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'Eating Sweets Can Make You Violent' was the working title for a few different albums.

Alice temporarily lived in George Harrison's house in the 1970's. The house was located on Blue Jay Way (a street immortalized in the song by the Beatles of the same name).
(Renfield, March 1997)

On "Dateline NBC" November 1995, they had a segment on the new system of giving speeding tickets in Arizona. A monitor records the speed of a vehicle, takes a photograph instantly of the license plate and also a picture of the driver. Then they send a speeding ticket in the mail to the guilty driver. They showed several celebrities who got caught speeding and by now you know that one was Alice.

Alice is listed as having produced the 'The New Manson Family' album circa 1988. He didn't. The band just put his name on the cover for publicity. Alice was not impressed and had them change it.

There was a band in Phoenix called The Mighty Sphincter (very silly) who illegally credited Alice as producing their locally released album. They were served with a cease and desist order from Alice's lawyers. I think they kinda intended it to be a joke and also as an attention getter.
(Renfield, June 1995)

The version of "Stairway To Heaven" [on bootlegs] was a goofy song parody with completely different lyrics, done live and unrehearsed on the Howard Stern radio show [circa 1987]. Not the first and only time Alice has done something like that.
(Renfield, January 1996)

"Alice HATES the internet. He doesn't know anything about the internet. He doesn't own a computer. He has never typed an email. He wouldn't know what a good website was if it bit him in the leg. Everything that he is saying about this or any other website is being said in SARCASM. He's mocking websites because he doesn't care about them. I would even be pretty sure in that he has never even seen this website nor his own website [Update: He certainly has now!]. If he has, someone at the radio show probably pretty much forced him to look at it. No one should be offended or concerned about Alice's stance, it's just that he has other things to do other than be on the internet."
(Renfield, December 2004)