Bob Pfeifer/Hollywood Records

Bob Pfeifer was with Epic Records and it was he who brought Alice to Epic for the 'Trash' album. He was probably the record executive at Epic who worked the closest with Alice and was most involved in the huge success of "Trash". He went on to be the President of Hollywood Records and was one of the reasons that Alice chose to sign with Hollywood Records around 1995. He didn`t stay long though and left which is possibly why nothing was released by Alice on Hollywood.

Alice was interested in going to Hollywood Records even before 'The Last Temptation' was released because Bob Pfeifer, who originally signed Alice to Epic, was now the President of Hollywood Records. After 'The Last Temptation' was finished, Alice requested that Sony/Epic let him go so that he could make the switch to Hollywood. He just wanted to go where his friends are.
(Renfield Feb. 1995)

In fact, Alice never released anything on Hollywood. 'A Fistful Of Alice' was intended to be released (and was scheduled) by them but by the time it emerged, Bob Pfeifer had moved on and the album was licensed to EMI subsidiary Guardian.

Pfeifer now heads a Internet Music company that works with Metallica amongst others.

In the late 70s/early 80s Bob (as Rob) was actually in a band himself, under the name "Human Switchboard". They released on album, 'Who's Landing In My Hanger' in 1982 and Bob also released a solo album "After Words" in 1987 before moving behind a desk at Epic.