Freak Out

Rule One: This is NOT a rariety (despite what many advertisers AND Ebay would have you believe) as most versions can be picked up for very little money in virtually any record store in the US or UK. In fact, shops often have different versions of this release at widely differing prices dispite the contents being identical.
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The recording made at the Toronto Rock N Roll Revival in 1969 may be the most widely reproduced Alice Cooper live recording. It has been released by many different labels under many titles and many album covers. These releases are not authorized Alice Cooper albums. However, they are not bootlegs as the recording is owned by a private party. Unfortunately, the private party was so uncaring in the production of these releases that two of the songs ("Ain't That Just Like a Woman" and "Goin' to the River") are NOT Alice Cooper at all (the actual performer is Ronnie Hawkins and they were recorded Hallmark Studios in Toronto in late 1964). Also, almost all of the song titles on the album were fabricated by the private party. The actual titles (shown here in parentheses) are mostly live versions of songs from "Pretties For You".

Renfield (September 1996): The rights to the recording were sold by Alice's management at the time of the recording to a third party. That party has licensed out the rights to the recording many times to various companies. Alice does not make a penny from it. My theory is that the two non-Alice songs somehow wound up on the original master tape. The distributors not knowing and not particularly caring, put the album out of the tape as is. When the album was pressed again later by other companies, they didn't bother to check if all the songs were Alice or not. They would have no particular reason to.

Songs as listed (actual titles):

  1. Ain`t That Just Like A Woman (not Alice)
  2. Painting A Picture (No Longer Umpire)
  3. An Instrumental (part of "Lay Down and Die, Goodbye")
  4. I`ve Written Home To Mother (part of "Lay Down and Die, Goodbye")
  5. Freak Out Song ('Don't Blow Your Mind' with different lyrics)
  6. Going To The River (not Alice)
  7. Nobody Likes Me (aka Freak Out)
  8. Science Fiction (Fields Of Regret)


The following lists some of the incarnations of this recording known to exist.

Ain't That Just Like A Woman
Alice Cooper
Blood On My Chopper
Freak Out
Freak Out Song
Home To Mother
Ladies Man
Live At "Toronto"
Nobody Like Me
Nobody Likes Me
Painting a Picture
Rock Legends Vol. 2
Science Fiction
Slack Alice
Snorting Anthrax
Toronto Rock 'N' Roll Revival 1969 Vol. IV (black vinyl and picture disc)

I`ve added a page listing some of the more common versions of this album here. This list is by no means complete but will give you an idea of just how many times this recording has been released.

Album Notes

The announcer is probably Kim Fowley.

For what it's worth, Shep Gordon once told me that as far as he could recollect those two songs were performed by Ronnie Hawkins.
(Andy Michael, September 1995)

The singer on the Toronto mystery recordings is Ronnie Hawkins who played at the festival. He was identified a couple of years ago by his fanclub who heard the songs. Jozef Chirowski played in his band by the way...
(Sickthing Chris, 1997)

The 2 extra tracks on Freak Out are indeed Ronnie Hawkins. "Ronnie Hawkins & the Disciples" to be exact. They were recorded at Hallmark studio in Toronto in late 1964.
(Chris Roberts, February 2001)