KillSmith is a basically Neal Smith's solo project. Their first album, 'Sexual Savior', was released on February 14th 2008 and surprised many fans with it's raw sound and primitive style as well as the very adult nature of the material and packaging (review). A second album, 'Killsmith 2' followed in 2011.



  1. Leave Me Alone
  2. Sexual Savior
  3. Disturbed
  4. Beware Of The Dog
  5. Naked And The Raw
  6. Can't Get You Out Of My Skull
  7. Monsters In The Attic
  8. How Do You Bleed
  9. Thrill Thrill Thrill, Shoot To Kill
  10. Dynasty Of Darkness
  11. Human Evolution


  • Lead Vocal & Guitar: Neal 'Kill' Smith; Bass Guitar & Vocals: Peter 'The Cat' Catucci;
  • Lead Guitars: Lord Bryan Morrell & Tommy-Gun Crowley;
  • Synthesizer: Neal 'Fingers' Smith & Pete 'Keys' Hickey; Drums: Neal 'Rattlesnake' Smith.

KillSmith 2


  1. 2000 Miles from Detroit
  2. Suicide Highway
  3. Cemetery of the Damned
  4. Evil Voodoo Moon
  5. Death By the Numbers
  6. Crimes of High Passion
  7. Legend of Viper Company
  8. Die for the Night
  9. Strip Down
  10. Kiss My Rock
  11. Anything
  12. Squeeze Like a Python


  • Neal 'Kill' Smith - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Synthesizer, Drums & Percussion
  • Peter 'The Cat' Catucci - Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals
  • Doug Wahlberg - Lead Guitar
  • Kevin Franklin - Lead guitar
  • Bryan Morrell - Lead Guitar
  • Pete 'Keys' Hickey - Keyboards


'Evil Voodoo Moon' provided the basis for the song "I'll Bite Your Face Off'" from 'Welcome 2 My Nightmare'

A video was made for the track 'Squeeze Like A Python' which can be seen below.

KillSmith And The GreenFire Empire


  1. Blessings And Curses
  2. Good Morning Blue Soul Land
  3. Screaming Bloody Murder
  4. The Killsmith Orchestra
  5. Palacio De Esmeraldas
  6. GreenFire Born Of Poison
  7. I Want Money
  8. Pandemonium
  9. I Remember Blue Soul Land
  10. Death To The King
  11. Noelie No Wonder


  • Neal Smith - lead vocals, backing vocals, drums, percussion, rhythm guitar and synthesizer
  • Peter Catucci - bass, backing vocals and lead vocals on "Noelle No Wonder"
  • Lady Elizabeth Dellinger - backing vocals and intro lead vocals on "I Want Money"
  • Kevin Franklin - lead guitar
  • Pete "Keys" Hickey - synthesizer and keyboards
  • Hubert Martin - lead vocals on "Good Morning Blue Soul Land"
  • Joe Meo – saxophone
  • Rick Tedesco - lead guitar, rhythm guitar and backing vocals
  • Doug Wahlberg - lead guitar