 'No More Mr Nice Guy', and 'Muscle Of Love' before both current and original bands joined together for 'School's Out'.