Alice Cooper: Old School 1964-1974 Box Set

Old School 1964 - 1974

Announced the same day as the band were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, the 'Old School 1964-1974' box set is a lavish limited, numbered edition [5000?] set celebrating unreleased material by the original Alice Cooper band and was released in June 2011. Contents are as follows:

Treasures One [CD]
1. No Price Tag (Spiders)
2. Nobody Likes Me (Demo)
3. On a Train Trip (Sing Low Sweet Cheerio) (Demo)
4. Reflected (Demo)
5. Easy Action Version Two (Radio ad)
6. Mr and Misdemeanor (Chicago Underground)
7. Fields of Regret (Chicago Underground)
8. I'm Eighteen (Chicago Underground)
9. Love It To Death (Radio ad)
10. I'm Eighteen (Pre-production)
11. Be My Lover (Demo)
12. Killer (Demo)
13. Halo of Flies (Demo)
14. Tornado Warning (Desperado) (Demo)
15. Killer (Radio Ad)
16. Is It My Body (Live in Seattle, 1971)

Treasures Two [CD]
1. Akron Rubber Bowl Ad (Radio Ad)
2. School's Out (Mar Y Sol, Puerto Rico)
3. Kids Session (School's Out Kids Session)
4. Outtakes / Luney Tune (Pre-production)
5. Outtakes / My Stars (Pre- production)
6. School's Out (Demo)
7. Under My Wheels (Live at Madison Square Garden)
8. Teenage Lament '74 (Demo)
9. Never Been Sold Before (Demo)
10. Working Up a Sweat (Demo)
11. Muscle of Love (Pre-production)
12. Teenage Lament '74 (Pre-production)
13. Muscle of Love (Radio Ad)
14. Good To See You Alice Cooper (Radio Ad)
15. Muscle of Love (Rio)
16. Greatest Hits (Radio Ad)

In Their Own Words [CD]- Interviews

Killer Live In St Louis 1971 [CD]
1. Intro
2. Be My Lover (Intro)
3. Be My Lover
4. You Drive Me Nervous
5. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
6. I'm Eighteen
7. Halo of Flies
8. Is It My Body
9. Dead Babies
10. Killer
11. Long Way To Go
12. Under My Wheels

Killer Live In St Louis [Vinyl version]

7" Single Wonder Who's Loving Her Now / Lay Down And Die, Goodbye

Interview DVD (single disc in Amaray case) - 2 hours of interviews with the original band and Bob Ezrin including various clips

60 page, full-color yearbook style book with hard front & back cover with period pictures of all band members, many never before seen. The Book is written by well-known music journalist Lonn Friend

Gatefold folder containing: Reproduction Killer Tour program, Setlist, 5 Color prints

Initially buyers who ordered through received an immediate Download of the "Elected" 1972 Music Video. This was later replaced by an exclusive MP3 download of the full Jaegermeister 4D show recorded in 2011 by the original band and Steve Hunter.


The final box is a stunning work of art. A almost lifesize school desk made from hard card with real metal hinges to open the top of the desk. The inside has two layers, the first holding the CD's and DVD kind of like a pen tray, which when removed reveals the book and other goodies. The boxes are numbered on the back and the whole box is covered by doodles and the bands initials and messages. It really has to be seen to appriciate as photos just don`t do it justice.

Ernie Cefalu, who was the designer for the boxset as well as many of the original 70s Alice Cooper albums, kindly supplied images from the art production process, along with his comments, which you can check out here.