XM Greatest Hits Repeat
Thanks to Ryan for the following:
XM Radio will be replaying Alice Cooper's 'Then Again Live' show from back in November on XM Ch 200 at 2 AM Eastern Standard Time tonight (technically Tuesday morning). For anyone not familiar with this performance, it is Alice and his current band playing the entire Greatest Hits album in front of a live audience at XM studios.
Posted on 30 May 2005 by Si
Holiday Treats
A little bonus today as there doesn't seem to be a lot of news so far. My good friend Pete (Dean of Men) brought over a copy of the Zane Lowe Gonzo MTV2 appearance last night which I couldn't watch when it aired. So I've put it up now for all to see. Some nice album mentions in there. Click [link=http://www.alicec00per.com/video/gonzo.wmv]here to watch or download on dialups.
Posted on 30 May 2005 by Si
Next Week On Nights...
Wednesday: David Coverdale
Thursday: Dr Lynn Kitei (UFO Film Maker)
Posted on 28 May 2005 by Si
The Kumars
As forewarned Alice appeared on "The Kumars At No. 42" this evening on BBC1 in an appearance filmed in London a couple of weeks ago. Also on the show was comedy legend Ronnie Corbett who overseas fans may recall from the SkyPlus advert the pair did together last year.
The show is a weird sort of sitcom crossed with an interview show and something of an aquired taste but Alice came off well despite having to tell the chicken story yet again.
For the benefit of overseas fans you can watch the Alice segment of the show, available for a short time only, by clicking [link=http://www.alicec00per.com/video/kumars.wmv]here. Dial-up users would be advised to right click and "save as" but be warned it's a 10meg file this time as the clip is about 13 minutes in total.
Posted on 27 May 2005 by Si
Classic Rock
The new edition of Classic Rock has a short piece on Alice under the title "Alice In Warning Land: Cooper Employs Shock Tactics." Below is a quote about the new show:
Alice Cooper has a word of warning for anyone attending his November UK shows. "If I were in the first 20 rows, I wouldn't wear my best clothes," he told Classic Rock recently. "The show does have a tendency to spill into the audience a bit..."
Cooper, who releases a new album Dirty Diamonds in July will be supported by Twisted Sister, and he promises "a lot of fun" as well as a production that will keep changing - the staging, the costumes, the lights, the attitude, the mood - it gradually travels into "the bigger theatrical world of Alice - the psychodrama".
Posted on 27 May 2005 by Si
Ticket Tidbits and Sweden Golf
It seems the confusion over where Alice will be playing on September 2nd has resolved itself. Fanfire are now also listing the Madison, WI show with packages going on sale later today.

The Las Vegas show on the 17th of October will go on sale this saturday at 12pm from Ticketmaster. No mention of Cheap Trick on this one so far.

Also: Maria emails to say that Swedish Golfing magazine '[link=www.svenskgolf.se]Svensk Golf' is advertising an article on Alice in their next issue. The advert features a photo of Alice and the text: "There was a time when hardrocker Alice Cooper rather hung out with "Jack Daniels" than his family. When he woke up after hard partynights he threw up blood and cleaned his mout with whiskey. The lifestyle was almost killing him. Today Cooper plays golf
six days/week. This summer also in Sweden."

Also: New West Want You
I should have maybe included this a few days ago but New West Records, Alice's new North American label are looking for people to join their 'Street Team'. They want YOU to help promote the new album and be part of making it a success. All the details are at the [link=http://www.newwestrecords.com/streetteam.php]New West Street Team Site. Benefits seem to include special merchandise and possibly even show tickets. Many people complained that Spitfire didn't do enough. Now US fans can help in making 'Dirty Diamonds' a success!
There is already a forum open on the [link=http://www.newwestrecords.com/]New West site for fans to chat and street team members have a special area as well accessable once you join up.

Also Don'y forget Alice's appearance on 'The Kumars" tonight on BBC1 at 9.30pm (check for regional variations)
Posted on 27 May 2005 by Si
All Good Publicity

Thanks to Maggie for spotting that Alice performed at a special party for the Los Angeles Premier of 'Rock School' on the 24th. Also in attendance were Jon Anderson of Yes and Ex-Police drummer Stuart Copeland. Alice appears to have performed 'School's Out' at the party with the Rock School students. Photos of the event are available both at [link=http://www.wireimage.com]Wireimage and [link=http://editorial.gettyimages.com/MS_GINS/source/home/home.aspx?pg=1]GettyImage.

The album is now available through Amazon. It features Alice and the Students performing a new version of 'School's Out' as well as appearances by Ian Gillan (Deep Purple), Ann Wilson (Heart), Jon Anderson (Yes), Dave Mustaine(Megadeth) and Billy Idol. It can be bought from [link=http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/redirect?tag=sickthingsuk-20&creative=9325&camp=1789&link_code=ur2&path=ASIN/B0009IW8OY/]AmazonUS or [link=http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0009IW8OY/sickthingsuk-21]AmazonUK now.

Also: Another minor story doing the round today. This one comes from something said on the Late Late Show a couple of nights ago (video below) and refers to the Keith Richards Blood storey. [link=http://www.contactmusic.com/new/xmlfeed.nsf/mndwebpages/alice%20longs%20for%20keith%20richards%20horror%20movie]Contact Music have it as follows:
ALICE COOPER has an idea for a great horror movie - about what happens with rock peer KEITH RICHARDS' used blood.

The Detroit, Michigan rock icon says he's amazed the likes of Richards and IGGY POP are still alive after years spent abusing their bodies, and suggests filmmakers should work on a concept about how they preserve their bodies.

Cooper, real name VINCE FURNIER, says, "Iggy shouldn't be alive at all... He's like an old baseball glove... and Keith Richards should have been dead years ago. Nobody can live through that.

"Of course, he gets new blood every year; he has a 15-year-old Swedish girl's blood in him right now.

"But there's a great horror movie there somewhere because where does his old blood go...? They have to drain it and dump it somewhere. I love that idea."
Posted on 26 May 2005 by Si
Dirty Diamonds (For Real)
The image above is confirmed as the REAL cover for 'Dirty Diamonds'.
(Thanks Andrew, Timur)

The full track list appears to be:

  1. Woman Of Mass Distraction

  2. You Make Me Wanna

  3. Perfect

  4. Dirty Diamonds

  5. Pretty Ballerina

  6. Sunset Babies (All Have Rabies)

  7. Zombie Dance

  8. The Saga Of Jesse Jane

  9. Six Hours

  10. Steal That Car

  11. Run Down The Devil

  12. Your Own Worst Enemy

In addition there appear to be two bonus tracks, 'The Sharpest Pain' and 'Stand', although where they will appear is unconfirmed. 'Stand' is the title of the track previously released on the 'Unity' Olympics album earlier this year which featured rapper Xhibit. It's listed on the UK promo that has appeared.

Currently release dates are set as July 4th for Europe and August 2nd for North America although of course this could change.
Posted on 25 May 2005 by Si
The Late Late Show
As previously reported Alice appeared on the The Late Late Show with Craig Fergusson last night. It was an interview, not a performance, and he was on for 8-10 minutes. I haven't seen it yet being in the UK but it appears to have gone well although the host asked some of the same old questions yet again. No sign of 'Rock School' as predicted on the shows site and only passing reference to 'Dirty Diamonds'.
(thanks damiennalice and Devon)

Update: Watch [link=http://www.alicec00per.com/video/latelateshow2.wmv]here. Dial up users are recommended to right click and "save as" rather then watching online.
(thanks Jeff)
Posted on 25 May 2005 by Si
New Finland Show
August 5th 2005
Oulu, Finland
Club Teatria
Posted on 24 May 2005 by Si
Dirty Diamonds
Note: Not final cover design, this is a "rough mock up" using old photo of Alice that has appeared on Amazon.de apparently by mistake. Actual cover will have new Alice Cooper pic on it. Apologies for any confusion yesterday.
Posted on 23 May 2005 by Si
New Book Appearance
[link=http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/7876426/site/newsweek/?GT1=6542]msnbc is reporting that the new book '"The Harder They Fall: Celebrities Tell Their Real-Life Stories of Addiction and Recovery" will have some Alice Cooper content. More info if and when I get it.
(thanks Carol)
Posted on 23 May 2005 by Si
More Small Bits
[link=http://www.blue22pr.com/news_050205.html]Blue22pr have a mp3 format interview clip relating to the current [link=http://www.passitonline.org/]Passiton.org charity auctions.

Radio 6 The Bruce Dickinson Show
Saturday - June 11th

USA: CBS - The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson (with 'Rock School')
Tuesday - May 24, 2005 (but after midnight)
Posted on 21 May 2005 by Si
Dirty Diamonds is Coming!
Last night Alice previewed another new track from the forthcoming album 'Dirty Diamonds' on 'Nights With Alice Cooper'. The track is called 'Pretty Ballerina' and is in fact a cover of a Left Banke track from 1967. As usual a poll has been set up on the forum for you to say what you think of it if you heard it.
The US release of 'Dirty Diamonds' has been confirmed as August 2nd on New West Records. A Press release has been issued with lots of details about the album. Click below to read it.
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Posted on 21 May 2005 by Si
More Ticket Packages
Available today at 10amPT/1pmET from Fanfire:
August 23 - Toronto, ON - Docks Concert Theatre - Second Toronto Show
August 28 - Farmingville, NY - Brookhaven Amphitheatre
August 30 - Syracuse, NY - NY State Fair
October 17 - Las Vegas - The Joint
Posted on 20 May 2005 by Si
Next Week On Nights...
Tuesday: Comedian Richard Belzer
Wednesday: Actor Bill Pullman
Thursday: Write/Director Paul Schrader
Friday: Tesla on Offbeat News
Posted on 20 May 2005 by Si
More Shows and Ticket Packages
New Shows:
August 23rd - second night in Toronto at The Docks
October 24th - Lethbridge AB, at Enmax Centre (AC.com lists Emax Arena but that doesn't seem to exist).
October 16th - Las Vegas at The Joint.

Also, just to add to the confusion this year, [link=http://www.alicecooper.com]AC.com as of writing have shows in both Loveland. CO AND Huron, SD listed for September 4th on the main page. One is listed announcing the package deal, and one in the "new dates".

Fanfire have also announced more ticket packages for the rich people out there. Packages for Cincinnatti, Loveland, Vancouver, Edmonton, Red Deer and Lethbridge and Calgary go on sale May 19th.
Posted on 18 May 2005 by Si
Classic 101 are showing a date for Vancouver on October 19 at the Orpheum Theatre. Tickets's on sale this Thursday.
Posted on 18 May 2005 by Si
Canadian Shows
New Show Dates:

October 21st '05 Calgary, AB, Canada - Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium. Presale begin 18th May at 10am

October 22nd '05 Edmonton AB, Canada - The Winspear. On sale Friday.

October 23rd Red Deer, AB, Canada - Enmax Centrium. On sale 19th may and 10am.
(thanks Steve, Essay)

UPDATE: [link=http://www.canoe.ca/NewsStand/EdmontonSun/Entertainment/2005/05/18/1044758-sun.html]The Edmonton Sun has confirmation of the Edmonton show in a short article today.

Also: Thanks to 'Mister Shivers' for a report on todays Alice Appearance on Phoenix TV. Click below to read.
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Posted on 17 May 2005 by Si
Chicken Feed
In what seems to be a very quiet day news-wise there's little to report. As expected several more sources have taken up both the "Alice Begs for Bond Role" and "Michael Jackson" non-stories from yesterday. About the only thing I've seen of any note is a story in the [link=http://www.azcentral.com/12news/news/articles/MiddayRecipeAliceCooper05172005.html]Arizona Central which is actually just a recipe for 'Chicken Salad with Grapes and Carmelized Almonds'.
Posted on 17 May 2005 by Si
Today's Tidbits
A few sources are running a story about Alice wanting to be the next James Bond adversary. Nothing new really as he's been saying similar things for about 20 years but it was deemed interesting enough to get mentions in The Daily Mail newspaper today and online at [link=http://www.contactmusic.com/new/xmlfeed.nsf/mndwebpages/cooper%20begs%20for%20bond%20villain%20role]ContactMusic. Others will probably follow.
Another story doing the rounds today is related to Alice's comments on Michael Jackson. Basically the quote goes "He can’t possibly go to any jail that exists right now. My idea was that they build him a fantasy jail like Captain Hook’s ship because he’s so into this Peter Pan thing.” Again it seems that's interesting enough to be reported in several places including The Times and the New York Times!

Also: [link=http://www.marketwire.com/mw/release_html_b1?release_id=86711]Marketwire are running a press release from EagleRock announcing that the [link=http://www.eaglerockent.com]EagleRock will be releasing titles on "the hot new Universal Media Disc (UMD) format, and release selected catalog titles worldwide on UMD for play on the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) game device." None of that means much to me but you can check the link for more info. It also appears that their site has some 1 minute mp4 samples from their old Alice Cooper releases. I couldn`t find them but JollyJon found [link=http://www.eaglerockent.com/PSP/M4V10001.mp4]
'School's Out' from 'Brutally Live' on there for anyone that hasn't heard it. However apparently this one is the full song and 28meg so dialup beware!
Posted on 16 May 2005 by Si
Short Items
ITV.com have a short item from the Soap Awards interview. [Update: Story has been removed from ITV.com]

Also: I`m working on the RSS newsfeeds at the moment. I've added easy links above so that those who use myYahoo or myMSN can add the feed to their page, but the MSN one seems a little flaky at the moment. Hopefully will be fixed in a few hours.
Posted on 15 May 2005 by Si
UK Radio
At the end of his show this week Bruce Dickinson announced that he had a "Alice Cooper Special" coming up in early June. This would presumably include an interview done while Alice was in the UK last week. No exact date yet.
(Thanks Jollyjon)
Posted on 15 May 2005 by Si
Congratulations Roxie!!!
The big news today is that Mr and Mrs Ryan Roxie have brough a new Roxie Jr into the world. The bouncing baby girl, named 'Natashia Grace', came into our world on May 9th in Stockholm, Sweden (the Roxie's new home base). Mother and daughter are doing fine! Congratulations!!!

BBC Radio 1's Rock Show have started airing a series of 10 short soundbites featuring 'Alice Cooper's Ten Commandments'. The first two were aired on last weeks show and it appears there will be two more each show for the next four weeks. You can here the whole show [link=http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/alt/tracklistings/rock_tracklistings2003.shtml]here.

The Kumars At No 42 featuring Alice Cooper will air at 9.30 on Friday May 27th on BBC1. Also on the show is Alice's SkyPlus advert partner Ronnie Corbett.

Newbury Comics in the Northwest (US) are carrying a free 'Concrete Corner' monthly sampler that this month includes 'School's Out' by The Paul Green School of Rock Music & Alice Cooper.
(thanks Jollyjon, Keith, Dave)

Lastly There's yet another new interview with Ryan Roxie up at [link=http://www.davesontour.com/interviews/ryan_roxie.html]davesontour.com. This one has a few more hints on what to expect from the new Alice Cooper album 'Dirty Diamonds'.
Posted on 14 May 2005 by Si
Phoenix TV
Alice will appear on The CNBC cable television program "Power Lunch" will be broadcast from The Phoenician Resort & Spa Tuesday, May 17, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. local time. The show will be carried live in the Phoenix area on CNBC, Channel 64 on Cox digital cable.
Posted on 13 May 2005 by Si
More packages
Fanfire have just put up more pocket emptying ticket packages for North America. Shows featured this time are Toronto, Pueblo, Co, Grand Juction, Co. and Alpine, Ca for $200 and $400.
Posted on 13 May 2005 by Si
This week on 'Nights...'
This week on the 'Nights With Alice Cooper' radio show Alice will be chatting with:
Tuesday: Huey Lewis
Wednesday: Tommy Shaw of Styx
Thursday: John Kay of Steppenwolf
No sign of any new 'Dirty Diamonds' previews though.
Posted on 13 May 2005 by Si
It's New West Records
[link=http://www.classicsdujour.com/whatsnew.php]Classicsdujour are reporting that the new Alice Cooper album, 'Dirty Diamonds' will be released on New West Records on August 9th in the USA. While the date is officially unconfirmed, this is a month AFTER the previously quoted German release date. New West Records have a website [link=http://www.newwestrecords.com/home.php]here and appear to be predominatly a small country label so it does seem an odd match for Alice. Time will tell what they can do for him that Spitfire couldn't.
(Thanks Des)
Posted on 12 May 2005 by Si
Joe Bouchard Interview
Click [link=http://www.mondocult.com/Bouchard.htm]here to check out a new interview with BDSs Joe Bouchard including a few BDS related comments.
Posted on 12 May 2005 by Si
Villain Of The Year
For those of you outside the UK, or who just couldn't face hours of faceless soap stars, here's Alice's appearance on '[link=http://www.alicec00per.com/video/05-05-11-soapawards.wmv]The British Soap Awards 2005'. Slow connections might want to save the file before playing (right click and "save target as").
Watch for the possibility of a bit more later this evening from the post show party.

Update: ...and here's the [link=http://www.alicec00per.com/video/05-05-11-soapawards-aftershow.wmv]aftershow party interview.
Posted on 11 May 2005 by Si
MTV Have Shock Revelation.
Yes, MTV have broken a story that NO ONE has ever heard before. No, really. In a current news story they are claiming [link=http://www.mtv.co.uk/mtv.co.uk/news/article.jhtml;jsessionid=UV34F1IUQTRZPQFIAIICFEWAVABBCIV0?articleId=30119070]Alice Cooper never killed a chicken!!. This shock revelation came about during the TRL interview on Monday. MTV it seems haven`t a clue that Alice has had to wheel out the same revelation in pretty much every interview for the last 30 years, including many MTV interviews. They also manage to miss quote him from their own show!!
In a slightly more serious article ITV have a new [link=http://www.itv.com/page.asp?partid=3409]interview with Alice from the Soap Awards. The show will be transmitted over ITV1 and ITV2 starting at 6pm tonight.
Posted on 11 May 2005 by Si
Toronto Date
Alice Cooper and Cheap Trick
Dock's Nightclub and Concert Theatre
August 22, 2005 7:00 PM
Posted on 10 May 2005 by Si
Alice Cooper on TRL
You can now watch low resolution WMF versions of Alice's short appearance on MTV's TRL today [link=http://www.alicec00per.com/video/05-05-10-trl-kellyquestion.wmv]here in which Alice asks Kelly Osbourne a question (via tape) and she doesn't understand it!! I tried to do yesterdays much longer appearance but seem to have a glitch and it isn't working. Sorry.
Posted on 10 May 2005 by Si
Alice Cooper Presents Award
Alice was at the "Sony Radio Academy Awards" last night and presented a lifetime achievement award to DJ Steve Wright at the end of the show. News report can be seen [link=http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/tv_and_radio/4528687.stm]here with some pics [link=http://editorial.gettyimages.com/source/search/FrameSet.aspx?s=ImagesSearchState|0|0|30|0|0|0|1|||0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|7|alice+cooper|0|0|0|0&p=7]here at gettyimage.

Update: Also you can watch the full awards show [link=http://www.radioawards.org]here. Alice is featured presenting the LAST award of the evening so its at the very end of the show.

Also: Alice made an appearance on the Bob and Tom Morning show this morning in the USA, presumably either pre-recorded or by phone as he is still in London at present.
Posted on 10 May 2005 by Si
BDS on Compilation
Bouchard, Dunaway and Smith will be featured on a new compilation album called 'Classic Rock Revisted Vol. 1 The New Road Ahead' that will be available from iTunes soon. Also included will be tracks from Foghat, Rik Emmett (Truimph), Walter Rossi, Joe Lynn Turner, Bill Ward (Black Sabbath), Shooting Star, and Living Loud (featuring Bob Daisley, Steve Morse & Lee Kerslake). You can see the album cover [link=http://www.classicrockrevisited.com/Interviews05/albumcover.htm]here

Also: If anyone can help fill in any venue or ticket links, especially for some of the European shows, for the tour dates list it would be appriciated. I've searched and searched and still can't find anything solid on some dates, possibly due to the language barrier. Especially need details of the Spain and Monaco shows. Thanks.
Posted on 09 May 2005 by Si
More on Scarlet Fry
More info on the new Movie featuring Calico Cooper! Click below to read the full press release.
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Posted on 08 May 2005 by Si
Rock School
Those of you that have been paying attention will remember that Alice has recorded a version of 'School's Out' with 'Rock School', a bunch of kids who are seen in a film of the same name (NOT 'School of Rock') learning how to be in a band. Well, the album is due May 31st and you can hear their version of 'School's Out' over at the [link=http://www.calvinrecords.com]Calvin Records site.
(Thanks JoeCat)
Posted on 08 May 2005 by Si
BDS at Chiller
The one and only Dennis Dunaway kindly sent his report about the recent Chiller convention show by BDS. Click "Full Story" to read! Enjoy!
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Posted on 07 May 2005 by Si
UK TV and Radio
Alice made a last minute appearance on the XFM morning radio show Friday morning. You can hear it [link=http://www.xfm.co.uk/sectional.asp?id=3970&start=0]here
On top of that Alice mentioned on the radio show last night that he is recording an episode of "The Kumars and No. 42" while here, and he will be presenting an award at the "British Soap Awards 2005" which will be shown on ITV1 on Wednesday at 8pm.

Also: Alice Cooper will appear on MTV on TRL, Monday 9 May
between 6pm - 7pm - live

Also: This mornings Jonathon Ross show is available at the [link=http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio2/shows/ross/]show website. The interview included the UK premier of "Steal That Car" from "Dirty Diamonds".
Posted on 07 May 2005 by Si
Next Week On Nights
Next week on [link=http://www.nightswithalicecooper.com]Nights With Alice Cooper Alice is still in London and meets up with:
Monday: Nick Mason (Pink Floyd)
Tuesday: Bill Wyman (Ex-Rolling Stones)
Wednesday: Roger Daltrey (The Who)
Posted on 07 May 2005 by Si
Alice Designed IPod Belt
Yet another [link=http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=85962&item=7514081116&rd=1&tc=photo]Alice charity auction, but this one is slightly different. Alice designed this oddity himself. It's a belt and IPod holder. Proceeds as usual go to the [link=http://srfrock.org]Solid Rock Foundation
Posted on 07 May 2005 by Si
Talk Sport
Thanks to Barder for the following:
"Listening to Talk Sport today (Mike Parry & Ian Collins show) they advertised that Alice will be interviewed on The Golf Show with Ray Houghton and Andy Brooks between 8.00pm & 10.00pm on Sunday 8th May 2005."
Also: Don`t forget the Jonathon Ross radio show tomorrow morning.

Posted on 06 May 2005 by Si
More on the Cooper Clearout
As reported a few days ago, Alice seems to be having a closet clearout over at [link=http://www.passitonline.org/]Passitonline.org. Loads of items are up for grabs including stage cloths. [link=http://www.marketwire.com/mw/release_html_b1?release_id=86065]Marketwire have a new press release about the auction, proceeds of which go to Alice's [link=http://www.srfrock.org]Sold Rock Foundation, that has a cool new pic of Alice and Passitonline President Stefanie Beeth. What makes the photo particularly interesting is that it's taken outside Alice's own front door, with its snake door handles. Nice.
Posted on 06 May 2005 by Si
UK TV Alert
Alice Cooper appears tonight at 9pm on MTV2 on "ZANE LOWE'S GONZO".

Also: 'OneMusic with Huw Stephens' on May 17th will have an ALice Cooper interview. The show is on BBC Radio 1 from 11pm-1am.

Also: Shaun Cahill has set up a new Roxie77 yahoo mailing list so all fans of Ryan Roxie should head over [link=http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Ryan_Roxie_77/]here and sign up!
Posted on 05 May 2005 by Si
US Tour Dates
[link=http://www.cheaptrick.com]CheapTrick.com have just announced dates with Alice Cooper. His a full list of what they have. Some we already knew, others are new:
Aug 20th Cincinnati, OH US Bank Arena
Aug 21st Detroit, MI State Fair
Aug 25th Vienna, VA Wolf Trap
Aug 26th Atlanta, GA Chastain Park
Aug 28th Brookhaven, NY Brookhaven Amphitheater
Aug 29th Holmdel, NJ PNC Bank Arts Center
Aug 30th Syracuse, NY NY State Fair
Sept 1st Rockford, IL On the Waterfront
Sept 2nd Grand Rapids, MI Van Andel Arena
Sept 4th Loveland, CO Harley Rally/Bud Events Center
Sept 5th Pueblo, CO Colorado State Fair
Sept 9th Grand Junction, CO Rock Jam
Sept 10th Albuquerque, NM New Mexico State Fair
Sept 14th El Cajon, CA Concerts in the Park
Sept 16th Los Angeles, CA Greek Theatre
Posted on 05 May 2005 by Si
Other News
Ryan Roxie guested with Eric Singer, Chuck Garric and ESP on on April 27th in Stockholm, Sweden.
Posted on 04 May 2005 by Si
NJ Show
Saw this a couple dats ago but thought I already had it listed, sorry.
August 29th '05
Homedel, NJ
PNC Arts Centre
(w/ Cheap Trick)
Posted on 04 May 2005 by Si
Nights Alive With Music...
As promised Alice previewed 'Zombie Dance' last night, and what a difference to the previous two tracks!! More of this please Dr Cooper! There's no more previews scheduled in the playlists up until next monday, but there's sure to be more to come.
Posted on 04 May 2005 by Si
Pretties And Easy Reissues
Thanks To Dan for spotting that Restless Records have reissued both "Pretties For You" and "Easy Action" on CD. Here's the important links:
[link=http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/redirect?tag=sickthingsuk-20&creative=9325&camp=1789&link_code=ur2&path=ASIN/B000056NV6/]Pretties For You
[link=http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/redirect?tag=sickthingsuk-20&creative=9325&camp=1789&link_code=ur2&path=ASIN/B0000575U4/]Easy Action
Order using these links and help support SickthingsUK!

On a related note, due to the problems some people have had with the current site design, we're heading for another change which will also add some new areas to the site including a SickthingsUK store to help people locate that album/DVD/book they've never got round to buying but want. And for the first time USA people will be able to buy from AmazonUS via this site as well. Anything Amazon lists will be available via either direct links for Alice Cooper related products, or a search box for anything else. I'm also planning to add reviews for items so if you are interested in submitting a review of something Alice related, get in touch at the normal address. It would be boring if they were all my reviews!!
Now if I could just get a sneak peek at the "Dirty Diamonds" cover....
Posted on 03 May 2005 by Si
Alice Cooper's Coaster Go 'Til You Blow
[link=http://www.thedenverchannel.com/entertainment/4443728/detail.html?rss=den&psp=news]The Denver Channel are reporting about the "Alice Cooper's Coaster Go 'Til You Blow" competition that is apparently currently running at Six Flags Elitch Gardens in Denver and involves riding on a rollercoaster as long as possible.
Posted on 03 May 2005 by Si
Just a quick update on the "To Helen With Love" DVD that was reported last month. The DVD, which features amongst others Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith, will be released on May 15th and available also direct from the[link=http://www.cellsum.com]Cellsum Site. The live DVD is taken from the tribute show to Blue Oyster Cult collaborator Helen Wheels, and features live and backstage footage. There is a trailer linked at the Cellsum site.
Posted on 03 May 2005 by Si
More Golf Action
Following up on CrazyLittleChilds info about Alice actually making it to the Michael Douglas Celebrity Golf Bash in Cascata golf club in Boulder City, Nevada, I discover that footage from the event will air on NBC on May 15th following the football (4pm-6pm). As Alice's team apparently won, I would expect their to be a reasonable amount of AC content.
Posted on 03 May 2005 by Si
Alice at Hard Rock Birthday
A little late with this one but on Saturday Alice turned up at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino 10th Anniversary Weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada. Bon Jovi perform. Also in attendence are Shep Gordon, Jessica Alba, Michael Des Barres, Jerry Cantrell, Rob Zombie, Linkin Park, and various others. There are some small pics over at [link=http://www.wireimage.com/GalleryListing.asp?navtyp=GLS====114123&str=&styp=&sfld=&nbc1=1&VwMd=i&sortval=3a&PageNum=3]Wireimage
Posted on 02 May 2005 by Si
2005 Alice Golf Tournament Launches
Alice performed last night at the launch of the annual [link=http://www.alicegolf.com]Alice Cooper Golf Tournament. using a band made up of Damon Johnson and Gilby Clarke on guitars, Jack Blades on Bass, Teddy Zigzag on keyboards and Adrian Young on drums Alice stormed through a set that went: 'No More Mr Nice Guy', '18', 'Be My Lover', 'Under My Wheels', 'Schools Out' (featuring Guest Dick Wagner!), 'Take It Easy' (sung by guest Don Felder), 'Pride And Joy' (sung by guest Don Felder), 'Honkey Tonk Woman' (sung by Gilby Clarke), 'Brown Sugar' (sung by Teddy, Gilby + Alice), and 'You Can't Always Get What You Want' (sung by Gilby).
Tonight is the Celebrity VIP party at Cooperstown. Also announced was the date of this years Xmas Pudding show which will be on December 17th.
(Thanks to Psychopat for report)

Update: You can see a few photos from the event [link=http://news.search.yahoo.com/search/news/?p=%22Alice+Cooper%22&ei=UTF-8&c=news_photos]here.
CrazyLittleChild has emailed me to add a few details (like Dick Wagners guest appearance added above). Also that Alice did in fact appear at the Michael Douglas Celebrity Golf tournament early on Sunday as well! I had seen this announced, but as it clashed with Alice's own tournament assumed it was a mistake!! Apparently not! It also meant he was late to his own party!! But as his team actually won at the Douglas bash I suppose it was all worth it!!
Posted on 02 May 2005 by Si
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