Tribute Albums

Welcome To Our Nightmare

Disc I

  1. Dramarama - Reflected [3:07]
  2. Wallison Ladmoh (featuring Paul Cutler and Don Bolles) - Levity Ball [4:52]
  3. John Trubee and the Ugly Janitors of America - Refrigerator Heaven [1:59]
  4. Of Cabbages and Kings - Lay Down and Die, Goodbye [5:21]
  5. Rubber City Rebels - Caught In A Dream [2:58]
  6. Lydia Lunch & Rowland L. Howard - Black Juju [9:22]
  7. Bug Lamp - Second Coming / Ballad of Dwight Fry [9.40]
  8. Flaming Lips - Sun Arise [5:21]
  9. Bulimia Banquet - Under My Wheels [4:03]
  10. Haunted Garage - Halo of Flies [7:31]
  11. Chris Connelly - Desperado [3:26]

Disc II

  1. Shadow Project - Dead Babies / Killer [9:09]
  2. Reverb Motherfuckers - School's Out [3:33]
  3. Claw Hammer - Generation Landslide [5:00]
  4. Royal Court of China - Working Up a Sweat [3:58]
  5. Tyla - Teenage Lament `74 [2:26]
  6. Cold Ethyl (with Dave Perkins) - Welcome to My Nightmare [5:14]
  7. Carnival Art - Cold Ethyl [2:43]
  8. The Hangmen - Only Women Bleed [7:26]
  9. Sloppy Seconds - Serious [2:17]
  10. They Eat Their Own - Clones (We're All) [3:51]
  11. Dutchess De Sade - Pain [4:19]
  12. Vandals - Poison [2:49]

I supplied them with the photo used on the cover. That's about it.
(Renfield, October 1995)


Humanary Stew

  1. Under My Wheels - Joe Elliott, Joe Elliot [3:22]
  2. School's Out - Dave Mustaine, Marty Friedman [4:01]
  3. No More Mr. Nice Guy - Roger Daltrey, Slash [3:41]
  4. Welcome to My Nightmare - Ronnie James Dio, Steve Lukather, and Randy Castillo[5.13]
  5. Cold Ethyl - Vince Neil [4:03]
  6. Black Widow - Bruce Dickinson, Adrian Smih, Tony Franklin, Tommy Aldridge, Derek Sherinian [4:48]
  7. Go to Hell - Dee Snider [4:37]
  8. Billion Dollar Babies - Phil Lewis [3:57]
  9. Only Women Bleed - Glen Hughes [5:45]
  10. Eighteen - Don Dokken, Greg Bissonette, Tim Bogart, John Norum [5:12]
  11. Elected - Steve Jones, Billy Duffy, Duff McKagan, Matt Sorum [4:00]

Also reissued as "Welcome To The Nightmare" with two bonus tracks ina new cover

Then Reissued again in 2012 as 'A Salute To Alice Cooper' in yet another new cover


News Report
Slash and Roger Daltrey team up to cover "No More Mr. Nice Guy," Megadeth's Dave Mustaine and Marty Friedman pair on "School's Out," Def Leppard's Phil Collen and Joe Elliott cover "Under My Wheels," Ex-Guns n' Roses guys Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum join Steve Jones and Billy Duffy on "Elected," and on "Go to Hell," Pantera's Phil Anselmo meets Zakk Wylde, Quiet Riot's Rudy Sarzo and Frankie Bana li, Alice's keyboardist Paul Taylor, and Bob Kulick (who plays rhythm guitar on several tracks and put the project together)(this is not the version on the album). "Eighteen" features Don Dokken, Greg Bissonette, Tim Bogart, and John Norum, and Bruce Dickinson, Adrian Smih, Tony Franklin, Tommy Aldridge, and Derek Sherinian team up on "Black Widow," while Ronnie James Dio, Steve Lukather, and Randy Castillo join forces on "Welcome to My Nightmare." Other participants in the record, due out this fall, include George Lynch, Eric Singer, Mike Inez, Clarence Clemons, Pat Torpey, Stu Hamm, Bob Daisley, Simon Phillips, Billy Sheehan, Steve Ferrone, and Mike Porcaro.

Michael Bruce apparently had the chance to play on the album but this now seems unlikely due to a disagreement between Michael`s manager and the organisers.

From an online music news site:

When a young Ronnie James Dio saw Alice Cooper perform for the first time, it was the early 1970s. Quintessential shock-rocker Cooper was hanging himself onstage. Or so it appeared ...

"Shortly after that, he was doing the guillotine job [on himself], and I was just stunned," said the 48-year-old Dio -- former lead singer for the archetypal heavy-metal band Black Sabbath. "I just realized how much he was giving to an audience with what he was doing, and I wanted to do the same."

Nearly three decades later, Dio is paying homage to Cooper by contributing a song to the Alice Cooper tribute album, Humanary Stew. The 11-track album, slated for a winter release, was produced by Bob Kulick (Meatloaf, Michael Bolton). It features a wealth of hard-rockers and heavy-metal types -- including members of the Who, Gun n' Roses, Def Leppard, Iron Maiden and Megadeth -- interpreting various Cooper favorites.

Cooper, a.k.a. Vince Furnier, began fronting his band, also known as Alice Cooper, during the mid-'60s in Phoenix. Joined by guitarists Glen Buxton and Michael Bruce, bassist Dennis Dunaway and drummer Neal Smith, the group released six albums prior to Cooper going solo. With hits such as "Eighteen," "School's Out" and "No More Nice Guy," the quintet had a reputation for creating defiant rock anthems to accompany its graphic stage show.

The tribute album offers some intriguing combinations of artists and material: Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson sings "Black Widow," Roger Daltrey of the Who teams with Guns n' Roses guitarist Slash on "No More Mr. Nice Guy" and Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine takes the vocal helm on "School's Out."

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen worked with singer and bandmate Joe Elliot on "Under My Wheels," with Clarence Clemons of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band sitting in on sax.

"The reason we done ['Under My Wheels'] is it's always been our favorite," said Collen, 40. "We love all the glammy sort of stuff. I first heard Alice Cooper on 'The Old Grey Whistle Test.' It used to be the only outlet for music [on British television]. Back then in England, there were like two TV stations or something, and it would come on once a week for about an hour. We saw Alice Cooper, and we loved it. It was very trashy, very different from ... the standard rock stuff."

Dio chose to cover "Welcome To My Nightmare." "[It] seemed to be ... not more my style, because I don't really think I have a style, but I thought it would give me more of a chance to sing," Dio said. "Some of the songs are a bit more rappy.

"I get asked to do a lot of these projects, but most times, there's no reason for me to do it. I've seen just about every tour [Cooper has] done. Alice Cooper sent me on the road to doing big stage productions, and he wanted me to do [the tribute album] as well."

Don Dokken toured with Alice Cooper last summer and happily joined the project, lending his vocal prowess to "Eighteen." Although Dokken said he didn't do tribute albums "as a rule," this one was different

"I said if I could do one of the cherries on it, I'd do it," Dokken said. "I'm a big-time fan. I toured with him last summer, and the whole time, I was remembering seeing him play when I was a little kid.

"Back then, I thought he was a nut. He was playing with Iggy Pop, and Iggy Pop put peanut butter all over himself. Then comes this other guy looking like some kind of a macabre carnival freak-show.

"All last summer, I kept thinking how cool it was to be playing with him."


This was yet another CD tribute album to Alice. Some people like the industrial workings of Alice classics but personally I think most of it is unrecognisable as the songs they are.

  1. Clones (We're All) - Bile
  2. Billion Dollar Babies - Hypoid
  3. Hey Stoopid - Godhead
  4. Hallowed Be My Name - My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
  5. Under My Wheels - Slick Idiot
  6. Pain - More Machine Than Man
  7. Poison - Tubring
  8. Halo Of Flies - Parallax 1
  9. I'm Eighteen - Lorin Richards
  10. Cold Ethyl - Written In Ashes
  11. Hard Hearted Alice - Chris Connelly
  12. Is It My Body - Acclimate
  13. Ballad Of Dwight Fry - Lorretta's Doll
  14. Go To Hell - Grim Faeries
  15. I Love The Dead - Noizfaction
  16. Under My Wheels - Texylvania
  17. Welcome To My Nightmare - Victims In Ecstacy
  18. Dead Babies - 4th Sign Of The Apocalypse


Thinking Of Alice

'Thinking Of Alice' Was a fan produced project by Steve Wensil. Limited to 1,000 copies this professionally produced disc includes Michael Bruce with Antiseen on 'Sick Things' and a forword by Neal Smith. Now Sold out.

  1. Muscle Of Love - The Dead Kings
  2. Sick Things - Antiseen w/ Michael Bruce
  3. Levity Ball - Frankenstein Drag Queens (feat. Wednesday 13)
  4. Caught In A Dream - The Nerds
  5. Billion Dollar Babies - Flesh Tuxedo
  6. Cold Ethyl - Flaming Anus
  7. Welcome To My Nightmare - Elvix X
  8. Long Way To Go - Limecell
  9. Black Widow - Unpure
  10. Under My Wheels - Orange Juice From The Crypt
  11. Raped And Freezin' - Hellstomper
  12. I'm Eighteen - Alonzo "Blind Pineapple" Phillips/Nick Didkovsky
  13. Dead Babies - Rancid Vat
  14. Asprin Damage - The Rejectors
  15. Dwight Fry/Years Ago - Clang Quartet
  16. Generation Landslide - Cretin 66


There is a compilation of Alice covers called Subpop SP121. It features Sonic Youth, Gumball, and two others. The "EP" is actually two seven inch 45's with four songs. This set was issued in two limited editions - one on grey vinyl and the other on standard black. One of the versions was sent out as a "single of the month" a few years ago to anyone who belonged to the Subpop Single of the Month Club. Tracks were These Immortal Souls - 'Luney Tune', Gumball - 'Under My Wheels' 3. Sonic Youth - 'Is It My Body', Laughing Hyenas - 'Public Animal #9'

Killer Classics

Remember The Coop! A Trubute To Alice Cooper's Killer Classics

Released in December 2010 by MainMan Records, This double CD release included tracks featuring both Dennis Dunaway and Michael Bruce as well as Dennis' daughters Renée and Chelsea (Ché Monet).

Disc One: Classics

  1. Hello Hooray • Richard Barone with Frankenstein 3000
  2. Don't Blow Your Mind • The Ribeye Brothers
  3. I'm Eighteen • Deena & The Laughing Boys
  4. Public Animal #9 • JISM
  5. Under My Wheels (Live) • Michael Bruce with Dimma
  6. School's Out • Well Of Souls
  7. Is It My Body? • Mutant Monster Beach Party
  8. Muscle Of Love • The St. Vitus Dancers
  9. The Ballad Of Dwight Fry • Dead Elvi
  10. You And Me • Christian Beach
  11. Be My Lover • Porro And The Raving Lunatics
  12. Teenage Lament '74 • Gin House Bandits
  13. Big Apple Dreamin' (Hippo) • Rick Tedesco
  14. Billion Dollar Babies • Jack Brag
  15. Elected • FourYearBeard
  16. Desperado • Graveyard School
  17. No More Mr. Nice Guy • The Swales
  18. My Stars (Live) • Michael Bruce with Dimma
  19. Only Women Bleed • Eye Of The Dawn
  20. School's Out • Shawn Mars

Disc Two: Killer

  1. Under My Wheels • Blue Fox
  2. Be My Lover • Scream
  3. Halo Of Flies • Dimma with Dennis Dunaway
  4. Desperado • Frankenstein 3000
  5. You Drive Me Nervous • Serpenteens
  6. Yeah Yeah Yeah • Johny Dey
  7. Dead Babies • Ché Monet
  8. Killer • Renée Dunaway