Solid Rock Foundation

"Solid Rock was founded in 1995 by long-time Arizona residents and devoted fathers Alice Cooper (and Sheryl Cooper) and Chuck Savale who envisioned a faith-based organization dedicated to making an everlasting difference in the lives of kids and teens in the community. Originally, Solid Rock existed to raise money for other organizations with like-minded missions, however, the dream went well beyond its original fundraising foundation. Alice and Chuck dreamed of a center that allows teens to build confidence and discover their passion through music, dance, self-expression, and creativity."

The Alice Cooper Golf Tournament held each year is partially in aid of this charity as well as the Christmas Pudding show in Phoenix.

In 2006 Alice announced a new SRF project. 'The Rock' will be a teen center for under underprivileged kids and include a concert hall, basketball court, coffee house and other activities. Work and fundraising continues to this day (2012) and since a partnership deal with Genesis Church they now have a building in place with opening planned for Spring 2012 as 'The Rock at 32nd Street Teen Center'.
UPDATE: The Rock is now OPEN at 32nd Street and has it's own facebook page.


Opened in late 2014 Alice's Attic and Thrift Store is a shop for new and used items, including furniture, housewares, electronics, and clothing, as well as many of Alice's personal possesions. It's located at 13627 N. 32nd Street, Phoenix, AZ. Alice donated many of his and family’s items, which featured in Cooper's Corner in the shop.

A portion of the proceeds from the store directly benefited The Rock Teen Center, with a long-term goal of providing vocational training to our teens through employment at the store. The store closed in 2016.

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