Alice's Attic

Before 'Alice's Attic' was the original byline for the original Official Alice web site, it was a radio show:

From Kurt, June 1996:

'Alice's Attic was originally a radio show on ZRock, which is the satellite hard rock station originating out of Texas (Dallas?). It was broadcast summer '95 for two weeks (ten days, four hours a day). It was co-hosted by Lon Friend. Apparently it was pulled off the air in Winnipeg after only one show [because they were discussing a "pee hard"]. Needless to say, this was a good two weeks. Lots of great Alice stories (and a Renfield story or two) and plenty of guests (both in studio and on the phone).

Here are my notes on Alice's Attic on ZRock.
Guests were in studio unless denoted by (phone). A few of the phone calls aren't marked as such but my notes are incomplete. Sue me. Each day is broken down in the same way: Giveaways and Corresponding Trivia Questions, Guests, and Comments. Most of the comments are for my own benefit because I taped the show and wanted to be able to find things later. I don't give the answers to the trivia questions because I'm feeling particularly cruel today. Some I just don't know the answers to. ...kurt

Alice's Attic on Z-Rock
(Broadcast via satellite; 102.7 FM in Detroit)
Hosted by Alice Cooper and Lon Friend (the Idol and the Idiot)
Engineered by Sharkman
Acting Producer: Brian "Renfield" Nelson


Giveaways: Lita Ford's bluejeans
Pearl Jam autographed cymbal
Led Zeppelin lithograph
35 autographed Alice Cooper posters
Motley Crue autographed bass guitar
AC Greatest Hits platinum album
ZZ Top swag
Marvel Comics package

Trivia Questions: What Alice Cooper song did Lita Ford cover?
What Beatles song did Pearl Jam cover?
Spell "lithograph"
What Alice Cooper song did Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick play guitar on?
What band is Motley Crue's new lead singer from?
Who collaborated with Alice on the song "Unholy War"?
Which band did ZZ Top open for in 1973/74?
What is Spider-Man's real name?

Guests: none

Comments/Songs of Interest: Alice and Led Zeppelin played a show together at the Whiskey in LA
Woke Up With a Monster by Cheap Trick
Unholy War by Alice Cooper


Giveaways: Van Halen tour jacket/signed CD

Guests: Whitfield Crane of Ugly Kid Joe
Sammy Hagar (phone)

Comments: Hooligan's Holiday by Motley Crue
Show ends with "Dead Babies"


Giveaways: Simpsons hats and keychains (Bart et al, not O.J.)
Alice Cooper CD's and t-shirts
Coverdale/Page tour packJoe
Satriani poster
Kiss drum head
Alice Cooper's personal Trash tour jacket
Skid Row videos
Swag package

Trivia Questions: Name the theme song contests:The Munsters
Leave It to Beaver
F Troop
Lost in Space
Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Guests: Dave the Snake of Skid Row
Tommy Victor of Prong

Comments:The Lady Is a Tramp by Frank Sinatra w/ Alice overdub
I Dismember You by Snake and Lon Friend
Hammer Down by Cold Ethyl
Generation Landslide w/ vocal overdub by Lon and Snake
Under My Wheels by Tommy and Lon


Giveaways: Lita Ford comic books and guitar picks
Billy Idol autographed portrait
Gwar prosthetic
Joan Jett "weenie" ring and portrait
Alice Cooper stage sword
Queen package
Iron Maiden leather jacket
Wes Craven Director's chair and torture chair

Trivia Questions: Name Billy Idol's first band
Which album is Alice's "Public Animal #9" on?
Name Joan Jett's old band
What would you do with Alice's sword if you won it?
Name Queen's first hit single
Name Iron Maiden's new singer
Name the actor in Nightmare on Elmstreet I who is swallowed by the bed

Guests: Lita Ford
Wes Craven (phone)
Daphne Zunega of Melrose Place (phone)

Comments: Alice's Attic cancelled in Winnipeg
Working for the Weekend by Loverboy
The Royal Canadian Yaksman
Jeepers Creepers by Mel Torme
Robert Wolonsky of the Dallas Observer

Giveaways: Scorpions drum head, drum stick, and t-shirt
Marvel Comics package
Anthrax autographed seriagraph
lock of David Bowie's hair
Sylvester Stallone's boxing gloves and shorts from Rocky
Alice Cooper's straightjacket from the 'Trash' tour

Trivia Questions: What country are the Scorpions from?
Who created Spider-Man
What TV sitcom did Anthrax guest star on?
What Metallica video is Lon Friend in and what t-shirt is he wearing?
Name the movie that a soundclip was played from (Planes, Trains, and Automobiles)?
Which song does Alice perform while wearing a straight jacket??

Guests: Zack Wyld (guitarist for Ozzy)

Comments: The reason why Alice's Attic was cancelled in Winnipeg
Odds for the new James Bond
Clap On Clap Off Condom
Machine Gun Man by Zack Wyld
Lovin' Woman by Zack Wyld
Alice comments that "Sun Arise" is the B-side of "Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport"


Giveaways: CD's from Rhino Records
Swag package
Alice Cooper Cd package, leather boots, shorts, and cap
Madonna's bra
Lollapalooza package
24 CD Changer

Trivia Questions: What is ground rhino horn used for in Asia?
What type of car was Clinton seen in on TV that morning?
Name the members of the original Alice Cooper group
Name three movies starring Madonna
Spell "Lollapalooza" backwards
Who is featured with Alice in the Fisher 24 CD Changer ad

Guests: Scott Ian of Anthrax
Guy Osirrey of Maverick Records (phone)
Nikki Sixx

Comments: You by Candlebox
Off the A List by Surgery
(Love it or shove it)
I Love the Dead singalong


Giveaways: 19 CD's from Priority Records
Lemmy's Ace of Spades jacket
Bon Jovi autographed Fender Stratocaster
Brockam t-shirts and swag
Planet Hollywood leather jacket
Alice's top hat and cane
Guns N Roses swag from Brockam
Hollywood Records stuff

Trivia Questions: Name Iron Butterfly's hit song
What band was Lemmy in prior to Motorhead
Name Bon Jovi's first single
What is Nikki Sixx's daughter's name
Who owns Planet Hollywood
What album is 'Might As Well Be On Mars' on
What type of car does Slash drive off a cliff in one of GNR's videos

Guests: Ritchie Sambora

Comments: Listener mail
Hey Jude by Bing Crosby
Bridge Over Troubled Waters by Senator Sam Irving
Hmm Hmm Hmm by the Crash Test Dummies (Alice comments that this song reminds him of Dennis Dunaway
Anders, journalist from Sweden
Billion Dollar Babies live from Chicago (Alice tribute band)


Giveaways: Brockam t-shirts
Danzig drawings
Sammy Hagar CD's and poster
Alice Cooper silver stage pants
Kim Bassinger's pink dress and script from Final Analysis
Bon Jovi package - stadium jackets, shirts
Hard Rock Cafe leather jacket
Aerosmith Get a Grip tour jacket

Trivia Questions: Spell "stench"
Name the guitarists from the misfits and Danzig
What album is Get In the Ring on?
What character did Bill Graham play in Bugsy?
Name the two people who co-starred with Kim Bassinger in 'Final Analysis'.
Bon Jovi's bassist has a tatoo of what on his chest
What city is the band Paw from
What street did Aerosmith live on in Boston when they were first breaking into the music business?

Guests: Gene Simmons (phone)
Tom Hamilton (phone)

Comments: Kurt's phone call in which Alice does his Simpsons voice
Jesse by Paw live in studio
unknown track by Paw live in studio


Giveaways: Death Stick Golf Club
Planet Hollywood stuff
Brockam swag
Eleven jacket
Neil Gaiman autographed hardbound books
Steve Vai's dreadlocks
Welcome to My Nightmare lithograph

Trivia Questions: Who recently hosted a celebrity golf tournament
Who is Arnold Schwarzenegger married to
Name the former guitarist from Megadeth and name his current band
What Soundgarden track did Natasha of Eleven play on
Name Sandman's son
Name Steve Vai's first band
Which movie star appeared on the Welcome to My Nightmare album

Guests: Eleven
Neil Gaiman (phone)
Rick Nielsen (phone)
Steve Vai (phone)

Comments: Money Talk by AC/DC
I'm So Tired by the Beatles with overdubs by Alice and Lon
I Hate Your Guts by Zack Wyld
Alice's John Lennon/Elected story
Crash by Eleven (live in studio)
Heronomous by Eleven
Alice lived on Tofer street in East Detroit


Giveaways: Brockam swag
Motley Crue stuff
Michael Douglas autographed hat and shirt
Saturday Night Live tickets
Sharon Stone icepick
Metallica road case
Sony minidisc player with six minidiscs
Grab bag party package - skull hockey jersey, tons of CD's, cassettes, Marvel comics stuff, posters
Elvira fur bikini, comic book, videotape, and lock of hair

Trivia Questions: Who did "Mother Brian" (aka Renfield) meet last night
tenth caller
What was Michael Douglas' character's name in Falling Down
Name the comedian in the clip played (Chris Farley)
What movie is Sharon Stone making now and who is her costar
What video is it Lon shows Lars in the Metallica home video
Name the keyboardist of Tool
18th caller
What is Elvira's bust size

Guests: Les GarlandJoan Jett (phone)
Maynard from Tool (phone)
Elvira (phone)

Comments: Hmm Hmm Hmm by the Crash Test Dummies
Sheryl from New Cary(?), TX - ZRock contest winner
I Left My Heart in San Francisco by Tony Bennet
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by the Beatles
One by Metallica
Be My Lover by Joan Jett
I Hate Myself for Loving You by Joan Jett (singalong)
Stone Temple Friend