Backstage Passes

For The Record:

How does someone go about getting backstage passes?

There's no real answer to that. I used to wonder the same thing years ago when I used to be in the audience at Alice Cooper concerts. I'm still not sure of the answer. Some people seem to be natuarally adept in getting themselves backstage (especially ones in mini skirts.) It's not impossible but I don't know of any exact way to get one. I guess that's why they are considered a valuable commodity. The first thing to realize is that having a backstage pass guarantees absolutely zero (except it is a nice souvenier). And even less of a guarantee to meet Alice. I have been at shows where backstage passes were distributed and then for whatever reason, it was decided not to have anyone get backstage. Backstage was "cancelled" for the night. Almost all of the time, a pass will only get you backstage after the show is over. Once you get backstage, you are usually herded into one of the extra dressing rooms with the other chosen few where you get to stand around and enjoy the left over catering of 3 warm Diet Cokes. A couple of band members might stop in, etc. Alice rarely makes it into this room.

At some point, a local security guard comes in, says "OK, folks, we're closing...gotta go." Pretty exciting, huh? The above is not being written facetiously. Once again, it depends on the situation. There are no particular set rules. Every concert is a different situation as far as backstage goes. There are some venues were the backstage facility is really small so passes are kept to a minimum. Other times, there are so many passes given out (like in Detroit, LA, or Phoenix) that it is really hard to give out any extra passes.

Anyway, I learned a lesson a long time ago to never make any promises in regards to passes because there are just too many variables involved. This isn't to say that I can't get passess, it's like I said before, there's just no cut and dry answer to that.
(Renfield, April 1996)

Camera`s at shows - The Official Line

Alice has a 'cameras are allowed' policy (as long as it is not some kind of insane super, pro equipment with tripod, etc.) but some VENUES do not allow cameras at all and they have they last word normally.
(Renfield, Alice's Personal Assistant, August 1996)