Bouchard Dunaway And Smith

BDS (originally called Eyescream) is a new band put together by Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith, with Joe Bouchard of Blue Oyster Cult fame.

Back From Hell

  1. I Want Two (Bouchard, Dunaway, Smith)
  2. Having The Time Of My Life (Bouchard, Dunaway, Smith, Hunter)
  3. Vampire Night (Bouchard, Dunaway, Smith)
  4. The Joke's On You (Bouchard, Dunaway, Smith)
  5. Diner Girl (Bouchard, Dunaway, Smith)
  6. Love You Too Much (Hunter, Bouchard, Dunaway, Smith)
  7. Snake Pit Boogie (Bouchard, Dunaway, Smith)
  8. She Was A Bad Girl (Bouchard, Dunaway, Smith)
  9. Carnival Toy (Bouchard, Dunaway, Smith, Abbott)
  10. There Was A Girl (Bouchard, Dunaway, Smith, Hunter)
  11. The Real Thing (Bouchard, Dunaway, Smith, Hunter)
  12. Fallen Angel (Bouchard, Wheels)


  • Joe Bouchard: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Baritone Guitar, Mandolin
  • Dennis Dunaway: Bass Guitar and Vocals on 'The Real Thing'
  • Neal Smith: Drums, Percussion and Vocals

    Additional Musicians

    Matt Smith: Slide guitar on 5 and 12. Lap Steel on 6. Slide Mandolin and Ukilele on 8.
    Patty Gasmond and Wrin Kenedy: Backing Vocals on 3, 8, 9 and 12

Produced By Joe Bouchard
Co-Produced by Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith

'Back From Hell', was recorded at Millbrook Studio's in New York state with Paul Orofino producing and is available in limited quantities from Neal`s site.

"An early report from the FrightVision show in Cleveland(April 2001).

EyeScream played tonight and did 5 songs from their new CD (Dennis said they tried to have it done for the show, but the mastering isn't complete. They did play a rough copy at their table.) The songs in order were 'Having the Time Of Our Live', 'I Want You', 'Carnival Toy', 'Bad Girl' (Blue Turk style bass line) and the killer new song 'Vampire Night' (this one should get some airplay!) 'Vampire Night' features lyrics by Dennis, and they said this one was done after the initial songs, when they realized they still had studio time. Anyway, after those songs came 'Don`t Fear The Reaper', then a guitar solo by Ingo, who joined EyeScream on stage. "
"They then played 'Under My Wheels', 'Be My Lover', '18' with a harmonica player, and encore of 'School`s Out'. There was a good crowd on hand. Dennis played the green "Frog" bass, which is going on loan to the Rock Hall of Fame after tonight's show. Michael Bruce was also with the guys at the convention, but did not play at the show."
(Mark Brown, April 2001)

"I thought I would give a few more details on the Smith/Dunaway/Bouchard/Bruce appearance at FrightVision in Cleveland. The guys were set up at a table in one of the main rooms, which also had other horror movie and music stuff for sale. Neal had with him many of his mouse pads and T-shirts for sale and CD's, Dennis had photos for sale, Joe Bouchard had CD's for sale, and Michael had CD's and books for sale. I spent a lot of time talking to Neal and Dennis, especially Dennis. He let many people, including myself, actually hold and play the famous green "Frog" bass, the one with all of the mirrors and glitter glued on. He is loaning it for display to the Rock Hall of Fame, as I mentioned, and this weekend is the last time he will use it before display. I asked about the EyeScream project, and Dennis said they had hoped to have it done to sell at the convention, but it was still being mastered. As I mentioned in my review of their set, Dennis said they were done with the batch of songs they had intended for the CD. They then realized they had studio time left, so they decided to write more songs. Joe Bouchard suggested a riff they had been working on, and Dennis said he didn't remember it, but Neal had a cassette he had made of their rehearsal. This is the song that became "VAMPIRE NIGHT", which was my favorite song of the set last night. Dennis wrote the lyrics and Joe Bouchard wrote the melody. They also played the rough copy of the CD at their table, but I only caught bits and pieces in between the conversation. At one point, a local TV host, the legendary Ghoul stopped by. He has an assistant wearing a frog head, so of course the "Frog" bass was strapped on and photos and video made. I will try to catch it on local TV."
(Mark Brown, April 2001)

After that band have appeared at selected dates around the New York and Connecticut area as well as performing a show in France and a short UK based around their Sickcon1 appearance in 2002.

Live In Paris

Released at the GBMW on August 2nd `03 this is a live album recorded at the Paris date of the European tour in 2002.

  1. Introduction
  2. I Want Two
  3. Don't Fear the Reaper
  4. See You on the Other Side
  5. School's Out
  6. See You (Reprise)
  7. Dennis Bass Medley
  8. Vampire Night
  9. The Joke's On You
  10. Astronomy
  11. Bad Girl
  12. Carnival Toy
  13. Caught in a Dream
  14. Black Ju Ju
  15. Under My Wheels


  • Joe Bouchard: Vocals, Guitar
  • Dennis Dunaway: Bass Guitar and Vocals on 'The Real Thing' and 'Black Ju Ju'
  • Neal Smith: Drums, Percussion and Vocals

Produced By Joe Bouchard

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