Kane Roberts

Kane Roberts (Robert William Athis, born January 16, 1962 ), or 'Rambo' as many people called him, was the guitarist who played on 'Constrictor' and 'Raise Your Fist And Yell' and their respective tours. He is the man responsible for Alice's 'metal' years in the late '80s as he co-wrote nearly every track from those albums. Just by being on stage, he was a part of the show with his huge physic and rocket shooting guitars.

After 'Raise Your Fist', Kane released his first solo album, 'Kane Roberts', which featured Alice lyrics on 'Full Pull'. He then guested on 'Trash', playing guitar on 'Bed Of Nails' before releasing a second solo album 'Saints And Sinners'.

In around 1999 Kane formed 'Phoenix Down' who have released two albums entitled 'Under A Wild Sky' and 'New Place Now'. He recorded his third solo alum in 2004 called "Touched" but this has yet to be released.

In around 2002 he co-wrote a track with Alice called `Hexed In Texas` which so far hasn`t seen the light of day.

He also played on the Bob Ezrin produced 'Count Three And Pray' album by Berlin, and a Rod Stewart album. He help on backing vocals on Steve Vai`s 'Sex And Religion' album. He also co-wrote 'Take It Off' With Paul Stanley and Bob Ezrin which appeared on Kiss` Revenge Album.

Kane is also retired from the music business and is developing CD Rom games which he also does amazing illustrations for-very similar to Robert Williams of "Appetite For Destruction" fame. Kane missed his calling-he should have been a stand-up comic. Very similar to Andrew Dice Clay but before Dice.
(Brian Nelson, June 1995)
Since dropping off the planet, Kane Roberts has focused his creativity on the world of computer games. He currently has three CD ROMS in production, most notably "THE LORDS OF TANTRAZZ" on Atlantean Interactive. A dark and gore-filled sci-fi adventure, it features a dramatic performance by rock and roll's master of the macabre, ALICE COOPER, as the voice of the ultimate evil - "The Hunger". Release date is set for the 3rd quarter of '96.
(Press release, April 1996)
'The Lords Of Tantrazz' was released with Alice and Kane even doing some personal appearances to promote it. Nothing has been heard of the two other projects.

He contributed to albums by Quo (Quo), Steve Vai (Sex And Religion) and Desmond Child (Discipline).

Kane also designed the cover graphics for Alice's 'Brutal Planet' album.

A "new" album was released in 2012 called 'Unsung Radio', a double CD which featured a reissue of the first Phoenix Down album plus a selection of demos and unreleased songs.