The Life and Crimes Of Alice Cooper

The Alice Cooper Box Set, 'The Life and Crimes Of Alice Cooper' had been planned for many years. Originally a three CD set, It was expanded to four CD`s and includes at least one track from each album plus lots of rare recordings. The main reason for it previous non-appearance appears to be Warner brothers who had simply not released any box sets for years. This changed when Rhino Records joined forces with Warners and handled the boxset.


What's involved in producing a box set? Do you select which songs to include?

As I wrote in a previous post, not nearly as much work or talent as Bob Ezrin. I'm putting together the track listing, did all the research through the tape library (I'm sure you all feel very sorry for me for such a terrible job) and help track down any tapes that WB does not have. Overseeing and putting together all of the text, liner notes, history, and credits. Also, finding and selecting all of the photos and artwork and laying them out (along with the WB art director).
(Renfield, March 1997)

Warner Bros. was broached with having Alice record a song for the box set with all of the members of the original band including Michael Bruce. Alice agreed to do it. Warner Bros. passed on the idea.
(Renfield, March 1997)

Track List

Disc One
  1. Don't Blow Your Mind - The Spiders (1966) [2:36]
  2. Hitch Hike - The Spiders (1965) [2:01]
  3. Why Don't You Love Me - The Spiders (1965)[1:57]
  4. Lay Down And Die, Goodbye - (OriginalVersion) The Nazz (1967) [2:07]
  5. Nobody Likes Me (demo version - 1968) [3:23]
  6. Levity Ball (studio version - 1968) [4:45]
  7. Reflected (Pretties For You - 1969) [3:14]
  8. Mr. And Misdemeanor (Easy Action - 1970) [3:00]
  9. Refrigerator Heaven (Easy Action - 1970) [1:54]
  10. Caught In A Dream (Love It To Death - 1971) [2:55]
  11. I'm Eighteen (Love It To Death - 1971) [2:58]
  12. Is It My Body (Love It To Death - 1971) [2:39]
  13. Ballad Of Dwight Fry (Love It To Death - 1971) [6:34]
  14. Under My Wheels (Killer - 1971) [2:47]
  15. Be My Lover (Killer - 1971) [3:21]
  16. Desperado (Killer - 1971) [3:29]
  17. Dead Babies (Killer - 1971) [5:42]
  18. Killer (Killer - 1971) [7:05]
  19. Call It Evil (demo - 1971) [3:28]
  20. Gutter Cat vs The Jets (School's Out - 1972) [4:40]
  21. School's Out (School's Out - 1972) [3:31]


Disc Two
  1. Hello Hooray (Billion Dollar Babies - 1973) [4:15]
  2. Elected (Billion Dollar Babies - 1973) [3:43]
  3. Billion Dollar Babies (Billion Dollar Babies - 1973) [3:39]
  4. No More Mr. Nice Guy (Billion Dollar Babies - 1973) [3:07]
  5. I Love The Dead (Billion Dollar Babies - 1973) [5:07]
  6. Slick Black Limousine (Flexi-disc from New Musical Express 1973) [4:27]
  7. Respect For The Sleepers (demo - 1973) [3:48]
  8. Muscle Of Love (Muscle Of Love - 1973) [3:45]
  9. Teenage Lament '74 (Muscle Of Love - 1973) [3:52]
  10. Working Up A Sweat (Muscle Of Love - 1973) [3:31]
  11. Man With The Golden Gun (Muscle Of Love - 1973) [4:09]
  12. I'm Flash (Flash Fearless Versus The Zorg Women - 1975) [3:11]
  13. Space Pirates (Flash Fearless Versus The Zorg Women - 1975) [3:13]
  14. Welcome To My Nightmare (Welcome To My Nightmare - 1975) [2:47]
  15. Only Women Bleed (single version ) [3:30]
  16. Cold Ethyl (Welcome To My Nightmare - 1975) [2:54]
  17. Department Of Youth (Welcome To My Nightmare - 1975) [3:17]
  18. Escape (Welcome To My Nightmare - 1975) [3:14]
  19. I Never Cry (Alice Cooper Goes To Hell - 1976) [3:43]
  20. Go To Hell (Alice Cooper Goes To Hell - 1976) [5:12]


Disc Three
  1. It's Hot Tonight (Lace And Whiskey - 1977) [3:21]
  2. You And Me (Lace And Whiskey - 1977) [3:25]
  3. I Miss You (Battle Axe - 1977) [3:31]
  4. No Time For Tears (Sextette Outtake - 1977) [2:59]
  5. Because - With The Bee Gees (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 1978) [2:45]
  6. From The Inside (From The Inside - 1978) [3:30]
  7. How You Gonna See Me Now (From The Inside - 1978) [3:53]
  8. Serious (From The Inside - 1978) [2:41]
  9. No Tricks (Single B side - 1978) [4:15]
  10. Road Rats (Roadie - 1980) [2:43]
  11. Clones (We`re All) (Flush The Fashion - 1980) [2:51]
  12. Pain (Flush The Fashion - 1980) [4:10]
  13. Who Do You Think We Are (Special Forces - 1980) [3:05]
  14. Look At You Over There, Ripping The Sawdust From My Teddybear (Outtake - 1980) [3:18]
  15. For Britain Only (UK only Single - 1982) [3:02]
  16. I Am The Future (Zipper Catches Skin - 1982) [3:45]
  17. Tag, You're It (Zipper Catches Skin - 1982) [2:52]
  18. Former Lee Warmer (DaDa - 1983) [4:07]
  19. I Love America (DaDa - 1983) [3:47]
  20. Identity Crisis (Monster Dog - 1984) [2:50]
  21. See Me In The Mirror (Monster Dog - 1984) [3:12]
  22. Hard Rock Summer (Friday The 13th - 1986) [2:31]


Disc Four
  1. He`s Back (The Man Behind The Mask) (Demo with music from Trick Bag - 1986) 3:20]
  2. He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask) (Constrictor - 1986) [3:44]
  3. Teenage Frankenstein (Constrictor - 1986) [3:32]
  4. Freedom (Raise Your Fist And Yell - 1987) [4:04]
  5. Prince Of Darkness (Raise Your Fist And Yell - 1987) [5:09]
  6. Under My Wheels (The Decline Of Western Civilization - 1988) [3:10]
  7. I Got A Line On You (Iron Eagle II - 1988) [2:59]
  8. Poison (Trash - 1989) [4:27]
  9. Trash (Trash - 1989) [3:58]
  10. Only My Heart Talkin' (Trash - 1989) [4:44]
  11. Hey Stoopid (Hey Stoopid - 1991) [4:15]
  12. Feed My Frankenstein (Hey Stoopid - 1991) [4:42]
  13. Fire (Single B side) [3:00]
  14. Lost In America (The Last Temptation - 1994) [3:54]
  15. It's Me (The Last Temptation - 1994) [4:40]
  16. Hands Of Death (with Rob Zombie, Remix of the track from The X Files - 1996) [3:53]
  17. Is Anyone Home? (A Fistful Of Alice - 1997) [4:10]
  18. Stolen Prayer (The Last Temptation - 1994) [5:36]


There is also a promotional 16 track sampler CD which features:

  1. I'm Eighteen
  2. Is It My Body
  3. Under My Wheels
  4. Be My Lover
  5. School's Out (single version)
  6. Elected (single version)
  7. Billion Dollar Babies
  8. No More Mr. Nice Guy
  9. Welcome To My Nightmare (single version)
  10. Only Women Bleed (single version)
  11. I Never Cry
  12. Clones (We're All)
  13. Poison
  14. Feed My Frankenstein
  15. Hands Of Death (Spookshow 2000 Remix)
  16. Stolen Prayer

...and a promotional video which features:

  1. Welcome To My Nightmare - Live (from the WTMN VHS and DVD)
  2. No More Mr. Nice Guy - Live (from the WTMN VHS and DVD)
  3. I'm Eighteen - Live (ACG live)
  4. Under My Wheels - Live (ACG live)
  5. Public Animal #9 - Live (ACG TV)
  6. Elected - (the full video promo clip )
  7. Feed My Frankenstein - (promo video)
  8. Poison - (promo clip)

...and finally(?) there was a 22 track promo from UNIQUE German distributed to journalists and Radio stations only - This was a very early Pre-Copy that was distributed to selected German media partners only - very very limited !! (maybe 30 copies are around). The disc contains the previously unreleased/Rare material from the Box Set.

This is the Rhino press release for the box:

Debuting in 1969, Alice Cooper didn't take long to turn the music world upside down by wearing outrageous costumes and make-up, while performing loud, hard rock music framing witty, sharp-edged lyrics. Add to that his colossally horrific stage theatrics and an outrageous, rebellious persona, metal pioneer Alice Cooper (nee Vincent Furnier) defined shock-rock, and he hasn't retired his black eye-makeup yet. Longtime Cooper fans (not to mention the man himself) have been dying for this box set to see the light of day. Now, after more than five years underground, THE LIFE AND CRIMES OF ALICE COOPER box set has finally been unearthed.

THE LIFE AND CRIMES OF ALICE COOPER stuffs 4 CDs full of 88 tracks from 21 albums released on various labels between 1969-1994, plus we've unleashed a slew of rare tracks, including early, pre-Alice Cooper (band) singles, imports, non-LP B-sides, live versions, unreleased album outtakes, and demos.

Includes Cooper's contributions to various movie soundtracks - such as Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Flash Fearless Vs. The Zorg Women, and The Decline Of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years - as well as his duet with Rob Zombie from 1996's The X-Files tribute album, Songs In The Key Of X.

Book includes and intro written by Johnny Rotten, liner notes by former Creem editor Jeffrey Morgan, and tributes from Iggy Pop, Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx, Joey Ramone, Dick Clark, Boy George, Bono, Mike Myers, and Dana Carvey ("Wayne and Gath"), among others.

Super-deluxe 3-D, 6"x12" packaging - it's so bizarre, it'll drive you *insane*!

USA 'Rock And Roll Carnival' Tour (July 30th `97 - Oct 16th '99)

photo courtesy of Bryan EricksonThe dates generally featured the following list although there were changes during the run of the show:

  • Hello Hooray
  • Sideshow
  • Billion Dollar Babies
  • No More Mr. Nice Guy
  • Public Animal # 9
  • Be My Lover
  • Lost in America
  • I'm Eighteen
  • From the Inside
  • Only Women Bleed
  • Steven (add in later shows)
  • Halo of Flies
  • Nothing's Free
  • Cleansed by Fire
  • Poison
  • Cold Ethyl
  • Unfinished Sweet
  • School's Out
  • Jailhouse Rock (from Dec 31st `97) or Saturday Nights All Right For Fighting (Last part of tour)
  • Under My Wheels

Full setlists can be found here


See the Timeline for all the comings and goings of band personal during the tour

The set had a carnival theme. Background canvases with paintings of a funhouse, sideshow booth, ferris wheel, roller coaster, etc. Near the drumkit, there was a strength tester (ring the bell at the top kind of thing). The categories are (in ascending order): Michael Jackson, She-man, butch, Popeye, Alice Cooper. Also there was a giant toybox on the left of the stage and a sarcophagus to the left of the Drum Kit.
The show opensto circus music with four clowns sweeping the stage and fooling around. The band creeps out, chasing the clowns away and the opening strains of 'Hello Hooray' begin to play. The toybox opens and out pours Alice amidst billowing smoke. He's wearing a white puffy shirt with crushed velvet (?) jacket, leather pants, mirrored belt buckle. 'Sideshow' delivered without any real fanfare. The lyrics speak volumes. It was during this one that Alice picked up the giant hammer and played the ' ring the bell' machine (no real bell on top, just lights leading up the tower).

'Billion Dollar Babies' is delivered with skewered AC dollar bills. Alice loses the jacket at some point early in the show. 'I'm Eighteen' includes the biggest shock of the evening - Alice on guitar. He strums kind of funny and without a pick. 'Be My Lover' is done with the snake and goes right into 'Lost in America'. 'Cold Ethyl' is done with a blow up doll in a clown suit. (In Phoenix this was actually played by Sheryl in a big clown costume)

He slinks away during the instrumental break at the end of 'Halo of Flies'. Lights are low and the clowns position a podium near centerstage. A glow emanates from the podium which features an Alice eye on the front. The Showman emerges to sing 'Nothing's free'. Grey jacket and tophat with a deep red shirt. This continues with 'Cleansed by Fire' during which Alice does the old 'Hankechief into cane' illusion.

I think there was a slight costume change after 'Cleansed by Fire' as I seem to recall Alice wearing a black shirt during 'Unfinished Sweet'. He starts rubbing the side of his mouth and the band launches the song. After awhile, the clowns come out and strap Alice into a torture chair. Various tubes and wires are used to torment him and then the classic Alice makeup is applied behind a card held up to hide the actual application. A bit more squirmishing and then the clowns throw Alice into the sarcophagus. The sadistic clowns then start poking swords into the sides of the sarcophagus. The band reappear and chase the clowns away, corning one center stage. He looks left and right looking for an escape before tearing the mask off revealing Alice. He shrugs off the rest of the clown costume and it`s tophat and tails for 'School's out'.

When the cover songs 'Jailhouse Rock' was performed in the encore Alice would appear dressed as Elvis in glittery coat and big glasses. 'Under My Wheels' closed the show in fine style.