Jesus Christ Superstar

The recording made at the Toronto Rock N Roll Revival in 1969 may be the most widely reproduced Alice Cooper live recording. It has been released by many different labels under many titles and many album covers. These releases are not authorized Alice Cooper albums. However, they are not bootlegs as the recording is owned by a private party.

This particular release is unlike any of the other versions of this material. Firstly the sound quality is improved. Secondly it's longer and more complete then ANY other version in circulation, and thirdly the tracks are correctly named. If you need to have one copy of this recording this is the one to get.
As an added bonus you also get the San Francisco 3rd March 1969 bootleg recording tacked on the end (tracks 6-13) although they don't own the rights to the recording making this half legitimate and half bootleg!

1. Intro...No Longer Umpire
2. Lay Down & Die, Goodbye
3. Fields Of Regret
4. Nobody Likes Me
5. Don't Blow Your Mind (I. Neal Smith Solo II. Prisoner III. Animal Pyjamas IV. Dont Blow Your Mind Reprise)
6. No Longer Umpire
7. Reflected
8. Ten Minutes Before The Worm
9. Swing Low Sweet Cheerio
10. B.B On Mars
11. Fields Of Regret
12. Nobody Likes Me
13. Don't Blow Your Mind