New Article
Check out this new biography at [link=]Rock Radio. Nothing new of course but still a good read with a couple of pics as well.

Also: [link=] are listing yet another reissue of "A Fistful Of Alice" under yet another name, 'Live in Cabo Wabo '96', following on from "Alive" and "Live and Slippery" that have appeared over the last few months. Why this has suddenly started being re-issued over and over I don't know but lets hope we don`t have another "Freak Out" situation beginning.

UPDATE: 'Live in Cabo Wabo '96' is an official reissue of 'A Fistful Of Alice'. 'Alive' is a semi-unauthorised (ie legal but not really official) reissue of same album, and 'Live And Slippery' will never be released.
Posted on 31 Jul 2005 by Si
The Last Temptation Hardback
Dark Horse Comic appear to be releasing a hardback covered version of 'The Last Temptation' comics in September. Front cover is the same as the previous Dark Horse release in Paperback form (see STUK Store for pic).
You can pre-order this new edition from [link=]AmazonUK or [link=]Amazon USA now.
Posted on 30 Jul 2005 by Si
Saturday Morning
According to [link=]DeepDiscountDVD, The 'Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper' DVD will be released on November 8, 2005 in the USA. Naturally this is subject to further change and official confirmation.

Also: has Oct 11th listed as Peoria, IL, [link=]Civic Center although nowhere else seems to mention it yet.
(Thanks Devon)

Also: July 23rd Emshalle, Emsdetten (Germany) photos can be found [link=]here and there is a video clip of German Alice fans[link=]here as well.
(Thanks Steef)

Also: [Link=]Carolina Concerts has a 'Dirty Diamonds' Review by Starff Writer and Sickthing Benji to check out.

Lastly for now: French magazine 'Rock Hard' features a free CD and track one on it is 'Woman Of Mass Distraction' from 'Dirty Diamonds'
Posted on 30 Jul 2005 by Si
New Show
New show on Oct. 12th in Joliet, IL at the Rialto Square Theatre.
Posted on 29 Jul 2005 by Si
New Roxie Interview
Thanks to Cameron for allowing me to post this cool new interview with Alice Cooper guitarist Ryan Roxie. Click the link below to read.
Read more 0 Comments
Posted on 29 Jul 2005 by Si
Alice Special Tonight
There will be an Alice Cooper special tonight between 9pm - 10pm on UK station BCB 96.7fm and you can listen online [link=]here.
Posted on 28 Jul 2005 by Si
Dennis Dunaway Live
This Sunday, July 31st, the one and only Dennis Dunaway will be perform LIVE with The Dennis Dunaway Project at the Jim Edelmann Benefit Concert happening at [link=]Tuxedo Junction, 2 Ives Street, Danbury, CT. The show lasts from 1pm-6pm and will also feature Dan Sawyer, U.F.B., Pete Klein and Friends, Lonely Hearts Club Band (Beatles tribute) and Sapphire 2005. Tickets are $15 for adults and $5 for under 12s.
Posted on 27 Jul 2005 by Si
Calico Movie Update
Click on the small pic to see a larger version of the back cover to the forthcoming Horror flick 'Scarlet Fry's Junkfood Horrorfest' which stars Calico Cooper. The cover features a pic of Calico in the movie and mentions of Alice and Roxie (who has provided an exclusive song for the film soundtrack). More info at
Posted on 27 Jul 2005 by Si
Album Listening Party
New West Records have posted a listing preview of the 'Dirty Diamonds' album for anyone out there that hasn`t got it yet. It will only be there for a short time so check it out [link=]here
Posted on 27 Jul 2005 by Si
Dennis And Joe on the Radio!
Dennis Dunaway and Joe Bouchard from B.D.S. will be invading the airwaves this Thursday on [link=]WRKI-I95 at 7:30 in the morning where they will be acting as DJ's, giving away tickets to forthcoming shows and stuff like that. Unfortunatly the station doesn't appear to have a netfeed.
Posted on 26 Jul 2005 by Si
Classic Rock
The new summer issue of Classic Rock (UK) features a two page interview with Alice Cooper and a full page black and white pic. Should be in stores in the next few days.

[link=]Sleeze Rock has a cool review of 'Dirty Diamonds' online.
Posted on 25 Jul 2005 by Si
Sunday Roundup
Quite a quiet day today luckily as I've been offline for most of it, but here's a couple of things of interest:

Cindy has kindly put up her photo's from the show in Tilburg (with Emsdetten to come soon) [link=]here.

'Dirty Diamonds' will be released in Australia on August 1st although I've yet to work out exactly who is releasing it there or confirm if it will feature 'The Sharpest Pain'. And speaking of that song French site [link=] have a 30 second sample from it up now. This is odd as the french version as far as I know doesn't feature the song but has 'Stand' the same as all the others. Weird.

September 13th sees the release of 'Tony Orlando & Dawn - The Ultimate Collection' in the USA. This three DVD set is taken from the dubious 1970s variety show and of interest to us is that the press release indicates that Alice's appearance on the show is included. I'll post a AmazonUK link when it appears.
Posted on 25 Jul 2005 by Si
Saturday Morning (Updated)
[link=]Video business have a short article which gives some details of the Montreux show that was filmed for DVD release sometime next year. The July 12 performance was filmed by more than 20 cameras, all in high-def for an early 2006 release.

[link=]Contact Music are again pulling quotes out of other peoples interviews to make news stories. This time its from Metal Hammer I believe.

[link=]Aorock has a 'Dirty Diamonds' review.

[link=]Rise And Shine have an interview although I'm sure this is a reprinted one from somewhere else. Seems very familiar.

[link=]Brabantsdagblad Have a review of the Tilburg show from their July 19th issue. You have to register but it's free.

Update: More photos have appeared over at [link=]Classic Rock Photos this time from the Wuppertal show on the 22nd July.
(Thanks Jollyjon, Des, Henri, Petra)
Posted on 23 Jul 2005 by Si
Friday Morning News
[link=]MetalInThePicture have posted some cool pics from Tilburg, and while you're at it check out the review of the show over at [link=]
(thanks Steef, Jan)

The new issue of [link=]Metal Hammer has a three page Alice Cooper Feature in the new issue, on sale now in the UK. I'm presuming this is the August issue.
(thanks Sleeper)
Posted on 22 Jul 2005 by Si
Canada Date Canceled/PA Added
The second Toronto has been removed from the Tour schedule and instead Alice is playing Penn's Peak, Jim Thorpe, PA on August 23rd. Cheap Trick is playing a show elsewhere on that date.

[link=]Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles Have a Alice cover story in issue 90 which should be out now or very soon.

[link=] now have samples up from all teh tracks from 'Dirty Diamonds.

[link=]Ryan Roxie has unleased the second instalment of his Podcast which includes an interview with Eric Singer. If you don't have podcast software you can grab it [link=]here but be warned its a large file for dial up users.

[link=] has been updated with some 'Dirty Diamonds' graphics and some new photos.

More photos from Wuppertal, Germany show can be seen at [link=]

[link=]ICWales has a new review of 'Dirty Diamonds'.
Posted on 21 Jul 2005 by Si
Wednesday Roundup
Pics from the Austrian show in Burg Clam can be found [link=]here. 'Dirty Diamonds' entered the Austrian charts at number 66!

There's a review of the Wuppertal show over at [link=] with some cool pics.

There will be an interview with Alice Cooper on the Nigel Roberts show on [link=]Extremeradio today Wednesday 20th July from 8pm (UK time).
Posted on 20 Jul 2005 by Si
Tilburg Review
Thanks to Steef for spotting this one, a review of the Tilborg show at [link=]Zwaremetalen with a couple of pics. It's in Dutch and the pics are from Montreux but pics from Tilburg will be added soon.
But if you want to see Tilburg pics now check out [link=]ClassicRockPhotos for some great ones.
(Thanks Peter)
Posted on 19 Jul 2005 by Si
Alice Cooper Special
There will be a two hour Alice Cooper special on 24 July at 16.00 (UK time) on ARfm
You can listen on Sky Channel 913 in the UK, on the Eurobird1 satellite across Europe and online at [link= ]

Also: Check out some cool photos from the Portugal show [link=]here.
(thanks Marcelo)
Posted on 18 Jul 2005 by Si
Alice on Kerrang 105.2
As prevously forewarned Alice presented three hours of songs on RadioKerrang 105.2 this morning on a show called 'Legends' although he himself was only on for about 15 minutes in total!! The show will be archived at the [link=]Kerrang site some time soon (they have the previous shows archived) so keep an eye out there for sundays show to be updated.

Also: Yet another review online, this time at [link=]Metalexpressradio
Posted on 17 Jul 2005 by Si
More Pics and Reviews (Updated)
[link=] has posted some great pics of the show the other night.
(thanks Tim)

Update: More reviews can be found at [link=]Gigwise, [link=]Melodicrock and [link=]AORDreamzone
Posted on 16 Jul 2005 by Si
New Audio
Here's a couple of Audio things that I didn`t get the chance to put up earlier. The first is another clip from the [link=]Ken Bruce show, this time with Alice talking about 'Steal That Car' and the second is the [link=]X-FM interview from July 5th.
Posted on 15 Jul 2005 by Si
Next Week On Nights...
Coming up on Nights with Alice Cooper
Monday 18th - Def Leppard
Wednesday 20th - Jerry Springer
Friday 22nd - Mark Stein (Vanilla Fudge)
Posted on 15 Jul 2005 by Si
B.D.S Tour USA
BOUCHARD, DUNAWAY AND SMITH, featuring former BLUE OYSTER CULT bassist Joe Bouchard and original ALICE COOPER members Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith, have lined up a string of U.S. dates for later this summer.

Dates announced so far:
Sept 2nd at B.B. Kings in New York City, NY
Sept 24th at The Rain Desert in Danielson, CT
Oct 1st at The Baker Theatre in Dover, NJ (with MASTERBURNER, THE DEAD ELVIS)
Oct 29th at Chiller Theatre in East Rutherford, NJ
(Thanks Ken)
Posted on 14 Jul 2005 by Si
Singer in Nottingham
Alice drummer Eric Singer will be the guest at the Kiss Expo II on November 19th 2005 at Nottingham Rock City. U.K. He will be there for a 'Q & A' session and everyone who attends is guaranteed an autograph and photo. More info from [link=]here
(Thanks Dan)
Posted on 14 Jul 2005 by Si
Alice On Rockline
ALICE COOPER is scheduled to guest on [link=]Rockline on Wednesday, August 17th.
The nationally syndicated radio program airs live at 8:30 PM (PT)/11:30 PM (ET).
(Thanks Melody Black, Suna)
Posted on 14 Jul 2005 by Si
Razor Cuts Online (Updated)
An official version of the Alice Cooper interview from Virgin Radio 'Razor Cuts' show is now online [link=]here. You need to sign up to get to the files but its free.

Also: Hunter has posted some cool shots of the Melbourne show by Dwight. You can see them at the [link=]Sickthings2 Site.
Posted on 14 Jul 2005 by Si
Paris Pics and Stuff (Updated)
Everyone is back from Paris safe and sound and it appears its been pretty quiet while I've been away. I`ll add news items here as I come across them but first up the every reliable Mr Crowe has already added some pics of the Paris show to [link=]
The Paris show was the same as the Australian shows as far as I could tell. Same setlist etc. Still only two 'Dirty Diamonds' tracks in the show which is very dissapointing to say the least, especially as the two songs that were played got a great reaction. Highlights were Alice, in fantastic voice this year. Roxie being Roxie, the perfect guitar god. The 'Welcome To My Nightmare' section of the show and 'I wish I was Born in Beverly Hills' which sounded great.

Also: More pics, this time of the Montreux show, can be found [link=]here

A few articles have appeared while I was away so he's a quick rundown of what I've seen so far:
[link=]Live Daily has a short US tour announcement.
There's a fantastic new Neal Smith interview over at [link=]Rock N Roll Universe. Lots of history there.

Reviews (some may have been mentioned before): [link=]Loud Planet, [link=]RoomThirteen, [link=], [link=]Birmingham101.
Posted on 13 Jul 2005 by Si
This news page won't be updated for a couple of days as I`m heading off to see Alice!! WickedYoungMan will post any news that comes through direct to the message board so check there for updates and if YOU have any news then post it through there as well. When I get back I'll summerise everything here.
I doubt I'll have any access to email while away either so if you send something in I will deal with it when I return.
Posted on 10 Jul 2005 by Si
More Friday stuff
The Roxie "Big Rock Show" Podcast is up and running and great fun it is too. A couple of DPM tracks included which sound as good today as when they were recorded. More info below or hear directly [link=]here. This is a LARGE file so be prepared for a long download if on dialup.

More tour photos have appeared at [link=]
(Thanks Motorhead)

There's a review is up at [link=]AOR DreamZone. Scroll down a little. and another one at [link=]
Also watch out for review in the following publications:
Uncut (August issue)/Terrorizer/Fireworks (August issue)/Record Collector/Mojo (July 4th issue)/Bizarre Magazine/Metal Hammer/Daily Mirror/Loaded/Total Guitar/Classic Rock Society/Observer Music Monthly/Guitar/Rock Sound/What's On in London/ Devolution/Birmingham Evening Mail/Nottingham Evening Post/Sunday Post Scotland)/Westmoreland Gazette & Citizen/Southport Reporter/Southern Daily Echo (Southampton)/Western Daily Press (Bristol)/Hartlepool Mail/Sunday Mail/Portsmouth and District Post/The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent)/ The Weekly News (Manchester) w/competition/Leicester Mercury/Croydon Advertiser/The Selby Times w/competition/Oxford Mail/The Journal (Newcastle)/Free Press & Times Group (High Wycombe) w/competition/Guardian Series (Croydon)/The Herald & Post/Wharfe Valley & Pudsey Times (Leeds)/Western Gazette and Weekly News/V Magazine (Manchester Evening News)/The Star (Sheffield)/Plug Magazine/Que and Review/Blah Blah (Reading)/Zero Tolerance/Trashpit
Phew!! No way I'll spot all of those so feel free to send text or scans to usual address if you find one.
(thanks Andy)
Posted on 08 Jul 2005 by Si
New West Promo Page
Alice's new record company have finally added a page about the album [link=]here. It features the press release posted some weeks ago here, plus a new pic and AIM buddy Icons. This is in addition to the Ecard mentioned yesterday.
Posted on 08 Jul 2005 by Si
Powerplay (updated)
Powerplay magazine is now out and you can see the cover on the left. It includes a free CD with Alice Cooper on the front.

Watch out for a lot more press in the next week or so. Details as and when it appears.

Also: Check out some cool pics at [link=]Undercover and [link=]Photobucket.
Posted on 07 Jul 2005 by Si
New Dirty Diamonds Ecard
[link=]New West Records have released an Alice Cooper ECard that is now available and can be sent to friends. The ECard is flash based and features the track the ywant to use as the lead track from the alum, "Sunset Babies (All Got Rabies)". It's large so dialups will have to be patient while it loads.

Also: Another review at [link=]
Posted on 07 Jul 2005 by Si
New US Shows
Now listed on [link=]
Wed 07th Sept Topeka, KS Landon Arena
Tue 27th Sept - Hollywood, FL Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Wed 28th Sept - Orlando, FL Hard Rock Live
Thu 29th Sept - Clearwater, FL Ruth Eckerd Hall
Fri 30th Sept - Naples, FL Philharmonic Center
Sun 2nd Oct - Biloxi, MS Hard Rock Hotel / Casino
Tue 4th Oct - South Bend, IN Morris Performing Arts Center
Thu 5th Oct - Mount Pleasant, MI Soaring Eagle Casino
Fri 7th Oct - Cleveland, OH Tower City Amphitheater
Sat 29th Oct - Tacoma, WA Emerald Queen Casino
Posted on 06 Jul 2005 by Si
"Roxie's Big Rawk Show!" (Updated)
From the [link=]Roxieblog:
"Coming to you somewhere between Stockholm and Los Angeles, It's ROXIE'S BIG ROCK SHOW.....'cause wherever you are is the place to be...." 07/07/05 is the "BIG RAWK SHOW" debut!
Now the details on how to get in on this. If yer 12 years old or own a MAC leave the room because this will be boring for you. For the rest of you 13+ yrs & on WINDOWS try using Doppler to "tune-in" to download the client. It's really easy to setup & add feeds.
BTW... the url for my feed is
Tune in on 07/07/05 for the official launch of the show!

Also: More reviews: [link=]RoomThirteen, [link=]Baconmusic. Both good ones! Also [link=]Bravewords has a few words with Alice himself about the new album.
(Thanks Andy, Tim)
Additional Reviews: [link=]Treehouse of Death, [link=]The Scottsman

Also: This mornings dose of Alice commetary from the Ken Bruce show again comes courtesy of Mr JollyJon. This time its the brilliant [link=]'You Make Me Wanna' under the spotlight.

Also: 'Live And Slippery' appears to be the title of a reissue of 'A Fistful Of Alice. Its now listed at AmazonUK [link=]here and shows the AFOA cover. No track list yet so no clue if it has any extra tracks.
Posted on 06 Jul 2005 by Si
Interview Posted
[link=] has posted Alice's interview with Andy Frazer of Free that was aired on the "nights..." radio show last week.
Posted on 06 Jul 2005 by Si
Cleveland Show
7th October - [link=]Tower City Ampitheatre, Cleveland OH. On sale now. $17.50 - $29.50.

Also: Apparently 'Dirty Diamonds' is also the album of the week on the Janice Long Show on BBC Radio 2 and they are playing clips from the album, which, as of writing, is the 29th best selling album on AmazonUK!! In view of the G8 artists selling by the truckload at the moment that's damn good!
(Thanks Keith, Devon)
Posted on 05 Jul 2005 by Si
Review and Competition
[link=] has a cool review of the new album and a competition to win a copy. Just check the link above.
(Thanks Des)
Posted on 05 Jul 2005 by Si
Slippery Alice
[link=]Totalrock are reporting that "Alice Cooper is to have a live album released through EMI on August 15. To be called 'Live 'N' Slippery' it was recorded in San Lucas, Mexico on June 2, 1996 at Sammy Hagar's Cabo Wabo Cantina."
As this is the same show 'A Fistful Of Alice', and that was released by Guardian who were owned by EMI, I guess it's safe to think this another reissue under a new title. However there were various bonus tracks on different versions, plus I believe a couple of songs were cut, so maybe there will be more to it then that. Time will tell.

Also: The second track played on the Ken Bruce 'Album of the week" slot this morning was "Sunset Babies" and you can here what Alice had to say about it [link=]here
(Thanks JollyJon)
Posted on 05 Jul 2005 by Si
Monday Morning
Happy 4th July to all our US readers. Hope you have a great day!!

[link=]ICWales have a new interview up with Alice today. Lots of talk about the Cooper Kids in this one.

Alice features on the cover of 'The Big Issue' this week. There is an two page article in it. This is the magazine that supports the homeless so a bargain at 1.20. So when the next authorised seller asks you if you want a copy say yes!

'Alice Cooper/Dirty Diamonds' album of the week started on the Ken Bruce show this morning. Listen [link=]here to see what Alice had to say about the song 'Perfect'.
(thanks Jollyjon)

As previously reported Alice was co-presenter the drive time slot on Western Australia's 96fm this morning. Unfortunatly their [link=]netfeed wasn`t working (at least for me) so I haven't heard it yet.
Posted on 04 Jul 2005 by Si
Dirty Diamonds Is Here!!!
The long awaited new Alice Cooper album is officially released in Europe (sorry everyone else) TODAY! So get down to your local shop and pick up a copy, or you can order using the link below (Amazon have apparently shipped their first copies)!! The album is fantastic (see review in the review section) and chock full of great new songs and great playing by Ryan, Chuck, Damon and Tommy. A latter-day classic. Go Get It!!
US fans CAN buy the album on import through AmazonUS as well although how much before the US release date (August 2nd) you would get it I wouldn't like to guess. Again, just click the link below.
Posted on 04 Jul 2005 by Si
Virgin Razor Cuts
As previously forwarned Alice was on Virgin Radio "Razor Cuts" this evening. Nice long interview and they played 'School's Out', 'Dirty Diamonds', 'Hello Hurray', 'Six Hours' and 'Poison'. This is the first playing of 'Six Hours' if I recall correctly.
You can listen to the interview by clicking [link=]here
Posted on 03 Jul 2005 by Si
More UK Radio and Reviews
[link=] reports that[link=] XFM (UK) will feature an Alice Cooper Interview on 'The Rock Show' on Friday 10th July between 10pm and 1.00am. However the 10th is a sunday, not a friday.. and the XFM Rock Show airs Friday and Saturday night so I guess they mean Friday 8th July.

Runaway Phoenix (featuring Dash Cooper) will be playing tonight at Four White Walls which is located at 1023 Grand Ave on the corner of Grand and Fillmore in downtown Phoenix. Show starts at 7pm, RP go on at 9pm. $5 Cover. Other bands include, Old Fashion Assassin, Note to Self, and 32 Leaves.

More 'Dirty Diamonds' reviews can be found at [link=]Loudplanet, [link=
]MetalUK and [link=]Getreadytorock.
Posted on 03 Jul 2005 by Si
Alice On Australian Radio
Alice will be co-hosting the drive time slot on Western Australia's 96fm on Monday afternoon 4pm to 5pm WA time (Monday 8am to 9am UK time).
They have live streaming on their site at [link=] under the 'What's on Air' heading.
(thanks Jim)
Posted on 02 Jul 2005 by Si
T4: Pure
As forwarned Alice was on T4:Pure this morning on Channel 4. This was a recorded interview of just under 4 minutes. You can see it [link=]here
Posted on 02 Jul 2005 by Si
Friday News (updated)
[link=,5936,15795180%5E3462,00.html]The Mercury has a short article about the Tasmania show.

[link=] have a review of 'Dirty Diamonds'. Not a great one though. It seems this album is as expected (by me at least) splitting reviewers and fans.

[link=] has some cool pics up from yesterdays show. Click on "gallery" at the top of the page. You will need flashplayer installed to see them.

[link=]The Examiner in Australia has a short article about fans attending the Tasmanian show.

[link=] have a review of the Melbourne show with a pic. Another good one with setlist so beware of spoilers.

UK Press:
Look out for possible Alice Cooper content in the following:
Daily Mirror - possibly today
The Times Play Magazine - 16th July in digital music supplement
Daily Express - 2nd July
The Telegraph - 2nd July
Mail On Sunday - 3rd July
The Sun - today
The Guardian - Today - Review of "Nights With Alice Cooper" in "G2" supplement
"Q" magazine - Poor review.. but then this is Q after all
Posted on 01 Jul 2005 by Si
Another Review
[link=,5478,15786933^2902,00.html]The Herald-Sun in Australia has a review of the new show including a new pic.
Posted on 01 Jul 2005 by Si
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