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Dark Shadows

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The movies above have their own pages. Below is a selection of other random movie info

Andy Michael sent me this list of films that Alice has been linked to at one time or another but never happened:

"Leviathan" - movie about a giant hurricane that attacks the west coast of America with Stacy Keach, Cliff Robertson and Orson Wells.
"American Needle"
"Breakfast Of Champions" (more than a rumour).
"Wizard Of Oz" (remake)
"Billy Sunday" - Stage play - more than a rumour I think
"Deadly ID" - circa 1980
Musical based on Jack The Ripper, written with Bernie Taupin.

In the late seventies it was frequently reported that Alice was going to star in the movie of Kurt Vonnegut's 'Breakfast Of Champions'. The film wasn`t made until over 20 years later with no Alice involvement.


Out of curiosity, does anyone know what his favourite film of all time is?

Actually there's no easy answer to that-it's the same as asking him what his favorite AC album is (to which he usually responds , "that would be trying to answer which one of your kids is your favorite). And I think you would have to break it into categories and I think it changes from time to time. Anyway, among the answers would be; West Side Story (pretty obvious). Horror movie - Evil Dead gets a lot of mentions,loves the movies Ed Wood made, really bad kung-fu movies, The Producers (with Gene Wilder--this actually may be THE movie for him).. He's a real buff so the list goes on and on.
(Renfield, June 1995)


Alice is in the film 'Maverick' In the saloon scene at the beginning. You only see his back and some of his long hair. For all intent and purposes; he is not in the film.
(Renfield, September 1995)

Richard Donner [invited him] who he's been friends with for awhile.
(Renfield, February 1996)


I just received word from Reggie Bannister of 'Phantasm' fame that Don Coscarelli will offer Alice a role in P4. When P4 will get off the ground or what type of role it will be, I do not know, but we shall see.
(Sickthing, December 1995)

This didn`t happen but...

March 4, 2001 A.D.
Phantasm 5 is shaping up to have a fantastic cult cast in line... the latest name to become connected with the project is Alice Cooper. Reggie Bannister has been talking to the legendary rocker about a part in the film. Reggie (who also looks to be involved as an executive producer as well as lead actor) has also let loose that Chicago DJ Personality Man Cow may even make a cameo in the film. Are things getting wild yet?

..And it STILL hasn`t happened!


I worked on "Dazed & Confused" as well as "Slacker" and have known Rick Linklater [the director] since several years previous. As I understood it, the music for the soundtrack was a major issue for Rick. It was the soundtrack that the Hollywood big boys tried to reign Rick in with. The filming of "Dazed" was a battlefield between the Slackers and H'wood anyway. The Studio was trying to coerce Rick into allowing current acts to re-record the music for the "Dazed" soundtrack instead of using the originals, which he fought tooth and nail. Ultimately, they cut his soundtrack budget in the hopes that he would succumb to their wishes. Since Rick couldn't afford to pay a lot of royalties, anything that ended up on the soundtrack was there partly due to the generosity of the artist. You will note the lack of the title song. Alice however was generous enough to make *two* songs affordable.
(Sickthing lady^v^adr, August 1996)


Alice took Linda Blair to a showing of 'The Exorcist' which was well reported at the time.


Alice has frequently mentioned Kubricks 'A Clockwork Orange' in interviews and used it as a reference point. He has worn T-shirts and jackets from the film and during 'Gutter Cats Vs the Jets', the 'Singing in the rain' lyric used live is a reference to a scene in the film.

Alice was in Los Angeles to tape a scene for an episode of the new sitcom "Pearl" which co-stars Malcolm McDowell of "A Clockwork Orange" fame. I got to speak to McDowell a little about some of the similarities between the film and Alice Cooper. He said he felt they were coincidental (although Stanley Kubrik who was the creative force behind the film may disagree). McDowell did go see Alice in concert on the 'Billion Dollar Babies' tour and said it was fantastic. He was also quite taken that Alice had worn the 'Clockwork Orange jacket on the 'Trash' tour.
(Renfield, December 1996)

During the 2003 'Bare Bones' tour, Ryan Roxie and Eric Dover played a guitar version of the films main title theme as an intro to 'Desperado'

The World According To Garp

When 'The World According To Garp' came out in the theaters, it prominently featured "Long Way to Go" in the scene where Garp ("Dirty thirty?") is giving the babysitter a ride, so to speak. However, when Garp was released on video, "Long Way to Go" had been replaced by "Are You Always This Hot", a demo by Singer/Songwriter Adam Mitchell.. Nevertheless, "A Long Way to Go" (sic) by Alice Cooper is one of only three--count 'em--songs listed in the credits, with the other two being the Beatles' "When I'm Sixty-Four" and Nat "King" Cole's "There Will Never Be Another You." "Long Way to Go," despite being a somewhat obscure album cut from eleven years' prior to the movie's release, fit perfectly with the storyline.

KISSFAQ.COM: What's the context of your original demo for that song being in the movie? Because, when I was watching the babysitter scene yesterday, it was an Alice Cooper song that come on when she turns on the radio in that scene.

ADAM MITCHELL: Well, the thing is, when it went to video, I don't know why they changed it. Maybe they had to pay too much. In the original movie in the theater release it was in there. But in the later video release all of a sudden it's not in there. I hadn't seen the movie in the theater, or maybe I had, I can't remember. But I didn't even know my song was in the movie until I was watching the video one night. And that scene came on where the babysitter turns up the radio as Garp gets in the car to take her home. That was definitely my original demo of my original song - to be clear, not the later one of the same title I wrote with Gene (Simmons - Kiss). The one in the movie is my original demo, that I wrote all myself with me singing and me playing. That's what's in "The World According To Garp." A couple of years later, Gene heard it said, "I'd like to write another song with this title, I just love this title so much." So, he and I wrote another song called "Are You Always This Hot." Same title, different song.

In 1998, Alice was linked with the Tom Savini movie 'Vampirates'. However, nothing has so far come from this.