Waynes World

Waynes WorldAlice features in this movie based on characters from the US 'Saturday Night Live' TV series. During the film, the main characters, Wayne and Garth, travel to an Alice show and get to meet with him backstage uttering the immortal words 'We`re Not Worthy!'

The scene was filmed during the ' Hey Stoopid ' tour - actually right at the end of it. Eric Singer had begun work with Kiss so Jimmy DeGrasso was the drummer by then.
(Renfield, February 1996)

"It was all shot backstage at Universal Ampitheatre in Los Angeles with everyone present and accounted for.
(Renfield, May 1996)

Ren, do you recall about how many takes (or hours) it took for Alice to get through the scene without busting up?

"It wasn't that long. The concert footage took longer. During one take of Alice's history lesson on Milwaukee, Dana Carvey(dressed as Garth) broke into a Johnny Carson, "I did not know that" which was very unexpected by everyone and very funny. The thing they were doing to crack up AC was when they would do the "We're Not Worthy" bit, is they would expound it into "We're not____" (fill in the blank with every imaginable insult you can think of). "
(Renfield, May 1996)

Alice item from 'People Weekly' From the May 4, 1992 ("Chatter" column):
A funny thing keeps happening to Alice Cooper since his cameo in the hit movie 'Wayne's World'. Cooper, 44, who lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, says that now when he goes to movies or a 7-Eleven, fans make like Wayne and Garth, going overboard on paying him homage. "Somebody says, `Hey, Alice,' and it immediately starts: `We're not worthy, we're not worthy!' Every place I go now, same thing," says Cooper. "I was at a [Phoenix] Suns [basketball] game, and there was a whole section going, `We're not worthy, we're not worthy!'"

How does Cooper feel about all this fan appreciation? "[My] last album was titled ' Hey Stoopid '. So for a year I had to hear `Hey, stupid!' This is better."



A soundtrack album was released featuring the studio version of 'Feed My Frankenstein'