Horror movie from 1989. Alice features on the soundtrack, singing on 'Shockdance' by The Dudes Of Wraith, which was actually a ad-hoc group of musicians put together for this project. He also co-wrote 'Love Transfusion' with Desmond Child which was sung by Iggy Pop..

The "Son of Sam" in the lyric of 'Shockdance' refers to a famous serial killer who said that he only killed people because a dog (who's name was Son of Sam) that lived inside a hole of his apartment wall told him to.
(Renfield, March 1997)

Both songs are available on a soundtrack album which also features Megadeth doing 'No More Mr Nice Guy'. There is a video for this track which features Alice briefly at the end.

Alice's daughter is NOT in the film despite what some video sleeves claim.