A truly awful film from 1978, notable for the fact that it was Mae West's last film. In fact, Mae was so out of it that she had to use a earphone so that someone could read her lines to her. Unfortunately she also had a habit of repeating everything she heard including screen directions, for example 'Move to Piano and pick up glass'. Alice's appearance isn't really anything to write home about either. He plays hotel porter near the end of the film and gets to sing 'Next, Next' (written by Van McCoy). This track is otherwise unavailable. Originally Alice was to sing a song called "No Time For Tears" but this was changed. Ironically 'No Time For Tears' IS available on the 'Life And Crimes' box set.

Alice and Mae West In  SextetteAccording to legend, her earpiece picked up taxi messages and she just repeated what they said, thinking they were her lines. Not to get off an Alice thread, but it was Alice who told the story of how the director had to feed her lines *and* stage direction. He once whispered to Mae in her earpiece to turn to the left and kiss him. Of course Mae looked at the other actor and said, "Turn to the left and kiss him"
(Renfield, September 1996)

The one noticeable highlight is at the end of Alice's scene when, as he is leaving the hotel room, Actor Dom Deluise passes him and clearly says 'Oh, Hello Alice".

From 'Mae West: Empress Of Sex', by Maurice Leonard:
Rock star Alice Cooper was kind to her. A man with the wildest of images, the script dictated he was to perform a song entitled 'No Time For Tears'(available on the Box Set), while Mae wept. Mae West, of course, cried for no man and she refused to do it now; she swept off to her trailer until the situation was resolved. Cooper took in the circumstances and merely said, 'No sweat,' before coming up with another song, 'The Next Time [Next Next]', of which Mae approved.

Mae West - From The Times:

"Oh, It's ['No Time For Tears'] was a very good song, but it's a real downer. And it comes right near the end. If it was near the beginning I could overcome it, know what I mean? Leave 'em smiling. Anyway,Anyway the situation is completely wrong for Mae West. Who ever heard of Mae West crying because any man left her? They're the ones who are crying. So when he wrote a new, different number, around the idea 'Next next next', looking forward to the next man, you see? It's bright, it's up, it's right. There are enough things around to depress people, without us adding to them"