Nights With Alice Cooper

In January 2004 Alice started his late night radio show, called "Nights With Alice Cooper" which original was aired from Phoenix station KDKB. It runs Monday to Friday for 5 hours a night, even when Alice is on tour where it is recorded by bassist Chuck Garric. The show is NOT live, despite what Alice sometimes suggests on air.

During the show Alice takes phone calls, answers questions and generally adds various bits to a show that plays an assortment of classic rock music. He makes a big deal about the fact he can play what he wants on the show, but the reality is that he does seem to play many of the same songs over and over again.

The show seems to be recorded in hour long segments, which affliate stations can and do play in different orders. For example if one station starts the show at 7pm with hour one, a different station starting at 9pm will often start with hour three and loop around. Some stations also only play a shorter version of the show (Planet Rock in the UK for example only played four hours, others only three).

The stations also can add or subtract songs from the playlist to fit their station. Normally there are several parts of each hour where three songs are played together. Alice only talks specifically about the first and last songs (if at all) allowing the middle song to be cut or changed. All told, when you remove the songs and advert breaks from the show, Alice is only on air for around 20-25 mins spread out across the 5 hour show.

Alice often mentions the band or other people who happen to around when he's recording. Most often, obviously, it's asides or in jokes to Chuck (who is recording the show) but at other times he will talk to other band members who happen to be in the room or on the bus while he's recording the show, often with very funny results. Calico Cooper has also performed comedy skits with her dad on air. Alice also interviews a variety of people on the show including many other rock stars and celebrities. Alice also likes to help out friends on the show and all the original Alice Cooper band have appeared more then once, as have many members of his current and older touring bands.

The show also has a website at Nights With Alice Cooper, launched in October 2004.