Jim Gordon

Jim Gordon played drums on 'Goes To Hell' and 'Lace And Whiskey'. He also did Animal's drumming for the first Muppet movie amongst many other things. He played on an incredible number of albums during his career.

On 3 June 1983, Gordon bludgeoned his mother with a hammer and then stabbed her to death with a butcher's knife. In May 1984 he was sentenced to sixteen years to life in prison. He has served his sentence at the California Men's Colony in San Luis Obispo, Atascadero State Hospital in Atascadero, and the State Medical Corrections Facility in Vacaville. He is still incarcerated.

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From: DLowell (
May 15, 1998 Update: After several years of looking for Jim Gordon I finally found him in the Atascadero State Hospital. I have spoken with Jim on a number of occasions and he seems to quite content and has become in his words "institutionalized". He looks forward to one day being released and retiring to a home overlooking the mountains. I was surprised by his contentment and am happy that he seems to have adjusted so well to prison. I tired to speak with his Doctor regarding his prognosis but was unable to reach him and Jim told me that "he" turned down his last parole hearing. He has not played drums in a couple of years and I got the feeling that he has no intention of revisiting his career as a drummer if he is ever released. He was very soft spoken, pleasant and I enjoy speaking with him. He is 53 years old, weighs 183 lbs. and seems to be in good health. He does complain that he has trouble sleeping occasionally but other than that seems to be doing just fine. I plan to visit him in person later this year if I travel to California.