No More Mr Nice Guy Live

Originally released as an "instant Live" album at the show it was recorded at (Alexandra Palace, London October 29th 2011) this album was subsequently remixed and reissued as a proper release. The album contains the full Halloween show including a guest appearance by Arthur Brown for a version of his hit 'Fire'.

Original release: October 29th 2011
Reissued: 26th March 2012



  1. Black Widow
  2. Brutal Planet
  3. I'm Eighteen
  4. Under My Wheels
  5. Billion Dollar Babies
  6. No More Mr Nice Guy
  7. Hey Stoopid
  8. Is It My Body
  9. Halo Of Flies
  10. I'll Bite Your Face Off
  11. Muscle Of Love
  12. Only Women Bleed
  13. Cold Ethyl
  14. Feed My Frankenstein
  15. Clones (We're All)
  16. Poison
  17. Wicked Young Man
  18. I Love The Dead
  19. School's Out
  20. Elected
  21. Fire

The Album

Recorded live at Alexandra Palace, London on 29th October 2011
UK version released by ConcertLIve.
US version (in jewel case and slip cover) released by 4Worlds Media


Alice Cooper - Lead and backing vocals
Steve Hunter - Guitars
Tommy Henriksen - Guitars and backing vocals
Orianthi -Guitars and backing vocals
Chuck Garric - Bass and backing vocals (Lead vocal on 'I Love The Dead')
Glen Sobel - Drums

Known Releases











26th March 2011


4Worlds Media

Jewel Case version on 2CDs with slip cover

UK CD ? 29th October 2011   ConcertLive InstantLive release, available on the night of the show. Three CD-R discs,the third of which was blank allowing you to download the encores after the show as there wasn`t enough time to burn them on the night. NOTE: This version has Halo Of Flies faded out at the end of disc 1 and 'I'll Bite Your Face Off' faded in on disc 2. This was corrected for the later releases which were also remixed.




April 2011



3 CD version. Disc three is mp3 versions of the first two discs.