SickthingsUK: Email

SickthingsUK is always pleased to receive emails with information, news, or updates to anything on this site. I read everything I receive and deal with it as soon as I can, but please remember I have a normal job as well so sometimes it can take a few days.
I always try and reply in some way to confirm I received your email. If you haven`t recieved back at all within a few days you are welcome to send it again as occasionally emails seem to get "lost in the post" or even accidently deleted.

All email can be sent to

However I get a worrying amount of mail addressed to people that are NOT me.

So for the record:
I am NOT Shep Gordon, Toby Mamis OR Alice Cooper. I do not work for them either.
I CAN'T help you get backstage passes.
Nor can I arrange for Alice to say your name onstage, attend your party/wedding etc, or marry you onstage!!!

I am happy to try and help you or answer questions if I can, and lucky enough to have ways to get messages to various people, but please remember that I am just an Alice Cooper FAN like you. I just happen to have a website.