Hard Rock Stuff

New OrleansHard Rock Cafe's and other establishments around the world feature various Alice related memorabilia (please note that they do move stuff from outlet to outlet so check before visiting):

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland has an Alice Cooper display that includes some of Alice's stage clothing, the legendary leopard skin boots from the 'Billion Dollar Babies' tour, Alice`s mirrored Bowler hat from 'School's Out' and the 80s guillotine although not everything is on display at the same time.

The Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix has a nice display of Alice Cooper related stuff including Alice's mirror suit from 2011, a severed head and one of Dennis Dunaway's bass guitars.

The Hard Rock Cafe Phoenix has a beautifully framed Alice stage outfit consisting of top hat, tails and cane and lyrics to 'School's Out' in Alice's handwriting.

Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo has (or had) a decapitated head from "I Love The Dead" and a gold album for 'Billion Dollar Babies'. There is also a large portrait of Alice in the bar section.

HRC Las Vegas has the actual school desk that was photographed for the 'School's Out' album cover. This was until relatively recently (March 1999) at the Hard Rock Live in Orlando.

Hard Rock Cafe New Orleans has Kane Robert's "Machine Gun" guitar and one of Alice's jackets on display.

Hard Rock Cafe Hong Kong, Kowloon, or Kuala Lumpur may have AC memorabilia. A member of the Sickthings mailing list has a vague recollection of something, but couldn't identify any items or an exact location.

Hard Rock Cafe Cabo San Lucas, Mexico has an autographed top hat on display.

Planet Hollywood in Maui has the jacket Alice wore in 'Wayne's World'.
(Kurt, August 1996)

The Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas has put up a great, full size display of the entire outfit that Alice wore during the "Nightmare" section of the 'Trash' show. The baccarat table has "Alice Cooper-Billion Dollar Babies" emblazoned on it. [Also an autographed picture of Alice in the outfit and a platinum disc for 'Goes To Hell' or 'Billion Dollar Babies']
(Renfield, November 1996)

A place called the Whiskey Bar which is inside the Sunset Marquis Hotel in LA. have a framed portrait of Alice and Dali hanging on the wall as a permanent fixture.

In June 1998, the had Rock cafe`s new menu was based on the 'School`s Out' Cover:

...the Hard Rock Cafe is sporting a new summer menu which is basically a reproduction of the School's Out album cover. Very cool looking and a nice tribute.
(Renfield, June 1998)

The SO Desk in Las VegasFrom Metal Edge - May 1996:

Hard Rock cafes are springing up everywhere, as you can see in our story on the City Walk/L.A. outpost's opening in this issue and photo taken during the opening festivities of the Hard Rock in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in December. Alice Cooper and Vince Neil, joined by Mike Peters of The Alarm and celebrity freeloader Kato Kaelin, flew south of the border for the weekend's events, which included a golf tournament (in which Alice placed second) and a VIP party, where Vince sang "Smokin in the Boy's Room" and "Rock N' Roll" and Alice vocalized "Eighteen" and "Route 66."

June 2005: Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando, Florida had the original desk [Now in Las Vegas location] that was used for the School's Out album cover, a guitar, pictures, and a few gold and normal albums, hand written song lyrics for School's Out, and a mannequin dressed in some old tour clothes of his which were a pair of leather pants, a leather vest, a white top hat , and white tails.

More stuff as of December 2008:
Hard Rock Cafe in Detroit has a green guitar given to Alice by Ryan Roxie.

Hard Rock Cafe in Mumbai a stage suit that was worn on numerous stage performances by Alice Cooper (not sure which one though)