The Alice Cooper Show

In an era when every band was releasing huge career defining double live albums it has always seemed odd that Alice would only be represented by this short release. Certainly the shows the recordings are taken from had plenty more that could have been included, including more material from the recently released 'Lace And Whiskey' album. The performances that are included are all pretty good, although sometimes dreadfully cut own especially the finale of 'School's Out'. Hardly essential, but as the only official record of Alice Cooper live until 1997 it's worth a listen.

December 1977

  1. Under My Wheels - from Killer, 1971 [2:30]
  2. I'm Eighteen - from Love it to Death, 1971 [4:58]
  3. Only Women Bleed - from Welcome To My Nightmare, 1975 [5:47]
  4. Sick Things - from Billion Dollar Babies, 1973 [1:01]
  5. Is It My Body - from Love It To Death, 1971 [2:28]
  6. I Never Cry - from Goes To Hell, 1976 [2:51]
  7. Billion Dollar Babies - from Billion Dollar Babies, 1973 [3:13]
  8. Devil's Food/The Black Widow - from Welcome To My Nightmare, 1975 [5:41]
  9. You And Me - from Lace And Whiskey, 1977 [2:19]
  10. I Love The Dead - from Billion Dollar Babies, 1973
  11. Go To Hell/Wish You Were Here - from Goes To Hell, 1976 [6:31]
  12. School's Out - from School's Out, 1972 [2:19]



Sleeve Notes

Produced by Brian Christian and Bob Ezrin

Executive Producer: Shep Gordon

Musical Director: Dick Wagner

The Album

Mexican Coverbrazillian coverThis album is said to have been recorded at the Aladdin Hotel Las Vegas in 1977.

Alice has described this as the one album he wishes he had never made. In Toronto, March 1997, He said he was contractually obligated to do a "live" album, but they (the record company) asked him to do it after he had just completed a very long two-year tour. Alice was very sick -- emotionally and physically --at the time (from all the booze) and did not want to do another two shows to make this album (the only time he remembers not wanting to go on stage). However, he did the shows, but the album is not reflective of the energy of an Alice Cooper show, in his opinion, and could have been 10 times better.