The Theatre

Alice`s first experience on a professional theatrical stage was when The Earwigs provided the music for a Phoenix production of 'Bye Bye Birdie' for a short residency.

In the mid-70s Alice was supposed to star in a play as the evangelist Billy Sunday.

Right. It was for a theater production. I actually have Alice's script from it. Also, a full page ad from "Variety" magazine announcing Alice starring in the production. Just one of those things that never got off the ground. Happens everyday in Hollywood.
(Renfield, October 1995)

From the 'Arizona Republic', March 2nd 1996:

Fun At School: How would you like stars like ALICE COOPER and GLEN CAMPBELL in the audience of your elementary-school production?

The local celebs should be spotted at Hopi Elementary School today and Friday, when Cooper's wife, SHERYL, directs and performs in Hopi's annual variety show, 'Fractured Fairy Tales'. Among those in the show will be DASH COOPER and CHARLES KEATING IV. The program will raise money for the arts program at Hopi.

After a call to the Hopi Elementary School to get more information, I found out that our very own ROCK ICON, the MAN himself, wrote the play and was in attendance both nights of the show. DAMN! Missed again! I would loved to have stood up after the show, clap loudly and yell,"AUTHOR, AUTHOR!!!"??
(Sickthings, March 1996)

Actually, only helped out with some of the writing.
(Renfield, March 1996)

In 1998, There were reports that Alice and Sheryl were producing a play at a local elementary school, presumably where one of their children goes. The name of the play was "Spaced Out" and it was performed twice, 6th and 7th of March 1998.

Since around `96, Alice and Sheryl have Produced these Hopi School Christmas plays each year and they have become more and more successful with the Coopers calling on industry friends to help with sets, lighting etc.

In October 2013 The New York Post reported that Alice was in discussions to join the cast of the Broadway show 'Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark' as The Green Goblin. At the time of writing it seems unlikely this will happen as it would simply take too much time out of his yearly schedule.

"According to the New York Post's Michael Riedel, rocker Alice Cooper is currently in negotiations to take on the role of supervillain the Green Goblin in Broadway's 'Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark'. The multi-million dollar production, which has been plagued with troubles including cast injuries, pans from critics and lawsuits since it began in previews, is hoping to keep ticket sales up during the slow winter months of January and February with the 'headline-grabbing' stunt.
Casting the 'The Godfather of Shock Rock' was the brain child of the show's producer, Michael Cohl, who Riedel describes as a "billionaire rock 'n' roll presenter" who was brought into the $85 million dollar production by his friend Bono, who composed the show's music.
Hoping to eventually recoup the money investors have poured into the show, Cohl plans to "franchise" the show around the world and stage it in such venues as stadiums and arenas which hold thousands of people. He is also banking on the fact that a three-year run on the Broadway stage will attract larger audiences. Bringing in Alice Cooper would give the show better odds of perservering on the Great White Way. According to the report, Cooper will earn a healthy $150,000 per week for his efforts.'
(New York Post, October 2013)

"Alice was APPROACHED about doing this but that's as far as it's gotten at this point. I'm not saying it's a no, and I'm not saying it's a yes. I will say that he wasn't that interested in doing it because he already has so much else to focus on and it would sit right in the middle of his much needed winter break, which would then turn his typical 6 to 7ish month yearly traveling schedule to a 8 to 9 month schedule if you include the March shows with the Rock Meets Classic tour. That's a lot of away time and I know he wasn't thrilled about the idea of doing it. BUT that's not to say he WON'T do it, but I didn't get the idea that he was going to bend over backwards to make it work. Who knows though."
(Kyler Clarke, October 2013)