Dennis Dunaway

Dennis Dunaway founded Alice Cooper while at Cortez High School along with Vince Furnier and Glen Buxton. Often refered to as the quiet member of the group, in fact the band was considered Dennis' band during the early years. A highly influential musician with a style of his own, Dennis' influence is all over the original group albums. Since they disbanded in 1974 he has played constantly in a variety of bands, the latest of which is Blue Coupe, a band formed with Al and Joe Bouchard from Blue Oyster Cult.
In 2005 Dennis launched his own website which you can find at


Dennis Dale Dunaway was born on December 9th, 1946 (not 1948 as is normally quoted. He`s just never bothered to correct anyone) in Cottage Grove, Oregon but moved to Phoenix at a young age.


Dennis is married to Neal Smith's sister, Cindy, who in the early days of the band, designed the on-stage costumes. They have two children, Chelsea and Renee.

The Present

After spending most of the early years of his career as probably the quietest member of the original band, the new century has seen Dennis become probably the most visible member, apart from Alice himself of course, with the formation of Blue Coupe. He has guested on several tribute albums, guested at numerous local Conneticutt and New York shows and played headline shows throughout New England and across Europe, first with Bouchard, Dunaway and Smith and now with Blue Coupe.

In April/May of 1998, Dennis was admitted to hospital suffering from Crone`s disease. An operation was believed to be successful. He regained his health and weight, and was well enough to attended the second Glen Buxton Memorial Weekend on 23rd/24th October 1999. He now seems to be fully recovered and regularly plays shows again. In several interviews Dennis has credited the outpouring of love from the Cooper fan community while in hospital as giving him the imputus to get back to his music career.

Dennis has also writen a book, chronicling his years with Alice Cooper and titled 'Snakes, Guillotines, Electric Chairs: My Adventures with the Alice Cooper Group' which was published on June 9th 2015.

Bouchard, Dunaway And Smith

Bouchard, Dunaway And Smith was a band put together along with Neal Smith and long time friend Joe Bouchard (the trio first worked together as a band in Deadringer). In 2001 they released the album 'Back From Hell' and followed it up with selected shows around New York/Connecticut area as well as four shows in Europe during October/November 2002 including Sickcon1. A second album was never completed but a live album from the Paris show was released. Both albums are available from

The Dennis Dunaway Project

Along with doing shows with BDS, Dennis also formed another band called the 'Dennis Dunaway Project' featuring Rick Tedesco on guitar, drummer Russ Wilson, keyboard & lead vocalist Ed Burns, with Dennis on bass and vocals of course. An album, 'Bones From The Yard', was released in September 2006 via the bands website and is highly recommended. Ian Hunter plays piano and sings on it and a couple of songs feature horn players that have worked with Donald Fagan. It was mixed by Pete Moshay, who has worked with Hall & Oats, Mariah Carey, and Barbara Streisand. More info on 'Bones From The Yard' here. The track 'Subway' from this album because 'A Runaway Train' on 'Welcome 2 My Nightmare'.

The Dennis Dunaway Project

Ed Burns

Russ Wilson

Rick Tedesco

Dennis Dunaway


5th Avenue Vampires

Formed out of a friendship with ex-Ace Frehley guitarist Richie Scarlett the 5th Avenue Vampires only lasted a short time producing one studio album, 'Drawing Blood', and a handful of live shows including shows opening for Alice Cooper. A version of the band still exists, led by vocalist Jon Von T, but no longer features either Dennis or Richie.

Blue Coupe

Formed in 2008 Dennis' latest project reunites him with Joe Bouchard who brought along his drumming brother Al to form a new band to play both Blue Oyster Cult and Alice Cooper classics. However the guys enjoyed playing together so much that new material was created resulting in the debut album 'Tornado On The Tracks' which earned them a Grammy nomination for lead track 'You (Like Vampires)'. They created a cool video for the song and played a steady stream of shows ever since. In 2013 the band released their excellent second album, 'Million Miles More' which featured a guest appearance by Alice himself on the song 'Hallows Grave'.

In 2017 Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith and Michael Bruce performed on Alice's 'Parnormal' album and played short "mini-sets" during the 2017 'Paranormal' Alice Cooper tour of the UK. The band original band, along with Ryan Roxie standing in for Glen Buxton, played 'I'm Eighteen', 'Billion Dollar Babies', 'No More Mr Nice Guy', and 'Muscle Of Love' before both current and original bands joined together for 'School's Out'.

Solo Discography

1977 Billion Dollar Babies - Battle Axe (feat. Dunaway, Michael Bruce, Neal Smith)

1979 The Flying Tigers - Live at the Baranby's Club (bootleg) feat. Dunaway & Neal Smith

1982 Buck Dharma "Flat out" LP feat.Dennis Dunaway & Neal Smith

1989 Deadringer - Electrocution of the heart LP (feat. Dunaway & Neal Smith)

1997 Antbee - Lunar Musik (feat. Dunaway, Glen Buxton, Michael Bruce, Neal Smith)

2001 Bouchard, Dunaway, and Smith - Back From Hell

2003 Bouchard, Dunaway, and Smith - Live In Paris

2006 The Dennis Dunaway Project - Bones From The Yard

2010 5th Avenue Vampires - Drawing Blood

2011 Blue Coupe - Tornado On The Tracks

Blue Coupe is Dennis on Bass/Vocals and ex-Blue Oyster Cult brothers Joe and Albert Bouchard. The band started off around 2008 performing a set of songs from their respective past, before introducing original material which resulted in this album.

2013 Blue Coupe - Million Miles More

Features Alice Cooper on 'Hallows Grave'