Alive Enterprises

Alive is Shep Gordon's company which handles lots of stuff including Alice's management and film production. Toby Mamis is Alice's manager but he still works for Shep.

Toby Mamis has been a journalist, PR and manager. He worked with John and Yoko, The Runaways, NY Dolls, Blondie, and Uriah Heep amongst others. He was Suzi Quatro's manager when she opened for Alice in `75 and also Blondie's manager when they opened for Alice. He was quite the scenester in NYC (knew everybody there) - also around Detroit. He's known Alice and Shep since about 1970. He was one of the journalists on the famous 1972 AC bus ride. In '88 he said it was still his most outstanding memory. As a journalist Toby wrote for many publications including FMQB, Creem. Action World/Good Times. Zoo World, NME, Penthouse, Oui, Junior Scholastic (!), LA Free Press, Metropolitan Review and Rolling Stone's short-lived NY Flyer. He was also associate editor of Performance Magazine.

The first Alive Movie was 'Roadie' which stared Alice and Meatloaf and actually won an Academy Award! Other Alive films include 'Prince Of Darkness' (featuring Alice), 'The Whales Of August' and John Carpenters' 'Village Of The Damned.

Alive Enterprises wound up managing Raquel Welch for a while a few years later. Ms.Welch reportedly had quite the little crush on a certain rock star.
(Brian Nelson, November 1995)

Alive is the name of Shep Gordon's management company that handles Alice. Black Widow no longer exists. It is now called Nightmare Inc. and is the company name that Alice does business by..
'Black Widow Productions' is now called "Nightmare Inc." It's just the name Alice does business with like Madonna is "BoyToy" or Prince is "Paisley Park". Alice would be the prez of Nightmare. Both companies are privately held although I do have some really cool Black Widow stock certificates from the 70's.
has a few employees to do his bidding. I'm the only employee of Nightmare when Alice is not touring.
(Brian Nelson, June 1995/October `96)