Alice had a staring role in this movie which also featured Meatloaf and Debbie Harry. The film was inspired by the song 'Road Rats' from 'Lace and Whiskey' and is the story of a guy (Meatloaf) who is a real wizz at fixing things. His girlfriend wants to travel to see Alice in concert. Meatloaf ends up saving the day and allowing Alice to perform.

Although Alice appears in the traditional make-up, you can see the formations of the new 'Flush The Fashion' persona. Although the movie was filmed during the run up to this album, it was felt that the traditional Alice image was required.

Roadie did come out after 'Flush the Fashion'. But, it was filmed before Alice had developed the whole 'Flush..' thing. He was sorta mid-stream. During the performance of "Pain," he's dressed as classic Alice. But during the backstage stuff, you can see a bit of the 'Flush..' look coming out. I think there's a scene where his hair is tied back and he's also wearing a Special Forces (not Alice) T-shirt.
(Renfield, August 1995) .

Utopia were the band that backed Alice on his appearance in the film. He performed 'Pain', 'Road Rats' and a short part of 'Only Women Bleed'.

The first two tracks we're available on a soundtrack album, one of which, 'Pain', being unavailable elsewhere ('Road Rats' is on 'The Life And Times Of Alice Cooper' Boxset)..

After the soundcheck scene, everybody is bugging Alice backstage. Sheryl [Cooper] is the blonde that is nagging him.